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Jan Best is the senior editor for Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine as well as a singer / songwriter / musician / freelance writer, and an avid coffee lover. She hosts the internet-only radio show called Radio Muse located at, and is also the host for the ISWM Network at Jan is currently in college, and will ultimately obtain her Ph.D in English at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Jan has recently been commissioned to create and instruct an online Songwriting Business course that will be available this Fall at select colleges and universities throughout North America. Jan is also working on her first novel, and plans to release it this winter as an e-book publication through and several other outlets. Jan has written articles for publications such as; Cross Country Music Magazine, Spotlight and Fairs and Expos., to name a few. You can visit her personal website at; .

Here is a bit of information on each of the songwriters included in this Radio Muse Webcast. I hope you'll take a moment to explore their own web sites (linked to from their names) or purchase their CDs if they have them. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

Michael Johnathon: Daughter (3:35)
From his CD "The Road" ~ © 1999, Michael Johnathon/ Rachel-Aubrey Music (BMI). All rights reserved.

Michael Johnathon is a folksinger, a songwriter, a concert performer, an author ... and has a weekly, worldwide radio program. The show, called the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour which Michael produces, writes and hosts each week, is now broadcast on over 200 radio stations across the USA, Canada and Europe. With a weekly audience approaching a half million listeners, the show is also the first multi-camera weekly series to broadcast on the internet. Beginning this September, the show will split into a second live audience public radio/internet program for kids ages 6-16, called Little WoodSongs. Aside from touring and concerts, writing songs as well as his next book and working on the radio show each week, Michael continues to record. His sixth CD release is titled The Road. The project of original songs took over a year and a half to record and mix.

Frode Holm: Long Distance Friend (5:01)
From his CD "FrodoCPU" ~ © 1999, Frode Holm, CPU Productions. All rights reserved.

Frode Holm is a successful artist and songwriter from Norway, who several years ago decided to seek further fortunes and adventures in California. While adjusting to life in his new hometown of Santa Barbara, he took a hiatus from the music business and settled down to build a new song catalog from the ground up. Eventually, he teamed up with his fellow countryman, Atle Bakken (who has worked extensively with Andy Summers and Andre Crouch), to record an album of the best picks. He is now on the move to get back in the "biz" with his new CD, "FrodoCPU".

Nancy Falkow: Give It Up (3:32)
From her CD "Smitten" ~ © 2000 Nancy Falkow - Rodge Tunes (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Nancy Falkow is a Philadelphia based Singer/Songwriter, known for writing catchy and melodic pop-folk songs with dynamics and soul. She is a strong guitarist with a wide range of skills both electric and acoustic - from quiet finger-style picking to full-out rockin' chords. Falkow's finest instrument is a rich voice that sweeps and soars through intricate chord progressions and original melodies. Career highlights include: Lilith Fair, being nominated for Philadelphia City Paper Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist and Best Singer/Songwriter as well as singing backup on albums for Wood (Columbia), Shirley Caesar/Patti LaBelle (Myrrh Records) and more. According to Ian Percival of Billboard Magazine, "Falkow is writing infectious pop/folk songs with palpable soul".

John Ford: Photograph(3:00)
From his demo CD ~ © 2001, John Ford, All rights reserved.

John's been playing and writing songs for over 20 years. After gigging around in the 70's, he left music on the back-burner for a different path in the music biz, as a radio consultant. A closet songwriter and musician, last year he decided to put up a couple of songs on John says, "I was amazed. Some folks actually seemed to enjoy them. Imagine that!" According to John, "My main musical ambition is to someday write something as profound and simple as "You Are My Sunshine". A tune someone might whistle fifty years after I'm dead and gone, now that's the kind of song I'd like to write." John lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when he's not on the road, with his 13 year old daughter and many lizards that sneak in the front door.

Matthew Harrison: Love Is Like Rain (3:52)
From his CD "Charmed" ~ © 2001 Matthew Harrison, Hemwatt Rash-R-Oni Music (BMI) & Rogue Records LLC. All rights reserved.

Alternative music has a new voice and it has arrived via Las Vegas. Having fronted local Vegas acts 'Boris Black' and 'Spent', Matthew Harrison has ventured on his own to perfect the alternative band sound. Looking beyond the concept of writing as a group, these songs were crafted alone, allowing them to gel in a more personal, melodic and direct fashion. Working with Los Angelese based record producer/engineer Jeff Robinson (Hazeldine, The Rembrandts, Toad the West Sprocket), Matthew has assembled an aural backdrop that is immediate, exciting and sincere. With Jeff, he was able to assemble a dream band of the best players in music today to fulfill his vision. Together these musicians have created a record which is both poignant and familiar, comfortable and at ease - and they are fronted by one of the strongest voices unknown in rock music today. Let the music play.

Elly K: Velvet (4:00)
From her Demo CD~ © 2000, Elly K. All rights reserved.

Elly K grew up in Russia, has lived and performed in Europe and attended the prestigious University of Southern California School of Music in Los Angeles, where she created quite a stir on the acoustic club circuit. She was hired as a back-up vocalist on Joe Cocker's European tour in fall 1999. She went on to co-produce and record her first pop album "Intangible" in summer 2000. Elly K's music is diverse, thanks to her background in jazz and classical, but also hugely accessible. She is a dynamic performer, and has often been compared to Tori Amos, because of her excellent live piano skills, and Sting, for her fluid, melodic and prolific songwriting. There are currently up to 90 songs registered in her catalogue. Her song "15 Minutes of Fame" has been the recipient of the 1st place in the Pop Category at the UNISONG Songwriting Contest, and 2nd place at the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. "Intangible is due for independent release in summer 2001.

Urban Tapestry: The Lady (4:42)
From their CD "Myths & Urban Legends" ~ © 1997, Jodi Krangle, Urban Tapestry Publishing (SOCAN), All rights reserved.

Urban Tapestry is an award-winning Toronto-based folk trio composed of Jodi Krangle, Allison Durno, and Debbie Ridpath Ohi. All three write songs for the group with a noticeable leaning towards topics of food, technology & media. With musical styles running from traditional folk ballads to blues to pop and humor, they have a variety of vocal and instrumental arrangements always utilizing their unique acoustic sound at the core. Their songs have been featured on both U.S. and Canadian radio stations. Urban Tapestry currently have two albums available in tape and CD format. They won a Pegasus award for Best Performer in 1997 and continue to perform at science fiction and music conventions, weddings, children's concerts, open mikes, and libraries.

Zoe VandermeerZoŽ Vandermeer: Upon A Time (3:09)
From her CD "ZoŽ's Musical Fairy Tale, UPON A TIME" ~ © 2000, ZoŽ Vandermeer, KachinaMusik KMK (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

ZoŽ Vandermeer is a prize-winning graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She studied composition at Manhattan School of Music and acting at the American Conservatory Theatre. Reviewed as 'an artist of genius' (Diari de Balears, Spain), Ms. Vandermeer sings, plays piano, harpsichord and baroque triple harp, in her concerts and shows that tour worldwide. She has recorded for Koch International and Voce Classics. She is director of the baroque ensemble Echoes Muse.UPON A TIME has been musically compared to 'Phantom of the Opera' and described as 'a film score in search of a movie'. Selections from Zoe's solo albums were nominated for an Album Award and reviewed by the international singer/songwriter organization Just Plain Folks as Ė 'both shocking and exciting... think Sweeney Todd with 10X the intensity'. Musical genres range from musical theatre, to Enya-esque, to opera to film score, to rock.

The Wes Hollywood Show: Under Your Bed(2:44)
From their CD "The Girls Are Never Ending" ~ © 2000, Wes Hollywood, Frace The Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Meet the Wes Hollywood Show. Blending mod-era hooks with new wave know-how, the boys stake their claim as one of Chicago's finest bands. Imagine if the Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society hooked up with Elvis Costello's armed Forces and tried to take the world by storm. Intricate melodies blend here with loud, taut guitar and lush harmonies. Absolute beginners? Maybe. This Year's Model? Definitely. The band's second album, The Girls Are Never Ending, recorded, mixed and mastered with engineer Mark Schwarz at the Uberstudio, Chicago, in the heart of Humboldt Park, is a pure slice of summertime pop. It's as sweet as its name sake. The Wes Hollywood Show formed in Chicago in May of 1999 and consists of the eponymous front man himself on vocals and guitar. Patrick Thornbury on bass. Mark Talent on lead guitar and vocals. And Jason Styx on drums. They've got eight arms to hold you. And so much style that it's wasted. So meet the West Hollywood show and get to know them. They've been waiting for you.

Kill Your Guitars: Excuse Me (2:40)
From their CD "Miss Insanity" ~ © 2001, ?. All rights reserved.

KYG is sheer inventiveness, dynamic songwriting, and explosive performances that have earned the praises of the Chicago area. Sensational hooks, reflective lyrics, and true musicianship, KYG is an extremity of acoustic pop to direct hard-rock. Possessed to play guitar since age 3 and giggin' by 10, Danny Giorgi's creative library now reveals a selection of songs nicknamed, "Miss Insanity". Graduating from the FIL band, then recognized by TicketMaster and InRoads Music Showcases and Musician magazine, KYG instinctively captures a unique form of rock artistry and mood. This recent self-written and produced release combines engaging, "gotta-hear-it-again" melodies and strong, solid arrangements with a distinctive, modern edge. Long live rock 'n' roll!

JES: I Need You(4:36)
From her demo CD ~ © 2000 JES and The Frenchbrothers. All rights reserved.

Born and raised in NYC, JES has been singing and performing since an early age. A strong, energetic and personable singer/songwriter, her music is an eclectic blend of Pop/Rock/electric and acoustic music. JES attended a performing arts high school, formally studied music, dance, painting and acting and has developed a distinctive style with her voice, songwriting and live show. JES's spirited songs deal with love, loss and fear in a perspective of determination and hope, and her passionate voice delivers frailty as powerfully as rage.

The D's 3: Crush (5:09)
From their CD "Cool Cats Hot Chicks" ~ © 2000, Hot Chicks Publishing (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

There's only one way to describe the music of The D's 3 -- Jazz! This mother-daughter trio has a fresh, new, inviting sound that mesmerizes all ages. The upbeat swing tunes of the 30's - 50's, as well as originals, live on as The D's 3 create their new style with a warm family harmony and energizing beat. The D's 3 are Kathy (mom, bass), Becky (eldest daughter, alto/lead), and Corrie (younger daughter, soprano/lead) Duncan. The band has many musical influences including the Andrews Sisters, McGuire Sisters and Tommy Dorsey. The D's 3 have had nothing but success from the very beginning. The band's first album, American Treasures, won eight nominations and five awards from AIRA (Academy of Independent Recording Artists), including Group of the Year, Vocal Performance of the Year, Album of the Year (both National and International), and Song of the Year (Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen). Also, The D's 3 rendition of Take Me Out To The Ball Game was one of the three played in the baseball venue to over one million spectators during the '96 Olympics held in Atlanta, GA.

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