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Kind Words
Or "Wow, Really? Cool!"
(Please be patient - some of these awards take time to load. Thanks!)

Here are some of the awards and quotes that I'm particularly proud of. For a listing of all of them (and I've been fortunate that there have been quite a few), you can view the award archives by year:

1997 & Previous | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002

I'm no longer pursuing these sorts of things, though of course, it's nice to see the history of the place. :)

Just recently though, I discovered that I'd been awarded this plaque by the folks at Beeline who apparently mentioned me in some sort of publication they put out about awards:

Glorified in the Webmaster's Guide to Glory!
...and I admit I thought it was pretty cool. Thanks, Beeline!

Awards | Your Kind Words

for September 2, 1997

Chosen as an

Chosen for July 12, 2000

Awarded July 21, 2000

Pick of the Week - July 24, 2000

Awarded October 5, 2000

[Cool Central Site of the Hour]
One of Cool Central's
Sites of the Hour on September 2, 1997

Top 5 on Suite 101
Awarded May 21, 1998

Inifite's Cool Site of the Day!
Chosen as
Cool Site Of The Day
for June 4, 1998!

Awarded February 3, 2001

The Muse's Muse
Cool Site of the Day

for February 16th, 2001!

Your Kind Words...

Hello Jodi- My name is Paul Tapp. I owe you on huge thank you! I answered a classified posted at Muses Muse just a little over one year ago. Mike Naydock a songwriter with the alt. group "badlees" had posted wanting to collaborate. To date we have written 8 tunes. I write the lyric and Mike does the music. One of our tunes "Echotown" is featured on badlees member Jeff Feltingberger's solo project. Jeff liked the tune so much he decided to name the band Echotown! The disc will be released April 17. Jodi, many thanks for a life long dream ...reality.
Musically -- Paul Norman Tapp,April 12, 2001

It is my pleasure to announce the selection of The Muse's Muse as an Internet Brothers Presents Elite Site. This is our highest honor and one you richly deserve. Elite Site selections generally excel in all our award categories, and yours is no exception. The design and art are simple, yet effective -- not detracting from the primary content. You have integrated many contemporary technologies into your presentation. We particularly enjoyed the virtual tour for newcomers. The content is thorough and enlightening, the two hours we visited could only begin to scratch the surface. We will be back many, many times for more.
--Internet Brothers Presents Review Panel, July 21, 2000

Everywhere I go on the internet, I run into links to your site. Most of them say something like "this is THE BEST" site of its' kind". You have done a tremendous job of getting the word out there -- and you are helping to encourage songwriters all over the world. Thank you for your hard work. I hope that it is contributing to your happiness and your success in your career.
--Sarah Mor, April 17, 1999

I have never thanked you for your wonderful,informative site.Thanks for creating it!In the solitary life of the songwriter there is need for connection,for exposure to new ideas and support which you so givingly provide.Your use of the internet to offer,to,motivate,to inform,provides a great service for people like me who can't "hang out" as much as he used to.I appreciate the changes and upgrades you have made and complement you on your site's attractive but refreshingly simple design.Keep it simple.Once again,your contribution has been noted and tremendously respected by me.I wish you continued good health, prosperity and evolution.
--Steven M. Baker, February 26, 1998

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your site. Looks like a labor of love. I can relate to that. I'll have my own site up soon via kaleidospace and I will definitely link to your site. I don't manage to be able to spend a lot of time online but you're a favorite spot.
- John Braheny
Author: The Craft and Business of Songwriting
Co-founder: The Los Angeles Songwriter's Showcase
August 12, 1997

Jodi, I'd just like to say thanks for such a great web site. It has long been my favourite and I always look forward to filling out the latest surveys. Its great to hear the other songwriters of the world express their take on each subject. Your site has now become part of my bookmark collection...8-) Thanx again,
- Shannon (sham) Junkin, Fri, 05 Apr 96

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