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Awarded January 1, 2001

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Awarded February 4, 2001

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for February 16th, 2001!

Awarded March 29, 2001

Your Kind Words...

Hello Jodi- My name is Paul Tapp. I owe you one huge thank you! I answered a classified posted at Muses Muse just a little over one year ago. Mike Naydock a songwriter with the alt. group "badlees" had posted wanting to collaborate. To date we have written 8 tunes. I write the lyric and Mike does the music. One of our tunes "Echotown" is featured on badlees member Jeff Feltingberger's solo project. Jeff liked the tune so much he decided to name the band Echotown! The disc will be released April 17. Jodi, many thanks for a life long dream ...reality.
Musically -- Paul Norman Tapp,April 12, 2001

Congrats! After a complete review, your site has earned the Overall Excellence Award! Your site is only the second to win this extremely difficult to achieve prize. The Muse's Muse showed excellence in the categories of Design of Elegance, Creative Excellence, and Resource Excellence. A job very well done...this site is without a doubt among the best on the net!
-- The Spiffy Entertainment Awards, January 20, 2001

Please accept the Harbeson and Associates Gold Medal of Excellence for your efforts at Muse's Muse. Your site design is beautiful but it's your content that sold us. What a tremendous resource for your visitors. It is truly my honor to have reviewed your site.
-- Harbeson and Associates Awards Program, January 13, 2001

Congratulations on your achievement! I am pleased to present "The Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource" with the Perfect Vision Gold Award. Your elegant and skilful presentation of unique content ensures your status as a creative visionary.
-- Perfect Vision Award Program, January 3, 2001

Your site is a wonderfully interactive and comprehensive resource for songwriters. Your intuitive navigation helps one get through it in a breeze and your services certainly give back to the web community in a very special way. Your design is simple, yet pleasing and inviting and your content is relevent and interesting. All in all, an outstanding job!
--iNet Awards, January 1, 2001

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