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SHOW #12

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James LindermanJames Linderman lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music lesson, songwriting and recording pre-production facility in Newmarket, Ontario. James writes songwriting articles and music book reviews for The Muse's News, Canadian Musician Magazine, Songwriters Magazine, and Professional Musician Magazine. His writing is also featured in the James Linderman Wing of the library at James has a Canadian University and American College education in music theory and composition and is also pretty good at making up songs and playing the guitar.


Jodi KrangleJodi Krangle created The Muse's Muse in 1995 and the site has since gone on to win numerous awards along with garnering attention from major media sources such as Billboard Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. She has an extensive background in website promotions - both as it pertains to musicians and as it relates to business in general. Jodi is also an active musician and voice over professional. She has been performing with her quirky folk band, Urban Tapestry, since 1995. They've produced a tape and two CDs.


Here is a bit of information on each of the songwriters included in this Radio Muse Webcast (in order of their appearance in the show). I hope you'll take a moment to explore their own web sites (linked to from their names) or purchase their CDs if they have them. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

The Katie Todd BandThe Katie Todd Band: Leave (3:55)
From their CD "Make Some Time For Wasting" ~ 2005 All rights reserved.

Katie Todd began playing the piano at the age of 5. After graduating from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, Katie began experimenting with rock music and formed her first band at the end of 2001. That powerfully talented lineup, including Travis Dow on guitar and vocals, Mark Cameron on drums, and Evan Cantor on bass, drives the Katie Todd Band to create a fresh and edgy brand of pop-rock music. The Katie Todd Band continues to record in Chicago and perform throughout the United States. Their compelling stage presence is provoking some of the most powerful live performances to be seen anywhere.
Simon WilliamsSimon Williams: Too Much Crying (3:52)
From the CD "Planet Muse: Uncharted Talents" ~ 2005 All rights reserved.

Simon Williams has been a fairly low-key player in the New Zealand music scene for some thirty-odd (and we mean "odd") years. He plays a bit of guitar, the occasional bass line, can pick out a few chords on keyboards and has been known to sing the occasional note, but Simon has never focussed on any one particular instrument or area of music (or life, for that matter). He tends to describe himself as a "jack of some trades - master of none". These days Simon is content to write and record the occasional song and try to help and encourage younger talent to make the best of themselves.

"Too Much Crying" is also featured on "Planet Muse - Uncharted Talents" - a compilation put together by the Muse's Muse Message Board community. Want more information on the compilation CD, how to pick up a copy, and how to participate in the next CD? Click here!

Eileen BernsteinEileen Bernstein: He's Got His Way(2:47)
From her self-titled EP ~ 2004 All rights reserved.

Eileen Bernstein's song, "She's Got Her Way," won Song of the Year's International songwriting contest in the country music category for May 2004. In September 1996, "The Lake 'Cross the Way" won the Future Charters contest sponsored by Songwriter's Monthly magazine. Originally from New Jersey, now living in Maryland, Eileen writes to offer a fresh and exciting perspective on life's experiences. She performs on both guitar and keyboard at local showcases. Her musical influences include Martina MacBride, Alan Jackson, Gretchen Wilson, John Denver, Journey and Chicago.
Chuck Lee BramletChuck Lee Bramlet: Denial (4:20)
From their CD "Murder Of Crows" ~ 2003 All rights reserved.

An analog mind in a digital world, Chuck has an uneasy truce with pop music. His gestalt recalls Roger McGuinn, the Band, early Springfield, Grape, Leonard Cohen. His songs are dark, but he doesn't aim for it. "I attended a close friend's wedding, she asked me to play a song, and I realized I didn't have a single love song to play. I ended up playing Eyes of a Killer." Chuck was an original member of The Violets in Portland, Oregon, and did a sting as a bass player for roots-pop gurus, Gingersol. He plays all things stringed, plus some club-foot piano, and sings his little heart out. "Thank God for Dyland and Lou Reed" he says gratefully. After being a band member for so long, it was a chance listening to Jay Farrar on Son Volt's 'TRACE' that prompted Chuck to buy an old Guild Dreadnought and start playing the Portland scene as a solo act. Now living in Los Angeles, Chuck considers songwriting "noble work, and excellent therapy."
Allister BradleyAllister Bradley: The Words Are Free (4:41)
From his CD "No Games" ~ 2004 All rights reserved.

Allister was drawn to music at an early age, playing from the age of 5, writing since he was 13, and learning a little more with every new song. Classically trained on piano, he wrote songs for years by instinct, until becoming active in the Songwriters Association of Canada over the past 15 years, and enjoying professional training and mentoring. Allister's debut album, "No Games", released in late 2004, was recorded with the help of top session musicians and producer Darren Walters. He performs the album with a trio, with a full 6-piece band, and also as a solo act.
Ruth Wood & FriendsRuth Wood & Friends: Keeper Of Souls (5:03)
From their CD "Eyes On You" ~ 2004 All rights reserved.

Ruth Wood & Friends is a studio band from Eugene, Oregon. Their Christian contemporary pop album, Eyes on You, explores a wide range of emotions - from brokenness, loneliness and fear to exuberant joy in worship. Ruth Wood, the driving force behind the album, is a songwriter whose writing style is in the range of Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Twila Paris. Ruth is a songwriter, worship leader, and piano teacher. She is winner of the 2003 Great American Song Contest (1st Place Christian/Gospel Category for Broken) and a five-time Christian category winner of the PSA contest.
Marc Corey LeeMarc Corey Lee: In Vain (3:41)
From his CD "Jetset Deluxe" ~ 2005 All rights reserved.

Marc Corey Lee is a songwriter, singer, producer and musician. He grew up in Southern California and found success with his original compositions after licensing several to Aaron Spelling Television. Marc released a CD of his own material, "Stardust Cowboy" to critical acclaim in 2000. With a live performance pedigree that includes the famed Palomino in Hollywood, Marc signed to William Morris Agency and performed as an opener for touring acts like Dwight Yoakam, The Mavericks, Buck Owens and others. Marc just released his newest CD, "Jetset Deluxe" featuring 10 new songs (all his own) and a lineup of veteran California musicians like Skip Edwards, Greg Liesz and others.
Lafe DuttonLafe Dutton: Am I Gone (3:13)
From his CD "Am I Gone" ~ 2005 All rights reserved.

Born and raised in Vermont, Lafe has been singing and playing guitar since his teens. He began writing songs after making a cross-country trip hopping freight trains. Although he performed occasionally and worked for Warner/Electra/Atlantic Records, Lafe only decided to pursue his own musical career seriously in his late 40s. A fan of songwriters including Tom Waits and John Prine, Lafe brings a new perspective to universal themes. Lafe's songs present sharply-focused snapshots of vivid characters and essential dilemmas. Delivered with heartfelt vocals, sensitive guitar work, and bluesy harmonica, they evoke thought, laughter, and sadness - sometimes all at once.

Gary Reynolds & The Brides of ObscurityGary Reynolds & The Brides of Obscurity: Take Me To The Moon (2:47)
From their CD "Instant Happiness" ~ 2005 All rights reserved.

Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity eschew a specific type of creativity: unrelenting, driving, and constant. Reynolds gift for borrowing the soaring, touching hooks of late 60s George Harrison and appropriating the whimsy of Bowie with his own distinct, often pessimistic touch of blues is undeniable. Self-produced by Reynolds and mixed by Robbie Adams (U2, Smashing Pumpkins), the album Instant Happiness is an instant classic, thick with gospel handclaps, piccolo trumpet, choral backups, Wurlitzer, strings, singsong piano, infectious hooks and unforgettable grit. Although the work rewards repeat listens, it's all instantly connective. Electric. Immediate.

Leslie KingLeslie King: Since You Took Flight (4:09)
From her EP "Since You Took Flight" ~ 2005 All rights reserved.

"Somebody somewhere said you need a disguise - but it's over now, I see you and you're beautiful..." That's Leslie King, totally accessible, deceptively simple, supposedly fragile, but with a surprising undercurrent of steely resolve and unwavering strength as a writer. Her voice follows a similar trajectory. Beginning impressions are of a childlike purity and gentleness that unexpectedly shifts into confidence and a sensual swagger. Leslie King's music emerges as a groovy rock sound that injects a classic soul feel into conemporary production sensibilities. Her musical influences include an interesting blend of Motown Pop, and 60's rock, resulting in a unique writing style that reflects tremendous soul and sensitivity. In addition to producing her current EP, Leslie has also been busy penning tunes for use in film and TV.

Chris ConwayChris Conway: Spring In Winterland (5:07)
From his CD "My Mind's Island" ~ 2002 All rights reserved.

His style is unique - blending a U.S. West Coast sound with Celtic Roots with hints of world music and jazz - delivered with a powerful, soulful voice. His songs are like films, with a magical quality, each song drawing the listener into it's spell. Some funny, some touching. He has released 12 CDs of his own songs. He's played with the cream of the UK folk and folk/rock scene. He is a part of Vikki Clayton's band, and she recorded two of his songs on her CD. With Vikki he has played Cropredy Festival twice playing to 20,000 people, and the Edinburgh Fringe 5 times. He's also toured with ex Monkee Peter Tork, played with members of Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention as well as Sally Barker, Pete Morton, Roger Wilson, Cathy Lesurf, Tommy Emmanuel, Roger Wilson, and Jo Freya.

Joe CampbellJoe Campbell: Sassy Mamma(3:32)
From his self-titled CD ~ 2005 All rights reserved.

Joe Campbell, singer/songwriter from the Mid-Atlantic region of United States, has finally released his highly awaited adult alternative rock debut album. After more than two years in production, Joe's self-titled CD is now available through his own label, Sujo Records. Imagine the vocals of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie all rolled up into one dynamic vocalist and you've got... Joe Campbell. The album contains fifteen songs about Sex, Love and the human condition.

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