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The Channeling (Ways to reach your Muse)
Shaman's Q&A:


I had to tell you about my personal experience with TV. I came home from work last week Friday and my cable connection had broken. I assumed my TV was on the fritz and concluded it was a sign for change. After some thought, I disconnected it, walked it to a dumpster and with a thump, it was gone.

The rest of that afternoon was spent putting my music equipment in a better working arrangement and connecting audio gear so time could be spent entirely on music. If the lemma was that TV was sapping my mind, removing it from my life was the proof. With no exposure to anything but music that weekend, I felt reinvented. I heard and played things which I had considered unapproachable previously. It all just seemed to flow better.

I have long known that TV rots my mind. I have gone long stints in the past without it and when returning on occasions I realized my mental capacity was sapped with each minute I watched. I changed my viewing habits entirely at some point during one of these stints. Now, I am increasingly looking to become a TV hermit. I do have a small one, but it is tucked neatly away out of easy reach. I have to really think about it to watch it.

It was quite a connection to read your article on musesmuse. I hope others try losing their TV at some point. It is a clarifying thing to be free of TV.



May your story prove as an eye opener to others. I'm glad you shared your experience with me. Isn't it amazing what steals pieces of us while we are unaware? (Maybe the muse broke your cable connection?) lol "Walking it to a dumpster and 'thump!'" I love it! :) May the benefits from your single act of will power never end!

Thank you for reading!

--Shaman Sean


Hello there Shaman Sean:

I have really enjoyed your article on Anti Muse. I too remember when I had a defining moment concerning my TV set. I was twelve yrs. old. I remember spending all day watching tv. When the day was thru I literally watched the sun go down and realized that I had done nothing productive with my day. I felt horrible and since that day I haven't really watched too much tv. And as the years have gone by (I am 24 now) there are times when months go by and I don't go near it. I love watching movies and seeing my friends and of course I'd rather garden and play guitar any day than sit around watching other people on tv live my life for me. Thank you for bringing this wise article to the attention of others who might not have had the pleasure of experiencing the peace you feel once you stop the mind numing venum of television. I look forward to reading more of your articles.
--Marcela S.

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