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Subway Lies (© Group of 77 - 1995 (SOCAN))

Early morning
Taking the train to where I have to be
Bells ring a warning
Doors open wide spilling people outside.

Don't look around
You're in your own world
Don't meet their eyes
They're all in disguise
Subway Lies...

Sit by the window
Watching reflections in dirty black glass
Drowned conversation
Overwhelmed by the noise as other trains pass

The click of a bicycle wheel
The howl of the wind beaten back by the train
Newspaper pages
Rustling so loud that it hardly seems real.


Nervous laughter
From a young girl in a ratty raincoat
The hiss of a lighter
Ignoring the signs bundled up in thick smoke.

Reading a fashion magazine
Spilled open on its back on the grimy train floor
Love letters written in black ink
On those green vinyl seats.


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