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Unfortunately, Radio Muse is no more.  Producing the show was a lot of work - both for myself in choosing the songs and for those that produce the shows and put them together into the format below.  But feel free to enjoy these little bits of long ago music history. ;)  Thank you for your support!  All the best, -- Jodi

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Radio Muse is a streaming MP3 Internet broadcast featuring independent songwriters. The idea behind the show is to bring together the very best indie music from songwriters at all levels and stages of their musical journey. Every month or so, Radio Muse invites you to join us for a wonderful excursion that leads to a place where time stops and the music begins......

This show will only be broadcast through a link from this site, and only on the Internet. It is for the purposes of promoting independent songwriters and their work. We hope to help spread the word about some of the truly fantastic, undiscovered talent that we know is out there.

New!  You can now listen to Radio Muse through the iTunes Store - but only if you have iTunes installed on your computer.  Or if you visit the Radio Muse RSS page, you'll be able to subscribe to the RSS feed and keep up to date on when the new shows go live. :)

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