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Kind Words
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Your Kind Words

Awarded February 28, 1999

Awarded March 3, 1999!

Awarded March 4, 1999

Awarded March 12, 1999

Chosen for March 26, 1999

This site is King of the Web
Awarded April 27, 1999

Awarded July 12, 1999

Wishing Well Award
Awarded August 16, 1999

Awarded September 9, 1999

Awarded March 1, 1999

Awarded March 3, 1999

Chosen on March 6, 1999!

Awarded March 13, 1999

Awarded April 15, 1999

Awarded June 1, 1999

Awarded June 11, 1999

Music Scene Best of the Web Award
Awarded July 16, 1999

Awarded September 9, 1999

Westfield Web Site Awards
Awarded September 20, 1999

Awarded October 5, 1999

Your Kind Words...

Even muses need inspiration, just as every songwriter needs a home. Many songwriters consider this site to be their musical home away from home. You'll find an extensive collection of articles on songwriting, interviews with songwriters, chat rooms, links to competitions, and some song samples. The classified section is one of the best online, and the monthly e-mail, The Muse's News , is filled with site reviews, articles and contests...
--James Porteous, Web Guide Magazine, June 1999 Issue

Everywhere I go on the internet, I run into links to your site. Most of them say something like "this is THE BEST" site of its' kind". You have done a tremendous job of getting the word out there -- and you are helping to encourage songwriters all over the world. Thank you for your hard work. I hope that it is contributing to your happiness and your success in your career.
--Sarah Mor, April 17, 1999

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your site. I have met some excellent writers through your classifieds. Your site always seem to be a notch above the others I visit on a daily basis.
--Norman Kerner, April 10, 1999

Wow! Muse's Muse is an INCREDIBLE resource! I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time there! I'll also add a link to your site on my home page. Thanks for your hard work. I'll certainly take advantage of it!
-- Lysa Parker, March 31, 1999

I am a singer/songwriter, as of yet unpublished, desparately searching for information about the industry. Your page is by far the most helpful and informative.Thank you for obviously putting so much work into this page. It's such a relief to know I'm not alone!
-- Juliet O'Brien, March 24, 1999

After an extensive review process, our team of judges found your website to be in the TOP 25% of all websites reviewed. Of the hundreds of websites we review every month, our team rated your site very highly with an average score of 72%. Only great websites command scores of this magnitude. Our judges specifically commented that the site was a top resource for songwriters, that it provided a range of useful services & created a good sense of community.  The Silver Award is reserved for wonderful websites which excel in all aspects of site design - so display your award proudly, it is an extremely tough one to earn.Congratulations once again on an outstanding website & a job well done. It's sites like yours that are leading the evolution of the Internet. Keep up the fantastic work ! ! !
-- Rick Doran - Director,
World Best Website Awards, March 3, 1999

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