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Kind Words
Or "Wow, Really? Cool!"
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Your Kind Words

Suite 101 Recommended Site
Awarded February 12, 1998

Dark Site Award
Awarded February 22, 1998

Music Top10% Sites
Awarded April 8, 1998

[ .Creative Web Designs. | .Free COOL Animation. ]
Awarded June 1, 1998

Awarded June 28, 1998

Chosen as a 5 Stars Elite Site
July 20, 1998

Web Trips Site of the Week!
for July 20-27, 1998

Gear Search Hot Site
Awarded on August 2, 1998

Chosen as an

Glowe Award Honorable Mention
Awarded for the week of
August 28 - September 7, 1998

Awarded on September 3, 1998

Awarded December 8, 1998

Awarded February 15, 1998

Awarded May 8, 1998

Top 5 on Suite 101
Awarded May 21, 1998

Inifite's Cool Site of the Day!
Chosen as
Cool Site Of The Day
for June 4, 1998!

True Style Award
Awarded July 18, 1998

Chosen as a "Cool Siting" on Netscape's Netcenter:
What's Cool for July 20, 1998!

Awarded July 28, 1998

The Midi Extreme Award
Awarded August 23, 1998

Caz's Best of the Best
Awarded September 12, 1998

GA's Silver
Awarded September 17, 1998

Featured as Link Of The Week on
The Musician's Assistance Site
December 19, 1998

Your Kind Words...

I've got to say I love the Muse's News.  Your ebullient personality comes singing through each and every issue.  Your newsletter is a wonderful read that I save for the end of the day.  Thank you so much for producing this great product that keeps me feeling like I'll still make that career change and fulfill my lifelong dream.  I'll be sure to write again when I have more time.  For now, I just wanted to let you know you've breathed life into my songwriting dreams and you continue to bubble enthusiastically through your words. Have a great New Year's.
-- Carl Rachel, December 31, 1998

You have created a very nice site, indeed. We found your site to be well organized, and we were quite impressed by the amount and variety of useful information. Your site is truly a valuable resource for songwriters. Congratulations on a job well done.
-- Glenn Akiyama, September 17, 1998
GA's Web Design

You've created a cool, classy corner with a unique content and perspective... excellent job. Attached you will find the "Best of the Best" award.  Congratulations on a job well done!  Keep up the great work.
-- Caz Dawson, September 12, 1998
Caz's Whimsical Corner

This is a terrific site and extremely helpful and inspirational. Heck, I might even come up with a song from it . Thanks for doing a great job.
-- Natalie Greenberg - Songwriter/Filmmaker, August 1, 1998

This is an awesome site. Anyone like myself who has had to wade through poorly constructed or self serving web sites for hours only to give up in frustration will surely appreciate this gem. Thank you.
--Ken Cook, July 4, 1998

I have never thanked you for your wonderful,informative site.Thanks for creating it!In the solitary life of the songwriter there is need for connection,for exposure to new ideas and support which you so givingly provide.Your use of the internet to offer,to,motivate,to inform,provides a great service for people like me who can't "hang out" as much as he used to.I appreciate the changes and upgrades you have made and complement you on your site's attractive but refreshingly simple design.Keep it simple.Once again,your contribution has been noted and tremendously respected by me.I wish you continued good health, prosperity and evolution.
--Steven M. Baker, February 26, 1998

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