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Kind Words
Or "Wow, Really? Cool!"
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Your Kind Words

Cool Canadian Site of the Day on
June 30, 1997

Awarded by Aardvark's Archive of General Musical Interest for being one of "the very best of all things musical on the World Wide Web".

for September 2, 1997

Given the "Wings" Award - December 14, 1997

[Cool Central Site of the Hour]
One of Cool Central's
Sites of the Hour on September 2, 1997

Your Kind Words...

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your site. Looks like a labor of love. I can relate to that. I'll have my own site up soon via kaleidospace and I will definitely link to your site. I don't manage to be able to spend a lot of time online but you're a favorite spot.
- John Braheny
Author: The Craft and Business of Songwriting
Co-founder: The Los Angeles Songwriter's Showcase
August 12, 1997

Your site is fabulous. I had a chance to spend a little time there today. Great work. Great layout & graphics. Thanks for the effort.
- Suzy Rice, August 11, 1997

Thanks heaps for developing and maintaining this site.
- Trevor P McGowan, Fri, 14 Mar 97

I am really impressed with your web site. Great Job!!! The Muses Muse is the first place, and often the only place, I visit when I log on to the net. It provides us with a lot of information, but more than that you have created an online community that gives support and encouragement and makes us feel not so alone.
- Randy Zahara, Sat, 22 Feb 1997

Kudo's to you Jodi! I'm a traveling singer/songwriter from the Boulder, CO area. I've just recently begun to think how the internet could be used to connect songwriters from different areas of the country with one another. And now I've found your site! It's beautiful. You've amassed a great wealth of sources for us all out here. There are incredible songwriters all over this country, though it may seem sometimes that there isn't a caplable bridge able to span the distance between communities. Perhaps that is beginning to change. I think you're doing a wonderful job and just wanted to let you know it.
- Beth Amsel, Sun, 5 Jan 1997

Hi Jodi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading through the responses, along with your comments. I'll be back to visit again. Yours "originally" ,
Tim Reeves, Fri, 11 Oct 1996

Jodi, I'd just like to say thanks for such a great web site. It has long been my favourite and I always look forward to filling out the latest surveys. Its great to hear the other songwriters of the world express their take on each subject. Your site has now become part of my bookmark collection...8-) Thanx again,
- Shannon (sham) Junkin, Fri, 05 Apr 96

I've been looking for some little corner of the web like yours for ages :)
- Adam Sheppard, Mon, 25 Mar 1996

Your website is EXCELLENT! Keep up the good work!
- Eddie Phoon, Mon, 18 Mar 1996

I am not a rich man, so joining websites that charge to tell me what I already know is not my idea of fun. I like the homeyness of your site and I enjoy the information in it. I guess I wrote to say thank you for allowing me to rest my bones here for a spell. Should I, in the near future, get my own site up, I hope you will join me for a cyber-tea or a Sunday brunch.
- Chris Kilpatrick, Sun, 17 Mar 1996

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