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Jan Best is the senior editor for Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine as well as a singer / songwriter / musician / freelance writer, and an avid coffee lover. She hosts the internet-only radio show called Radio Muse located at, and is also the host for the ISWM Network at Jan is currently in college, and will ultimately obtain her Ph.D in English at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Jan has recently been commissioned to create and instruct an online Songwriting Business course that will be available this Fall at select colleges and universities throughout North America. Jan is also working on her first novel, and plans to release it this winter as an e-book publication through and several other outlets. Jan has written articles for publications such as; Cross Country Music Magazine, Spotlight and Fairs and Expos., to name a few. You can visit her personal website at; .

This is a special show, meant to highlight some of the talented folks that came to the Just Plain Folks/Muse's Muse/S.A.C. Showcase that took place on June 18th, 2001. If you weren't there, here's a taste of what you missed! I hope you'll join us next time. A Just Plain Folks Chapter is being worked out for the Toronto area. If you're interested, please check out this location on the Just Plain Folks message boards and sign up to participate!

Meanwhile, here's a bit of information on each of the songwriters included in this Radio Muse Webcast. I hope you'll take a moment to explore their own web sites (linked to from their names) or purchase their CDs if they have them. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

Lynn Harrison: Stage(4:01)
From her CD "Lynoleum" ~ 2000, Lynn Harrison, Lynoleum Music, All rights reserved.

Born in Dallas, TX, Lynn Harrison grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and started writing songs when she was 12. After moving to Toronto for a career in broadcasting, she continued to write and perform. Since 1998 she's been working almost exclusively as a singer-songwriter, winning honours in the 1999 Unisong competition and receiving both national and regional airplay on radio and tv for numerous songs from "Lynoleum", her first album. Produced by acclaimed Canadian musician David Woodhead, the album highlights Lynn's accessible and engaging vocals, insightful urban lyrics and hook-laden melodies.

Peter Rossetti: No Other Way (4:59)
From his self-titled CD ~ 2000, Peter Rossetti/Ryan McKenna, (SOCAN). All rights reserved.

Peter Rossetti is a consummate songwriter, equally at home on both piano and guitar. His contemporary pop songs are insightful, detailed descriptions of life experiences ranging from relationships, to the emotional tides and triumphs of everyday life. With an engaging singing style, an insatiable creative energy, and a well schooled musical background, it would appear that Peter is on his way to carving out his own unique musical niche. Peter is thrilled to announce that songs from his latest self titled CD have recently begun getting airplay on CBC radio stations around Canada.

Lisa Winn: Brown Haired Angel (4:49)
From her CD "Mother Earth" ~ 2000, Lisa Winn (SOCAN) & Rob Lamothe (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

From 1992-1995, Lisa Winn fronted several local Hamilton bands including "Sunflower Honey", which included Grant Marshall (Junkhouse). She also performed in a duo with Bill Majoros (FluxAD). Since 1995, Lisa has performed hundreds of shows with Rob Lamothe in Canada, the United States and Europe. She has also performed with Shannon Lyon, Les Cooper (Holly McNarland), and Jamie Oakes (Tom Cochrane, Amy Sky, Holly Cole). "Mother Earth" is Lisa's debut CD. It was released in August of 2000.

Rob Lamothe: Strongest Man In The World (3:48)
From his CD "I Am Here Now" ~ 1999 Rob Lamothe (Farmer Bob Music/Almo Music(ASCAP)) and Bob Halligan Jr. (Hoolipop Tunes administered by BMG songs/Woodmonkey Music(ASCAP)). All rights reserved.

Some artists are able to age gracefully and perhaps create some of their best music into their 40s. Few musicians exemplify this better or have portrayed maturity's arc with more unbridled enthusiasm than Rob Lamothe, the La Jolla, California-born singer songwriter whose adventures in the supermarket of life have produced a singularly artful musical diary of an eventful existence. Rob has just released two new CDs. "Steering With My Knee" a collection of live recordings and "Wishing Well Motel" a CD of new songs recorded and written with Rob's amazing band of Jamie Oakes, Paul Intson and Danny Lockwood (with notes from Ric Taylor ~ View Magazine).

Brian Herman: Lost and Found (3:16)
From his demo CD ~ 1999, Brian Herman. All rights reserved.

Brian has been playing guitar and singing for years but is relatively new to songwriting. He teaches elementary school during the day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which is where he resides. He is married to Melanie and they recently (June 7/01) welcomed a son named Zachary. "Lost and Found" was Brian's first songwriting effort and features Chris Daniels on stand-up bass with background vocals by Stacie Goldin. Brian has written and recorded many follow-up songs which he is anxious to share. Brian's goal is to have his songs covered by major Nashville artists. If you care to contact him with any feedback please do.

American Icon: The Meadows(4:31)
From their self-titled CD ~ 2000, Gary Smith, American Icon (BMI). All rights reserved.

American Icon bridges its vision of tomorrow with a primal spirit from the earlier days of rock. Their music is an interesting collage of rock styles that takes its place alongside artists who have played pivotal roles in music history. Some have drawn quick comparisons to Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, The Cult, and the Tragically Hip. While the band respects these artists, American Icon derives its unique sound through each of the members bringing their own individual ideas and creativity to each song using a wide array of influences ranging from Robert Johnson's dirty delta blues, through Chuck Berry's savage 50's sound, to the dark power of the London underground scene in the 1960's.

Ryan Schneider: See It As It Is (3:26)
From his demo CD ~ 2000, Ryan Schneider. All rights reserved.

At seventeen, this singer, guitarist and songwriter has already released his first full-length album entitled "Here I Am" as well as a just released three song demo. Filled with delicious harmonies and deep insight into the teenage years, Ryan's two CD's are an incredible musical accomplishment. Ryan can be seen performing locally with his brother Brett on drums and his sister Kelsi on keyboards. They are asked to perform at jamborees, fairs and festivals. With this charming duo forming the backdrop to Ryan's soulful solos and straight from the heart vocals, their performances become an energetic, fun and engaging event. Ryan's most recent songs can be heard on his new three song demo, or you can hear them on his website.

Michael Maffei: Promised Land (5:19)
From his CD "Consequences of Desire" ~ 2001 Michael Maffei (BMI). All rights reserved.

Mike Maffei will never be accused of being boring. His songwriting and performance style vary greatly. Evidenced by his first CD, CONSEQUENCES OF DESIRE, the Buffalo, New York native is equally comfortable performing solo acoustic songs, playing with Kim Kerns, his singing partner of many years,or his backup band, The Cash Cows. An AIDS survivor of twelve years, Mike's music retains an underlying element of survival. As Robyn Conniff of Artvoice Magazine notes: "With grit and grace, Maffei's musical vignettes hit home with anyone for whom love's been a hard road, but who ain't pulling off to the side just yet."

Big Meteor: Tap On My Shoulder (4:01)
From their CD "Wild River" ~ 1999, David Wimble. All rights reserved.

Big Meteor is a solo project by Canadian musician David Wimble. David is better known to people of the Independent Music Community as the editor of The Indie Bible, a resource which lists places where musicians and songwriters can send their music to for review or radio airplay. Big Meteor's first album "Wild River" is mixture of various styles blended together with solid poetic lyrics. Influences include Hank Williams, The Beatles, Jim Carroll, Chuck Berry and Leonard Cohen.

Jacob Moon: Leaving (5:34)
From his CD "Among The Thieves" ~ 1997, Jacob Moon, Moonbeam Music (SOCAN). All rights reserved.

Compared in the past to artists like Bruce Cockburn, James Taylor and Crowded House, Jacob is a fresh face with a unique musical vision and is posessed of a remarkable songwriting talent. Jacob Moon has performed all across Canada, appeared on CTV, CITY, CBC and CBC, and over 40 radio stations nationwide. His song "Lights Out" won an award at the prestigious Unisong International Song Contest in Hollywood, CA.

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