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Jan Best is the senior editor for Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine as well as a singer / songwriter / musician / freelance writer, and an avid coffee lover. She hosts the internet-only radio show called Radio Muse located at, and is also the host for the ISWM Network at Jan is currently in college, and will ultimately obtain her Ph.D in English at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Jan has recently been commissioned to create and instruct an online Songwriting Business course that will be available this Fall at select colleges and universities throughout North America. Jan is also working on her first novel, and plans to release it this winter as an e-book publication through and several other outlets. Jan has written articles for publications such as; Cross Country Music Magazine, Spotlight and Fairs and Expos., to name a few. You can visit her personal website at; .

Here is a bit of information on each of the songwriters included in this Radio Muse Webcast. I hope you'll take a moment to explore their own web sites (linked to from their names) or purchase their CDs if they have them. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

Moses Hauffen: Connection(3:37)
From his CD "Moses and the Guys with Jobs" ~ 1998, Moses Hauffen (BMI). All rights reserved.

Moses Hauffen, (born Moses Carlos Hauffen, in East Los Angeles, CA) has been writing songs since his days as a singer/guitarist performing with high school and college rock bands during the late 60's and 70's and continuing through the 90's and into the new millennium with his original music project "Moses and the Guys with Jobs". An eclectic mix of styles that include Blues Rock, Tex-Mex, Contemporary Folk, and Pop Rock, this self titled CD was released and distributed by Rhombus Records and nominated "Best Independent Rock Album" by the Los Angeles Music Awards in November 2000.

Colleen Coadic: How To Cultivate A Garden (2:54)
From her CD "The Opposite Only Better" ~ 2001, Colleen Coadic, (SOCAN/BMI). All rights reserved.

Musical, wise, compelling, acute, honest, fun, gritty, inspiring, challenging, delicious... These are words that have been used to describe both Colleen Coadic and her music. Her personal and spiritual integrity combine with her child-like seeking nature to make her a perfect musical witness of what it is to be a human, woman, mother, sister, lover and devinely feminine. Throughout her solo career, spanning four independently released CDs, Colleen has plumbed the depths of her own soul - exploring, discovering, integrating, healing. Then, in the way of a natural teacher, she returns to the light of her music stage, with the enchanting tales of her experience, mermaid scales flashing s she shows us her hand-mirror, reflecting inner truths that resonate powerfully with all who pause amid their own noise to hear. Colleen was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to a musical home. Her prodigious talents spoke earliest via her voice, then ukelele, guitar, and bass guitar. Vocal prowess and harmonizing came easily. Songwriting became a natural extension of sounding her inner landscape. Although she debuted professionally at age 17, it has been only since 1994 that Colleen has harnessed her abilities and creative style to tape, amassing an impressive list of accomplishments along the way.

oleary&lalli: Hammer Another Nail (5:13)
From their self-titled CD ~ 2000, J. O'Leary, We Call It Music (BMI). All rights reserved.

oleary&lalli is a Boston-based acoustic guitar duo, described by The Tab as "quirky, eclectic, post-electric, quasi-neo-suburban-folk." John O'Leary is a veteran singer-songwriter who has opened shows for acts such as Tom Rush, Joni Mitchell, Muddy Waters, Ritchie Havens, and Michael Bolton. Vic Lalli is a seasoned road musician and multi-instrumentalist music instructor, who also leads "Music Together" seminars for young children. The duo's debut CD, "oleary&lalli" on smileyface records, has already received airplay on over 75 folk radio outlets in North America.

Melissa Gibson: Leave It All To Me (3:01)
From her CD "Lighthouse Point" ~ 1999, Melissa Gibson. All rights reserved.

Influenced by the likes of Mary Chapin Carptenter & Joni Mitchell, singer/songwriter Melissa Gibson's country music has an introspective, folky slant to it. A native New Englander, Melissa arrived in Nashville, Tennessee in the mid-90's to pursue her songwriting career. She studied the piano and voice throughout her teen years and later picked up the guitar. After dabbling in classical and modern music, her heart led her back to folk and country roots. Her CD, "Lighthouse Point", roduced and engineered by Vaughn Lofstead, is full of capturing melodies and insightful lyrics.

G-spot: Piece of... (3:25)
From their CD "Experience the Pleasure" ~ 2000 Gail Silverman & Donald Dixon. All rights reserved.

At the heart of G-spot is lead singer, Gail Silverman. This provocative singer/songwriter puts heart & soul into every song & performance. With hook-laden songs that address everything from broken hearts to the state of the human condition, G-spot's impressive repetoire of material runs the gamut from introspective musings to outright rants. The music is relatable, but unique. It will stick in your head and make you want to sing along. G-spot just released their debut album, "Experience the Pleasure". The CD features an eclectic collection of alternative pop and rock tunes with excellent production and musicianship. G-spot is currently performing regularly in their hometown of NYC as well as the surrounding tri-state area.

Tom Parella: If I Were You(3:42)
From his CD "Sessions at Camelot" ~ 2000 Thomas J. Parella. All rights reserved.

Tom Parella, a New Jersey Native, is a lifelong veteran of the music industry. He has performed at venues ranging from coffeehouses and nightclubs to colleges and concert halls. Parella's music has been the subject of television appearances (okay, cable), radio airplay (well, public), and even live broadcasts via the internet. He was voted "Best Musician" in the Times-beacon Newspaper Reader's Poll. In addition to recording four volumes of original material, he has worked in the music field as a teacher, studio musician, arranger and transcriber. He is also a popular guest speaker in school classrooms and writing workshops, introducing young (and not so young) people to the songwriting process. Parella's new CD, "Sessions at Camelot", has just been released on Argolis Records. Containing both re-workings of some past favorites and brand new material, and featuring an accompanying rock combo, it's the first Tom Parella CD to be recorded with a full band.

Maria Connell: All About Me (3:07)
From her CD "All About Me" ~ 2000, Maria Connel (SOCAN). All rights reserved.

Veteran singer/songwriter Maria Connel has been a regularly featured entertainer at Casino Windsor for the past three years. Recently, she released her debut CD "All About Me" which is distributed across Ontario through Indie Pool Canada, and also through Maria's official website. Credits in her 20 year career include, studio session work on various CDs/demos, lead vocals, keyboards & flute in local area bands, vocal instructor with Canadian Conservatory of Music, & Church Choir Director. Of Italian descent, Maria was born in Windsor, ON, on September 18, 1963, and now resides in Essex, ON with her husband Terry and three children.

Thomas Lisa: Dying On The Vine (3:53)
From his CD "Flawed Beauty" ~ 2000 Thomas Lisa. All rights reserved.

Thomas Lisa got started in music at the age of 7. Sort of. After seeing a band play Beatles songs at a school assembly , Thomas rushed home and asked his parents for a set of drums. His parents were less than enthused, but agreed to send Thomas to the school's band instructor, Mr. Hook. Mr. Hook gave Thomas a musical aptitude test, asking him to mimic rhythms that he tapped out. Mr. Hook was not impressed, and suggested Thomas try the flute. Convinced that he didn't have musical talent, Thomas gave up trying to be a drummer. At age 15, Thomas began playing bass at the urging of a friend who was a guitar player. Thomas had a knack for picking songs up by ear, and was soon playing professionally in pop/ rock bands. On the side, he also sat in at jazz clubs where he would pick up songs on the spot by ear. Thomas went on to become an accomplished bassist and accompanied Jazz greats including Joe Williams, Terry Gibbs, and Scott Hamilton. Additionally, Thomas wrote original songs and won two Honorable mentions in Billboard songwriting competitions. Thomas' debut CD "Flawed Beauty" received critical acclaim from numerous publications, some of which made Thomas their monthly feature artist. Thomas' unique songwriting talents drove him to learn many instruments. On his CD, he played all the instruments, except for one.... the drums.

Gregg Lawless: Untill You Lose Love (5:14)
From his CD "Wicked Little Buzz" ~ 2000 Gregg Lawless, Grafton Music (SOCAN). All rights reserved.

Greg Lawless' exciting blend of music, stories and showmanship continues to win over fans from eight to eighty - in cities and small towns alike. Gregg's high-energy concerts showcase his ability to weave engaging stories into captivating songs with a universal appeal. His tales of travelling throughout Canada, Ireland and South Africa range from touching personal moments to uproariously hilarious episodes. Audiences celebrate Gregg's "riveting, absolutely entertaining" performances and his "wonderfully eclectic" songs, featuring pop, Celtic, country, boues and ragtime styles.

Edge City: Finest Hour (3:14)
From their CD "Mystery Ride" ~ 1994, Jim Patton, Independent Alligator Publishing Co. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Led by singer-songrocker Jim Patton and vocalist/partner Sherry Brokus, Edge City combines the singer-songwriter tradition of their current home in Austin, Texas, with the East Coast rock'n'roll of their former home in Maryland. Patton cites 20th century American fiction and the variety of jobs held by the friends he grew up with in Maryland as the main source of his lyrical inspiration. Musically, Patton admits he learned acoustic guitar playing Bob Dylan songs, and electric guitar playing the Rolling Stones and "that was the last time I learned anybody else's songs but my own."

Jayme Kelly Curtis: Circle Of Joy (4:12)
From her CD "In a Rushing Stream" ~ 1999, Jayme Kelly Curtis, (ASCAP)/PurrGirl Music. All rights reserved.

From New York and Boston, through the Colorado Rockies, all the way to Santa Cruz, Jayme Kelly Curtis turned her experiences into songs about personal transformation and the milestones on the journey of life. And what a journey it has been. Curtis hit the road at age 14, shunning high school to live in an artist's community and study fingerstyle guitar, eventually earning a Master's degree from the University of Denver. "In A Rushing Stream", her first CD, is a concept album released in 1999. "I think of my songs less as little movies than as aural paintings; some representational, others more abstract," says Curtis.

Perry Philips: Gimme A Beat (3:45)
From his CD "Love Effect" ~ 2001, E. Bullen/QDB Music & P. Philips/Big Six Music. All rights reserved.

His style is unique. Imagine Teddy Pendergrass meets Jon Lucien ... they both have lunch with Sarah Vaughn right before Stevie Wonder drives them to Bob Marley's for an all night slumber party. From the first time you hear Perry sing, you become enraptured with his gifted voice and personal song styling. Perry has lived in Toronto, Canada working and writing with producers, the renown and multitalented Derek Brin of Fierce Music and Canadian Juno Award winner Eddie Bullen of Thunderdome Sounds resulting in his debut CD "Love Effect", recorded in Toronto, Canada and released in Germany. Perry is now residing in Germany where he continues to write and perform.

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