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Filkers' Home Pages

Hi, everyone! If your URL is outdated or if you wish to have your filk link added here, please contact me! The list below is a compilation of filker pages (and though most of the descriptions are by Deb, I may start to add my own comments). For a list of more filker pages, please see the lists by Sherman Dorn, Steve Brinich.
Home of Mike and Anne Whitaker. Looking forward to meeting Mike and Anne at Didgeri-Douze next year!

D. Glenn Arthur Jr.:
Extremely talented filker who plays an unbelieveable number of instruments. We met him at The Second ConCerto. Very nice guy, too! :-)

Rand Bellavia:
Sadly outdated page of Ookla The Mok's most Italian member. For more recent news about Rand and his group, see one of the Ookla websites.

Boogie Knights:
A fantastic group from Maryland who describe themselves as performing "
Songs of daring-do with nary a hey nonny nonny. The Boogie Knights have parodied everything from commercial jingles to TV and movie themes, from golden oldies to the latest top-40 songs." They're lots of fun and well worth a listen!

Downtown Freddy Brown
Toronto, Ontario musician and filker. "My News Is Blues"! :-)

Steve Brinich:
Cool-looking page. Includes lots of well-categorized filk links and some of his songs.

Roger Burton-West:
list of his filksongs, courtesy Melissa Binde's filk page. Co-wrote a song with Jodi for our new album! Via email, even!

Andrea Dale:
Lots of info about Andrea's schedule and upcoming projects. Be sure to check out her "Andy's Chatter Page". :-) Andrea's album, "Step Out of Time", is available now!

JoEllyn Davidoff:
Talented filker (supernice, too)! I just bought her tape at Confusion'99.

Sherman Dorn:
This list of music links includes a large section of filk-related material including Sherman's own filks. We finally got to meet Sherman at The Second ConCerto, as well as his wife Elizabeth and children Kathryn and Vincent.

Gary Erlich:
"The Guava Grove at Electro's Hideaway". Check out his songlist. Also check out Gary's "Expoundings".

Pete Grubbs:
Fantastic folk/filk musician extrordinaire, Pete finally has his own web page. It's in development, but looking good!

Bernd Felsberger:
Compiles the Austria and Germany Filk Report. We hope to someday meet Bernd in person!

Fox and I were introduced by Talis Kimberley, who thought we might have something in common because we both like drawingstuff. :-) Someday I actually hope to meet him in person.

Clif Flynt:
Hey, check out info about Clif's new BOOK!!!

Eli Goldberg:
Very nice-looking web page, includes info about Leslie Fish's filksongs.

Bob Guest:
Toronto area filker. Check out the message board!

Hotel Hayman:
"Home for wandering family, friends, fans & filkers."

Juliane Honisch & Kerstin Dröge:
Two wonderfully talented German filkers...we enjoyed meeting them at FKO '98 where they were Interfilk guests.

Diana Huey:
Self-described "Filker, SF/Fantasy enthusiast, convention organizer, Pagan, Scorpio & small-time gardener."

Bob Kanefsky
According to Mark Osier, the greatest parodiest of them all.

Joseph Kesselman:
useful list of filk resources and filkers.

Paul Kwinn:
An astoundingly unauthorized web page! Paul is a member of Puzzlebox.

Jodi Krangle:
an Urban Tapestrite! Check out her cool Muse's Muse, an essential songwriting resource!

Graham Leathers:
Not can this guy a super-talented filker, but he also does great balloon animals!

Michael Liebmann:
Keeper of the GaFiA e-mail list, Programmer/Registrar for GaFilk & owner of Southern Fried Filk, LLC. We had fun meeting Mike at ConChord '94.

Karen Lindsey:
Karen and her partner, Lloyd Landa, are Toronto filkers who write and perform wonderful songs. Seeing them in concert is a memorable experience! Check out their recent CD, "Road To Roswell".

Steve Macdonald:
Filker, songwriter and proud papa. Check out his schedule and his discography!

Gary McGath:
Filker, software consultant, book reviewer.

Debbie Ridpath Ohi:
Me. Check out my writers' resource page, Inkspot.

Ookla The Mok Unofficial Fan Site:
Adam English, Rand Bellavia, Doug White and Chris Gajewski are Ookla The Mok. This site is maintained by Scott Edersheim and Ed Wright. Also see Watchmen Studio's Ookla The Mok page.

Mark Osier:
Parody Central. Mark insists this is an experimental web page. Wonderfully sick and twisted sense of humour. MarkO is UT's Official Parodist.

UK rock-filk band: Tim and Anne Walker, Phil and Lissa Allcock, Mike and Anne Whitaker.

Joel Polowin
Joel Polowin's filk page. Joel makes GREAT chocolate-covered apricots. :-) Love the name of this website: MUPPET LABS.

Jim Poltrone:
The man of many instruments...!! Website entitled: "The Line of Death Bar and Grill".

Taunya Shiffer, Alisa Shaufbauer, and Paul Kwinn. A charming and entertaining trio based in California. They wear music on their bodies!

Joey Shoji:
A wealth of information about filk and other music, sf, and Joey's "Blabs" board.

Steve Simmons:
Lots of interesting info about this talented filker!

Tom Smith:
Notorious filker with a zany sense of humour.

W. Scott "Cosmo" Snyder:
The Hedgehog Rampant has lots of links, from beer to cigars to HTML to guitars (hey that rhymes).

Robert Stockton:
extremely talented harpist and arranger. He definitely needs to come out to more Toronto cons. ;-)

Annie and Tim Walker:
Very nice-looking site! These are people I'd definitely like to meet someday. And Anne plays the flute! Anne and Tim are UK filkers. Check out Annie's chat page...

Mary Ellen Wessels:
Find out about MEW's album, Current Obsessions!

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