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Sponsored Sampler CDs
By Tyler Tullock
© 2000, Tyler Tullock. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

You've worked 3 jobs plus band practices and gigs for the last 2 years. You've sold everything that wasn't nailed down (including your beloved 1973 Beetle). Now that your future Grammy winning masterpiece has finally been recorded, mastered & duplicated...

What now? Oh ya, we have to sell all of this stuff so we can make another CD and start the process all over again!

In general, the public must hear your music on the radio, at a show, or a friend has to play it for them before they will consider purchasing it! Wouldn't it be nice if you could add another way for them to hear your music? What if you could give each of them a CD? That would accomplish the goal. Oh ya, we're trying to make some money so we can make some more music, so we can make some more money and so on.

The Solution: Sponsored Sampler CDs

You create 1,000 CDs with 4-6 of your songs on it. You fade out after the 1st half of the second chorus of each song (Assuming a V-C-V-C-Bridge-etc. format). As the music fades, a friend with a DJ type voice comes in announcing the name of the song you just heard and the name of the band. The next song plays and exactly the same short faded ending occurs. The listener gets enough of each song to get hooked and then just as they are starting to sing along… it fades. The song, band, and sponsor are then mentioned. BAM, they're hooked and must go purchase your CD now so that they can enjoy each song in it's uninterrupted entirety!


Ya, that's beauty of this beast! You get a sponsor(s) to pay for the ENTIRE cost of the disk (about .75 cents in a cardboard mailer type package)! The sponsor gets the entire back cover (the artist gets the front) for advertising or a coupon; Sponsorship can also include the sponsor's name mentioned every 2-3 songs and even a complete radio type audio commercial at the end of the CD. You can also make it a CD PLUS. When the disk is inserted into a computer it displays a web page to buy your CD on line directly from you and of course has a banner at the top of the page linking to your sponsor's site with more info. The CD can also include other digital files supplied by your sponsor such as; digital coupons, a digital brochure, software or game trial versions, the possibilities are endless!

Benefits to sponsors are numerous and substantial!

  • Multiple impressions in a short period of time for each listener of the CD (You should encourage the user to give the disk to a friend after they have purchased your CD).
  • Link to sponsor's web site for immediate purchase of their products.
  • Hand delivered to a select demographic (i.e. 25-35 Year old females that workout...).
  • No postage and handling costs.
  • No mailing list fees
  • High perceived value placed on music CDs (the target audience is likely to listen and hold on to the advertising material. Oops, I mean... music CD).

Benefits to you.

  • Lots of free CD's to hand out that don't cost you anything and will generate sales of your actual CD!
  • If a web page is on the CD, you have given them the keys to your own personal 24 hour music store!

How to distribute Promo CD's

  • You can't open for a major act every night, but you can sure hand out promo CDs to each person leaving the arena night after night. Of course you'll want to target audiences that fit the profile of your band. Hand them out at the mall, at school, at work, large and small festivals. Just think about your target audience ahead of time and make sure to only offer the CDs to people that might be likely to purchase your disk. If ANYONE asks for one, you should definitely give them one. Just don't give my grandma a rock disk. Give it to me, I'm more likely to buy it!
  • Point of purchase displays in local businesses (that don't compete with your sponsor)
  • Point of purchase displays in your sponsor's business locations
  • Malls
  • Churches
  • etc.

Where to find sponsors

If you play pop or rock, try finding some way to tie in a product or company with one or more of your songs… If you play heavy Metal and wear a lot of leather, find a local business that sells leather clothing. If you play classical, you might try fine restaurants, piano dealers, fine clothing, or a luxury pre-owned vehicle dealer. Get the idea. Now go forth and sell the music you make, DON'T make music to sell --- unless that is what you're into.

A short bio:
Tyler Tullock is a performing singer-songwriter. He has taught more than 3,000 students Guitar, Bass & Vocals with at least one student going Platinum. He is a former Audio Director at independent label Track Record in Seattle, WA and a former President and founder of LocalSeek Advertising Inc.; an Internet marketing company with more than 200 clients including fortune 500 companies.
His band's new album can be previewed at

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