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The Channeling (Ways to reach your Muse)
By Shaman Sean
2000-2003 Shaman Sean. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

The purpose of this column is to help you discover and maintain your connection to "the muse" - to help you challenge your own perceptions about music and make your art & 'voice' stronger, while helping you also hang on to the very reasons you want to create & perform. 'The Shaman' will also help you on the ethereal side of being an artist & living as a musician. There is a posted Q&A where you can ask him questions about band relations, problems, musical dilemmas, writing problems, psychology of song structure or order,...whatever you'd like.

Shaman Sean is well read and will draw on multiple sources or philosophies to help you find answers. By doing so, you will achieve greater artistic focus and drive. 'The Channeling' will keep you in touch with the very reasons you played your first emotional note.

A short bio



1. Can you tell me how to decide who gets credit for a song and how do I show that on a CD?

2. Do you suggest a strategy for dealing with a "Bad Witch"?

3. Advice on how to find good songwriting topics and how to find a good name for a band?

4. What are some examples of muses and anti-muses?

5. Comments from Readers: TV really DOES rot your mind!

6. Alternating views on the route to songwriting fame?

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A short bio:
The Muse's Shaman Sean, is first an artist. He began music at the age of 10, where he was the only one of his class who was able to play the drum set. Since then, he has written music & acted for independent films, performed live with various bands, and has become an artist well-studied in many forms. He has had professional training in advanced music theory and also functioned as a guitar & songwriting instructor. He is also proficient with producing, managing, and playing as a set musician or in a band. His studies include philosophy, theology, & martial arts; the psychology of creativity, and performing. Currently, he continues to write songs & perform in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while looking for the right musicians for his band. He also visits LA from time to time. His main writing intrest is in experimentation with alternative rock, but he also loves classic rock, pop rock, heavy rock, punk, jazz, & Elvis.

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