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* Confirmed concert(s).

2003 Conventions:

2004 Conventions:

  • *GAfilk: January 9 - 11, 2004 (Atlanta, GA) - GOH: Mich Sampson, Toastmasters: Mary Crowell, Interfilk Guests: Rand Bellavia & Adam English (Jodi & Debbie are attending - Jodi will be performing with a jazz band during the Banquet)

  • FilKONtario: March 26 - 28, 2004 (Toronto, ON) - Guest of Honour: Michael "Moonwulf" Longcor, Official FKO Filk Waif: Kathleen Sloan, Interfilk Guest: Blind Lemming Chiffon (All three of us will definitely be there!)

  • Ad Astra: April 2 -4, 2004 (Toronto, ON) - Writer Guests of Honor: C.J. Cherryh & Robert Charles Wilson, Media Pro Guest of Honour: Mark Asquith, Fan Guest of Honour: Gord Rose (Not sure yet, but maybe)

  • * Confluence: July 23 - 25, 2004 (Pittsburgh, PA) - Music Guest of Honor: Chris Conway, Other Guests TBA (Urban Tapestry involved in programming)

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