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Kevin King - a.k.a. "BlindDog"Kevin King - a.k.a. "BlindDog" - runs Blind Dog Audio, a Christian recording studio in Longmont, Colorado. A passionate guitarist and occasional songwriter with a practical, no-nonsense approach to the music industry, Kevin's true love is in achieving the impossible, shattering perceptions, and helping artists find their voice and personal success by matching aspiration to inspiration.


Here is a bit of information on each of the songwriters included in this Radio Muse Webcast (in order of their appearance in the show). I hope you'll take a moment to explore their own web sites (linked to from their names) or purchase their CDs if they have them. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

Clash of CivilizationsClash Of Civilizations: Healing (4:34)
From their website - © 2007
All rights reserved.

Clash of Civilizations is an electronic music project created by two friends, Boston-based composers and music producers Milan Kovacev and Nikola Radan. The goal of the collective is to create unity and harmony by clashing various music from around the world: traditional voices, political samples, historic samples and melodies, (some dating back hundreds of years), and original native instruments. These separate pieces are seamlessly melded together to create something entirely new and harmonious, something that as a whole is more powerful and moving than its separate parts. The project also involves creative musicians and performers from USA, Japan, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Albania and Serbia, all currently based in Boston and New York. Healing is based on a traditional lullaby from Andalusia, Spain. Its nostalgic melody, shifting from minor to major modus shows the strong Arabic influence on the Andalusian folk idiom and in the broad picture represents melodically integrated eastern and western cultures.
JavelinasJavelinas: Homebound (3:17)
From their CD, "Seven Sisters" ~ © 2007 All rights reserved.

Here is your Rock and Roll. Finally. Emerging from the ruins of this lost decade of rock, comes a band that holds the gas can to the bonfire saluting the history of Rock music. Chicago's JAVELINAS have crafted a traditionally familiar sound all their own. Guitars and stories, sonically strong as a steel belted radial tire; skidding, screeching and in control, JAVELINAS are a requisite fresh injection to modern rock and roll music. The new album, Seven Sisters (Kentland), the follow-up to their 2005 debut Dirtbath (Kentland), taps into the psyche and history of Midewestern hard-living truths lived and inked by Chris McInnis. A detroie native and singer/songwriter straight out of the absolute hell of the Detroit punk rock scene, McInnis offers a mature glimpse into the life of being fueld by music, reflects on past hard times, and comes out of it standing strong.

Rev. Bob & The DarknessRev. Bob & The Darkness: Willow Creek Church Road (4:17)
From their CD "Gallows Hill" ~
© 2007 All rights reserved.

Rev. Bob & the Darkness boldly displays its roots-based sound through a wide range of instruments and three or four-part harmonies. To be blunt, Rev. Bob & the Darkness floors audiences as a stiff cocktail would, if said beverage were a dynamic mixture of bluegrass shots plus a dash of Stax R&B, shaken up with equal parts Gospel and Blues. The results of such an adventurous recipe? Bluesy, rocking, roots music, which tells stories of love, betrayal, murder and obsession. Through it all, the band maintains their tight instrumentation and driving harmonies.
The Seventh SeasonThe Seventh Season: My Only Honor (3:27)
From their CD "Liquid Water" ~ © 2007 All rights reserved.

How many bands that were started in 1972 out there are still alive and playing? How many bands out there have both a father and a son, teamed up to make music? How many bands out there can still rock'n'roll? There is at least one: The Seventh Season. Along with the traditional rock sound, one can determine a very unique, unusual tone, which the band members fished out from their own experiences, creating a completely fresh array of rock music. There is reflection of the most popular rock'n'roll sound of the last 40 years, transformed into an extremely modern expression.

Astronaut DownRory Flynn: 9 Lives (4:16)
From his CD "Stopping Time" ~ © 2007 All rights reserved.

Rory Flynn currently lives in Crawley West Sussex. He's been writing songs for 15 years in various genres such as pop, indie, country & ballad. Initially, he just wrote lyrics but then in 1995 he picked up a guitar and learned the basic chords. He then began to combine both lyrics and melodies. His ambition is to write songs for other artists and he has been actively seeking a publishing deal for the past 5 years. He's released 3 EP’s on the internet - “Let Your Light Shine On” (2001), “Trapdoors” (2002) & “Tornado” (2004). He regularly plays at showcases & Open Mic nights in Brighton & Crawley, and is in the process of organising Showcases in London. He received an Honorable mention in the 2002 Bliiboard Songwriting sontest for his song “Picking Up The Pieces”. He was named as one of the finalist in the pop category in the 2004 UK songwriting contest with his song “Out Of My System”. In March 2005 his song "Acrobat" was broadcast on a digital/internet radio station and now he joins us here on Radio Muse!
The Bhodi BrothersThe Bhodi Brothers: Blues On Top Of Blues (4:03)
From their CD "Organically Grown" ~ © 2004 All rights reserved.

Organically Grown marks the Bodhi Brothers' first recording. This is a fun collection of acoustic-based music, with flavors of folk, blues, and country jazz. Largely instrumental, this CD's mellow, front-porch-style playing features The Bodhi Brothers doing what they do best, having themselves a good time in the studio.

Christopher TaylorChristopher Taylor: Come Along (3:26)
From his CD "Remains to be Seen" ~ © 2006 All rights reserved.

Christopher Taylor's debut recording for Organically Grown Music is an elegant mix of world beat, rock, and folk music, distinguished by memorably rich harmonies and solid rhythms. Christopher's songs provide a unique and refreshing blend of clear, enticing sounds and reflective insight. With deceptively simple lyrics, Christopher plumbs the mysteries of the heart. This is music you'll want to hear again and again.

Gary FrisbieGary Frisbie: Just Another Happy Rain Song (4:31)
From his CD "Peanut Butter Lizards and Other Songs" ~ © 2004 All rights reserved.

Gary Frisbie worked around his gig schedule to write and record an album of children's music. From rock and blues to western swing and folk, Peanut Butter Lizards and Other Songs is the result. Gary has two more albums of rock-blues-reggae music for adults (and precocious children) ready for release soon. Both funny and thoughtful, Peanut Butter Lizards worked its way into the world with unexpected results. There are two songs on the album about stormy weather - now some kids are actually happy when it rains!

Kim CladasKim Cladas: Maybe If I Leave You (3:13)
From her CD "Piece By Piece" ~ © 2007 All rights reserved.

Kim Cladas is a San Francisco singer-songwriter whose debut album, "Piece By Piece" features collaborations with many exciting musicians including multi-platinum song writer, Bonnie Hayes ("Have A Heart" and "Love Letter" from Bonnie Raitt's Nick of Time) on keyboards and backing vocals, Bill Spooner (founding member of the legendary band, The Tubes) on lead guitar and backing vocals, and Kevin Hayes (Roger Cray Band) on drums. Kim's early influences included CSN&Y, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwoord Mac, Stevie Wonder & The Eagles along with heavy doses of jazz standards and show tunes.
Eddie RhoadesEddie Rhoades: One Good Woman (2:42)
From his CD "Last Man Standing" ~ © 2005 All rights reserved.

Music is his life and his songwriting covers many genres. He plays locally at the famous Eddie's Attic, and The Crystal Bar, and has performed in Scotland and in Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA at the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival. He's always looking to perform at any songwriter showcase, music festival or other venue he can. His CD was professionally recorded on an analog system and his songs have a diversity of music types. He was also responsible for the arrangements and production. These songs have the old-time rock and roll and traditional country feel that he wanted them to have and he's very proud of how everything turned out. We liked it well enough to include it here.

Johnny OmJohnny Om: Whatcha Scared For? (4:13)
From his CD "Meet The Beast" ~ © 2007 All rights reserved.

Johnny Om's first recording for Organically Grown Music is an intriguing collection of catchy melodies, social satire, and musical invention that defies categorization. Johnny's pleasantly warped sound combines a variety of styles to create a compelling musical journey into the contemporary American mindset. His social criticism, however, is not without a heart and soul, and he never points at a problem without hinting at possible meanings and solutions.

Bryn Morgan EvansBryn Morgan Evans: Dare 2 Believe (4:37)
From his CD "Dare 2 Believe" ~ © 2006
All rights reserved.

"Born Exeter UK. I started playing guitar at age 7. I won my first award back in 1987 and first sang live on the radio and was interviewed by John Peel. I do hope you enjoy my interpretations, my musications! The brynification of my life! My songs are my very precious babies! If you like them, I humbly ask you to pass me onto your friends. "I had half a dozen teary eyed souls come to me after I came off stage. Now, my songs are honest testaments to the exact feeling I felt when I wrote them." BME

Bryn was an extraordinarily talented musician who wrote beautiful songs from the heart. The words portrayed the events in his life and voice and guitar convey the passion and the love he felt so strongly. Sadly, Bryn passed away of an accidental alcohol overdose on Friday, December 22, 2006. He will be missed.

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