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A Roland V-Synth GT Review

The V-Synth keyboard from Roland has raised the bar, setting new standards in sound designs and expressive synthesis. Take your sheet music, play and record it on the V-Synth, then let your creative juices flow. For a singer, nothing could be much better than arranging music, or download pre-arranged songs, and sing their heart out while the the V-Synth creates the mood as the accompaniment with its creative power to please the singer's most wildely musical expressions. The keyboard features a sequencer that enables the singer to arrange and create full orchestration without the hassles that are associated with having a full band.The V-Synth has won many awards and worldwide acclaim for forging ahead with new ways of creating sound and performance. Everyone around the world thought the optimum level of performance had been achieved but Roland V-Synth piano took it one step further and there was no looking back. Although the Roland-V is one great keyboard.

Lets do a little review of the keyboard and then we will look at some of the features.

Roland V Synth GT Elastic Audio Synthesizer Keyboard

Roland proved everyone wrong by raising the bar with the help of its new entrant, Roland V-Synth GT. This keyboard uses the V-Synth's revolutionary Elastic Audio Synthesis engine incorporating the Articulative Phrase Synthesis technology. The capabilities of this audio engine are unmatched and unprecedented as it delivers the finest expression with unbelievable realism. It also has the unique ability of creating never-before-heard sounds. As a singer, you can sample your voice, and modify it with the various oscillators giving your voice new expressive realism.

Roland V-Synth GT is ideal for recording studio artists, and sound developers who have the responsibility of creating unique sounds. The V-Synth GT also turns out to be an expressive solo instrument when used in live performances. It is also well adapted to the novice keyboardist learning to play - making easy piano lessons even easier with its powerful midi sequencer.

The unique ability of V-Synth GT can be attributed to the dual core sound engine and its Elastic Audio Synthesis featuring the Vocal Designer, COSM analog modeling , AP-Synthesis, PCM Sampling and playback modules. Each core can act independently using its own synthesizer, and use all or any of the above-mentioned technologies to create unique tones. You can create two tones and layer them to create hybrid sounds or morph them to create a single audio patch. Imagine the ability to record your voice and have it play back with correct pitch on each key. This can help with your vocal practice.

the V-Synth comes standard with hundreds of tones and onboard patches. You can import individual tones or patches, use your own loops and waveforms and create original sound. The V-Synth GT features a powerful COSM based multi-effects processor. The “Tone-FX provides a wide range of sound processing options that includes filter, delay and distortion effects. The GT has 18 types of reverb and 8 types of chorus in total.

The Multi Step Modulator gives the sense of motion to the sound by making changes to the filter, oscillator and LFO parameters. The built-in arpeggiator and the different enhancements provided make the features such as block copying, and external synchronization faster and easier.

The V-Synth GT interface allows you to control sounds quickly and easily. The interface features a full color touch screen with eight universal knobs below it. These knobs allow you to make the sound precise by making complex adjustment to different sound parameters. The V-Synth GT makes the task of sound editing a breeze. It also features extensive explanations of different functions through online help that can be accessed by simply touching the screen.

The real time sound controls feature sliders for adjusting sounds and dedicated buttons to control different sound dynamics. You will find performance controllers like Time Trip Pad and D Beam, and pitch bend/mod lever on the interface.

Roland V-Synth GT provides multiple ways of connecting devices such as MIDI and foot switch connectors. The audio/MIDI functionality allows the V-Synth GT to integrate with DAW software, a favorite among musicians and sound recordist. You can easily upgrade your V-Synth GT version by downloading the update. Currently, Roland is offering Version 2.0 upgrade for V-Synth GT.

Benefits of the Roland V-Synth for Singers

Looping midi is an easy task on the V-Synth, making it ideal for the singer to practice difficult passages of music by repetition looping. The keyboard features USB memory for easy file transfer and swapping files between a PC and a Mac. The V-Synth can be used as an audio and midi source for the computer.

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About the Author: Dan Maynard is the publisher of a keyboard review site, providing information on major brands of keyboards. There you will find information for example technical information and reviews of digital pianos. There is also a piano lessons web page for people wanting to learn how to play the piano. Dan has been playing the piano for over 40 years. Starting at the young age of 9, he took classical piano for 11 years and then continued on his own, playing in bands, composing music, teaching popular piano and doing studio gigs. Dan is married to his beautiful wife, Christiane and has 2 sons, who are fully grown.

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