Myths and Urban Legends

h o m e | w h o   w e   a r e | o u r   p r o j e c t s | s c h e d u l e | m & u l | s & h t | l i n k s

b l a t h e r i n g | b l a t h e r c h a t | o r d e r   o u r   m u s i c | o u r  w e b l o g

Myths & Urban Legends CD CoverCover of "Myths and Urban Legends".
(Allison's on guitar, Jodi's holding music, Debbie has a flute)
Art copyright © 1997 Beckett Gladney.
Please don't use without permission.

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Click on the titles of the songs below in the "Additional playlist notes" section to hear minute-long MP3 clips of each song.

Album title: Myths and Urban Legends
Label: Dodeka Records, released summer/97
Format: Tape and CD
Sound engineer: David Goulden, additional engineering by Scott Snyder and Carl Gardiner.
Cover artist: Beckett Gladney.

Guest musicians:
Dave Clement, Tom Jeffers, Kylea Fulton, Don Neill, Graham Leathers, Paul Kwinn, Kathleen Sloan, Scott Snyder, and Ookla the Mok (Rand Bellavia, Adam English, and Luis Garcia).

Technonerdboy, Entwined, Sex and Chocolate, I Love The Morning, Teenybopper Love, Song For Jim, Starsoul, Tiberius Rising, Puppies Cooked In Brine, Lady of the Wood, Leftovers, The Lady, Days We Spend Together, Web Surfin'.

Additional playlist notes

Song credits are listed by initials in parentheses, lyrics/music.
AD = Allison Durno (guitar, vocals), JK = Jodi Krangle (vocals), DRO = Debbie Ridpath Ohi (flute, tambourine)

Click on the link of each song to hear a minute long MP3 clip.
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1. Technonerdboy: Paul Kwinn: our Technonerdboy, W. Scott Snyder: electric guitar, Andrew Platzer and Jeff Ridpath: technobabble consultants. (DRO)

2. Entwined: Don Neill: lead guitar. (AD) Vocals: AD/JK.

3. Sex and Chocolate: Dave Clement and Tom Jeffers: guy vocals. UT: finger snaps. (DRO/JK) Vocals: JK

4. I Love The Morning (DRO) Morning person: Jodi. Night person: Allison.

5. Teenybopper Love: Ookla The Mok: teenybopper chorus, Adam English: guitar, Luis Garcia: drums. (AD)

6. Song for Jim: Recorded at Sound Techniques, 1994. Dedicated to Debbie's brother Jim, who died with his wife in a car accident in August, 1993. (DRO)

7. Starsoul: Graham Leathers: bodhran, Dave Clement: lead guitar, Tom Jeffers: bass, Dave Clement & Tom Jeffers: harmony vocals. (RBW/JK)

8. Tiberius Rising: Valdo de Sousa: violin. (RB, AE)

9. Puppies Cooked In Brine (DRO) A vain attempt to break out of our earlier "sweet ballads and lovesong" reputation. Guitar, flute.

10. Lady of the Wood: W. Scott Snyder: guitar. (SS)

11. Leftovers: Ookla The Mok: leftovers chorus, Adam English: guitar, Rand Bellavia: bass, Luis Garcia: drums. (DRO,RB,AE,LG)

12. The Lady: Dave Clement: lead guitar, Kylea Fulton: penny whistle, Tom Jeffers: bass. (JK)

13. Days We Spend Together (AD/JK) About friendships and a bittersweet summer in 1993. Keyboard, guitar, flute.

14. Web Surfin': Paul Kwinn & Kathleen Sloan: harmony vocals. W. Scott Snyder: electric guitar. (AD)

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