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Awarded March 27, 2000

Awarded April 24, 2000

Awarded April 26, 2000

Awarded July 9, 2000

Awarded July 11, 2000

Chosen for July 12, 2000

Awarded July 14, 2000

Awarded July 21, 2000

Pick of the Week - July 24, 2000

Awarded August 11, 2000

Chosen as a "Learning Fountain" on
September 14, 2000

Awarded October 5, 2000

Awarded October 11, 2000

Awarded November 7, 2000

Awarded April 12, 2000

Awarded July 8, 2000

Awarded July 9, 2000

Awarded July 10, 2000

Awarded July 12, 2000

Awarded July 17, 2000

Awarded July 21, 2000

Awarded September 3, 2000

Awarded September 26, 2000

Awarded for the month of
October 2000

Awarded November 18, 2000

Awarded November 17, 2000

Your Kind Words...

It is my pleasure to announce the selection of The Muse's Muse as an Internet Brothers Presents Elite Site. This is our highest honor and one you richly deserve. Elite Site selections generally excel in all our award categories, and yours is no exception. The design and art are simple, yet effective -- not detracting from the primary content. You have integrated many contemporary technologies into your presentation. We particularly enjoyed the virtual tour for newcomers. The content is thorough and enlightening, the two hours we visited could only begin to scratch the surface. We will be back many, many times for more.
--Internet Brothers Presents Review Panel, July 21, 2000

Jodi Krangle's Muses Muse is not just another great music resource; it is Jodi opening her arms, lending a hand and giving her spirit to all songwriters and musicians. There is a humble effervescence about Jodi that makes you feel comfortable almost immediately. Click after click it becomes apparent that the Muses Muse is indeed a special place - it lives; it breathes and few Web sites manage that.
-- Wally Gross, SC Review Team, July 9, 2000

What a wonderful resource! This is the kind of web site you tell your friends about! Anyone who is interested in songwriting should have the Muse's Muse at the top of their book marks. The time and attention to detail that have gone into this web site show clearly through the screen. Additionally, the web site is ranking very highly with the search engines. For this reason, I am pleased to present you with the Spider Award for Top Ten search engine positioning. Keep up the good work, Jodi! You have a real winner here!
--, July 9, 2000

It is not often that we have the honor to review such an incredible resource as The Muse's Muse. The hours that have obviously gone into the creation and maintenance of this site are beyond anything we can imagine. The graphics compliment the site perfectly and your load times, considering the wealth of information and plethora of relative links, are incredible. One of our judges had seen your site previously and offered this comment: "This is so very well-done, and has come such a long way ... It is still a phenomenal resource, and now the complementary graphics and Flash aspects really take this site to a new level. Flawless!" It is our honor to present to you the well deserved title of Master of Magick! Congratulations!!
-- NetMagick.Net and, July 8, 2000

It is a long time - no, a VERY long time - since we saw a resource-based web site that has obviously been created with so much time and care. Your efforts have certainly paid off. It was an absolute pleasure to browse the Muse's Muse. The design is excellent (in particular your clever and subtle use of JavaScript - we loved the mouseovers!), but what really makes your site stand out from the crowd is the wealth of content that you make available to your visitors. It is for this reason that we are pleased to present you with our coveted 5 Star award. Fantastic job!
--The Eye-Dentity Webteam, April 24, 2000

With homage paid to it at many other songwriting Web sites, The Muse's Muse must be your first stop. ... The Muse's Muse boasts hundreds of links to music resources, articles on songwriting, music reviews, interviews with the pros, a free e-newsletter and a sampling of songs.
-- Access Internet Magazine, Apr. 9 - Apr. 15, 2000

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