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Kind Words
Or "Wow, Really? Cool!"

Your Kind Words

Awarded on July 27, 2002

Awarded on August 6, 2002

GNAE Gold Award
Awarded on October 2, 2002
(Award Sites Rating 4.5)

GNAE Site of the Month
Awarded on October 4, 2002
(Award Sites Rating 4.5)
Way-Cool-Site Award Winner!
Bob Way Cool Site Award Winner!

Awarded on July 26, 2002

BTDesign Awards - Best Music Site
Awarded on August 31, 2002

GNAE Music Site of the Month
Awarded on October 4, 2002
(Award Sites Rating 4.5)

Golden Hive Award
Awarded on November 2, 2002

Your Kind Words

Okay, let me just say - it's about TIME! This is going to become my new "home" on the web! This is exactly the sort of site we songwriters, musicians, composers, etc. NEED!! Thanks so much for creating this site. And, it even LOOKS cool, too!!! Great job!!! -- Dan McGowan, Songwriter & Producer (July 18, 2002)

I adore the meditation page. So cleverly done! Easy navigation and virtually makes the back button on the browser redundant. Great music site offering a wide variety of tools and assistance for the public. Good design layout. Overall well balanced and professionally presented. This is an excellent and most important resource for the music business and in my eyes it wins gold from me. Well done Jodi -- GNAE Award Program (October 2, 2002)

Its review score of 100 has earned it our Golden Hive Award (top 1%), one of the world's most prestigious Web awards. Congratulations! We found your reader-friendly site very easy to navigate, attractive, full of great content, and a great service to the Internet community. Thank you for your commitment to supreme Web excellence! -- Míc Miller, publisher, Beeline Publications (November 2, 2002)

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