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Wherever (© Conway/Krangle - 1999)

Sometimes the easy lessons
Are hard to learn
My pages go on the fire
But some don't seem to want to burn
Life's a tangle to unravel
Not an easy road to travel,

But the love you've given will carry me far
And I know you're with me wherever you are
Wherever you are.

It's easy to say goodbye
But it's hard to let you go
There's so much I want to say to you
So much you need to know.
I can stay until tomorrow
Try to repay all I've borrowed

But you can't cut that deep without leaving a scar.
That will always be with me wherever you are.
Wherever you are.

Wherever Wherever
I wanted to thank you.
Wherever Wherever
But words don't seem to be enough.
Wherever Wherever
I know that I'll think of you
Wherever Wherever
Wherever I find love.

Quiet moments of memory
My thoughts turn to you
And though our time went far too fast
There's nothing I can do.
Another bitter pill to swallow
Not an easy act to follow

But you always told me to reach for the stars
And I know I'll find them wherever you are
Wherever you are.

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