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Kevin King - a.k.a. "BlindDog"Kevin King - a.k.a. "BlindDog" - runs Blind Dog Audio, a Christian recording studio in Longmont, Colorado. A passionate guitarist and occasional songwriter with a practical, no-nonsense approach to the music industry, Kevin's true love is in achieving the impossible, shattering perceptions, and helping artists find their voice and personal success by matching aspiration to inspiration.


Here is a bit of information on each of the songwriters included in this Radio Muse Webcast (in order of their appearance in the show). I hope you'll take a moment to explore their own web sites (linked to from their names) or purchase their CDs if they have them. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

Lorelei LoveridgeLorelei Loveridge: Oh India (4:11)
From her CD "Bakhoor" ~ © 2008 All rights reserved.

Canadian artist and world traveler Lorelei Loveridge lived for 11 years in Saudi Arabia, pre and post 9/11, and loved it. She experienced religious zealots, compound invasions, a terrorist chase, earthquake, tsunami, war in Lebanon, crazy drivers, nutty expats and more, and survived to tell the tales in story and song. Her physical, personal, and musical journey is documented in Bakhoor, a 4-year, 15-song album project recorded in India, Canada and Saudi Arabia, weaving the sounds of tabla, oud, darbuka, Tibetan overtone chants, violin, bazouki, Latin/African/slide blues guitar into a richly-textured, multicultural tour-de force. Many stellar talents feature on this including Brian Hughes, Harry Manx, Lester Quitzau.

Heather DaleHeather Dale: Fisherman's Boy (3:20)
From her CD, "The Gabriel Hounds" ~ © 2008 All rights reserved.

Heather Dale offers a new type of Celtic music for the 21st century: a playful, passionate blend of tradition and innovation. Her rich voice and evocative recordings have earned her fans around the world. On her seventh CD The Gabriel Hounds, Heather Dale explores the idea of being balanced between the known and the unknown. Its fourteen original tracks were all co-written and co-produced with her partner Ben Deschamps, during a rare break in their North American and European touring. The album encompasses wild folk-rock fairytales, pastoral instrumentals, scathing historical commentary, and simple tunes about facing life’s transitions. They're songs about honesty and loss, humour and bravery -- with inspiration drawn from the diverse cultures that house the modern Celtic diaspora.

Crowding 50Crowding 50: Still Mine To Lose (3:51)
From their CD, "Dickson County Line" ~ © 2009 All rights reserved.

The three members of Crowding 50 have been playing music together since the mid 90's in support of other artists, songwriters, and bands. 2009 finds them banded together as an acoustic/electric trio. They perform a wide variety of hit songs for their audience mixed with their own originals and present it in a very special and easy to listen to acoustic format. Crowding 50 music is all about getting back to the basics, back to their roots as musicians, songwriters and performers. One acoustic guitar, one stand up bass, some harmonicas, a fiddle, their musicianship, voices and their songs. Their ultimate goal is to create music that will make people feel better when they listen to them play and sing and come to their shows. Their fans mean everything to them so please do come see them play when they come your way.

SunflowSunflow: Eve's Lullaby (My Little One) (3:12)
From their CD "Under The Stars" ~ © 2008 All rights reserved.

The new duo, SUNFLOW, is the brainchild of two trans-Atlantic songwriters, Nancy Falkow (USA) and Fran King (Ireland). Upon a chance meeting at a train station in Dublin, Ireland, Falkow and King became fast friends. A few years, a few babies, and ten timeless tracks later, "Under the Stars", produced by Duncan Maitland, a 10-song collection of lush and dreamy songs, was born. Fran King, native of Dublin, is a pop/rock artist with an internationally acclaimed debut album ("Beautification"/Head Space Records/2006) already under his belt. Nancy Falkow is a native of Philadelphia (via New Jersey) currently based in Dublin, with three equally melodic albums already in her discography, her last release being the well received, Clear View (2004).

Alabaster RoadAlabaster Road: Save Me (3:28)
From their self-titled CD ~ © 2008 All rights reserved.

Alabaster Road is a band based in Atlanta, GA, USA. It is made up of four family members, plus one particularly amazing guitarist. Lead singer Brittany Shewbridge, besides looking like a movie star, has a beautiful, soulful voice. Drummer Dan Shewbridge is nineteen and had the honor of being on tour with a Virgin Records artist at sixteen, with whom he played on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Preston Shewbridge is the bassist, and greatly proficient at the age of fourteen; Matt Sickels is the guitarist extraordinaire, and Susan Shewbridge is the writer, keyboardist, and oh, yeah, Mom!
Mark BodinoMark Bodino: Won't See Me Crying (3:16)
From his CD "No Roads To Juneau" ~ © 2009 All rights reserved.

"No Roads to Juneau" has been described as primarily classic contemporary. The music style of the project implements everything from hard rock to ballads, folk, classical, Latin, jazz and even hip-hop fused throughout thoughtful implementation of musical textures relating to a wide audience range. The concept of the CD was presented to Mark following his uncle's trip to Alaska in which he had realized the dilemma of reaching its capital after asking a local for directions. The local responded, "There are no roads to Juneau". The concept of the CD expresses the frustration for a relationship's communication break-down and eventual deterioration.

No Fixed AbodeNo Fixed Abode: The Time Has Come (3:28)
From their CD "Clearwater" ~ © 2007 All rights reserved.

No Fixed Abode are storytellers, bards in the truest sense. They paint images with music as deftly as Leonardo DeVinci did with an equal sense of innovation. No Fixed Abode are an Anglo/Irish song writing combination comprising of vocalist Una Walsh and Guitarist Tony Dean. Like the finest single malt wisky, their debut album, Clearwater, caresses your emotional taste buds, it releases deep aromas of love, death, and the grind of everyday life. It surprises you with the faint aromas of joy and just when you think you understand the flavor, along comes the aftertaste ... anger and want.
Force: Emotional Bond (4:40)
From their EP "Night Train" ~ © 2009 All rights reserved.

Two and a half years ago, Force, a songwriting unit, was born. Their songs are mainly pop/rock songs, but they also have folk and country-oriented songs. Their goal is to make music which delights both the ears and the soul. Melody creates the space lyrics fill. Over the past few decades, composer Kari Kupari has written and arranged songs for various bands and choirs. Her music has been published and has also been played in two TV programs in Finland. Lyricist Petri Forss is a teacher of philosophy and a poet. Petri has written lyrics for years. After meeting with Kari, his lyrics have found new purpose.

Susan SouzaSusan Souza: When It's Still (5:04)
From her CD "Tomorrow's Another Day" ~ © 2007 All rights reserved.

With a "distinctive alto voice" that makes you "feel in spite of yourself," Susan Souza not only has an unforgettable name, but an unforgettable delivery of passion that pulls at your heart strings. Although she describes herself as, a rocker at heart," her music crosses musical boundaries and reflects her eclectic rock, folk, pop, and progressive influences. Susan says, "Performing with a band brings out a much different part of myself compared to when I perform solo. I enjoy them both immensely!" Her deep, expressive voice, strong stage presence, and melodic style calls your attention, while her lyrics evoke soul-searching questions that resonate with her listeners' lives today and at times may bring one to tears. Susan continues to pursue a life filled with passion and music! The love of new places, new faces, music, and friends all over the country!

Coco and LafeCoco and Lafe: Introduce Myself To You (3:10)
From their CD "Café Loco" ~
© 2008 All rights reserved.

They didn't start singing and playing guitar while still in the womb, they haven't been hailed as the new Dylans and they aren't American Idol friendly. They're a couple of empty-nester baby-boomer back-porch songwriters turned street performers turned full-time touring musicians. They don't chase radio hits, they don't write for others, and they don't wear fish bowls on their heads. They write songs, they perform them, they laugh as much as possible. They travel with a small beagle and a large cappuccino maker.

Paul Winn BandPaul Winn Band: Rescue Me (4:09)
From their CD "Nothing's New" ~ © 2008 All rights reserved.

Paul Winn Band are a 3-piece group from Sydney, Australia. With a straight-up guitar driven pop/rock sound, their influences range from The Police and Crowded House through to Dave Mathews Band and John Mayer. Their new album, 'Nothing's New' was produced, mixed and mastered by the band.

So ShushSo Shush: On Top Of The World (3:30)
From their CD, "Wistful Wanders" ~ © 2009
All rights reserved.

So Shush are a female fronted alternative rock band whose influences include sixties pop, obscure indie and progressive rock. So Shush live in the UK and have been writing and recording together since 2000. So Shush's members are Carole Smart (vocals) and Ian Drumm (guitars/keyboards). In autumn 2008, So Shush released their debut album 'So Shush' and have since featured on numerous playlists and shows on North American and European radio. They recently got to 16 in Neil Young's LWWT video chart. In 2009, they released their second album called 'Wistful Wanders'.

Sal LimaSal Lima: I Remember When (3:14)
From his CD "A Better Day" ~ © 2009
All rights reserved.

"A Better Day" is Toronto drummer/vocalist Sal Lima's new release and is a complete musical work - four years in the making. It represents a confluence of ideas and a message of hope. As a thematic rock album, "A Better Day" stands solidly. Recording sessions took place in the nostalgic environment of Toronto's Studio 92 (the landmark Donlands movie theatre). The line-up of musicians included Sil Simone (guitars/backup vocals), Richard Uglow (keyboards/bass guitar) and Ron Korb (flutes). All titles were composed by Sal Lima and Dave DiCecco. As a songwriting team, they placed 3rd in the 2006 Pacific Songwriting Competition and were top 20 finalists in the 2005-2006 Unisong International Song Contest. Sal Lima is a drummer who has focused much attention on the exploration of natural percussive sounds. Composing and recording songs that are true to his heart has always been his musical aspiration.

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