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CD REVIEW: Chinmaya Dunster – Yoga: On Sacred Ground
By Ben Ohmart - 10/17/2001 - 08:22 PM EDT

Artist: Chinmaya Dunster
Album: Yoga: On Sacred Ground
CD Review: While I am in no way qualified to preach on the cleansing aspects of this instrumental World cd, as far as psychology goes, I Can say that this disc has been spinning in my player for several days now, and I’m just sorry I have to put an end to it by reviewing it and passing along to the next cd. Some hours should last all week, all month – a lifetime.

Yoga: On Sacred Ground is the 3rd album for New Earth Records from Chinmaya Dunster, and though I do about as much yoga as brain surgeries, listen to the co-director of the Yoga Center of Columbia, when he proclaims that ‘this is heartfelt music infused with the fragrance of joy.’ He should know.

If music’s true purpose is to invoke a feeling of self-worth, healing, relaxation and continued interest in the surrounding audio that enfolds, then the current 58 minutes and 7 tracks are indeed Music of the first, and highest, order.

Rather than single out individual cuts, let me just say that this Dunster journey is laced profusely with magical acoustic guitars, violins, sarod, sitar (perhaps?) and a host of other surprising cameos of other faithful friends. If there are electronics involved, they are well hidden. Oh, and the beautiful accordion on ‘The Watcher’ is pleasantly surreal against the East Indian mysticism that evolves.

More than mere delightful. Go the website and try it. Supposed to be samples of the tracks there. Hear for yourself.

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