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James LindermanJames Linderman lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music lesson, songwriting and recording pre-production facility in Newmarket, Ontario. James writes songwriting articles and music book reviews for The Muse's News, Canadian Musician Magazine, Songwriters Magazine, and Professional Musician Magazine. His writing is also featured in the James Linderman Wing of the library at James has a Canadian University and American College education in music theory and composition and is also pretty good at making up songs and playing the guitar.


Jodi KrangleJodi Krangle created The Muse's Muse in 1995 and the site has since gone on to win numerous awards along with garnering attention from major media sources such as Billboard Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. She has an extensive background in website promotions - both as it pertains to musicians and as it relates to business in general. Jodi is also an active musician and voice over professional. She has been performing with her quirky folk band, Urban Tapestry, since 1995. They've produced a tape and two CDs.


Here is a bit of information on each of the songwriters included in this Radio Muse Webcast (in order of their appearance in the show). I hope you'll take a moment to explore their own web sites (linked to from their names) or purchase their CDs if they have them. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

Scott KovarikScott Kovarik: Crushed (3:27)
From his CD "Soul Possessions" ~ © 2004 All rights reserved.

On a quest as ancient as time, singer/songwriter Scott Kovarik chronicles his search for truth, meaning and love on his latest CD, "Soul Possessions". Beginning in small town, Ohio, Scott followed his star to California to find his dreams. Instead, he found something more valuable - himself - his "Soul Possessions". Like the passing of a guantlet, this CD transfers the magical visionsary power of Scott's journey to listeners. Scott performs all instruments and vocals on this (10) song treasure. Scott's music has been featured on "The Young and the Restless", "One Life to Live" and "Everwood". Downloads and CD's are available at and

Hunter PayneHunter Payne: Pray Before You Let Her Go (2:58)
From his CD "Nailed" ~ © 2005 All rights reserved.

Hunter's 25 years in music include solo albums with Columbia Records, gigging at venerable clubs on both coasts (The Bitter End, Club 47, The Unicorn, At My Place, McCabe's, The Coffee Gallery, LA Convention Center), opening for touring pros like Bonnie Raitt, working with legends like John Hammond and Leonard Bernstein, having songs featured all over network television (ER, VH1, WB, PBS), and hosting his own nationally-syndicated radio program. Hunter's One Last Chance was #1 for months at virtually every music website. His new release, Nailed, featuring members of The Wallflowers and Warrant, is available now at and on iTunes.
The ComplementsThe Complements: Sweet Sorrow (3:19)
From their CD "Something Like Happiness" ~ © 2005 All rights reserved.

Richmond Hill, Ontario's Nurit Suzana and Kevin Zarnett are roots-pop duo The Complements, who weave songs of delicious harmonies and bittersweet lyrics. Their CD "Something Like Happiness" has been featured on U.S. radio and according to Now Magazine "... bristles with tight harmonies and solid accompaniment ... strong writing avoids the sappy clicheacutes that bogs down lesser breakup discs." Their song "Sweet Sorrow" recently won an Honor Award in The Great American Song Contest.
Patti WittenPatti Witten: Admit It (4:26)
From her CD "Sycamore Tryst" ~ © 2003 All rights reserved.From Grand Prize in the Great American Song Contest to compilations alongside the likes of Steve Earle and Tom Waits, it¹s hard to find an award that New York singer-songwriter Patti Witten hasn¹t won in the short time since her debut in 1999. Witten¹s poetic folk-pop has the intimacy and imagery pioneered by the second wave generation of singer-songwriters. "A through-line from Guthrie to Dylan to Joni Mitchell and on to writers like Greg Brown," says Performing Songwriter magazine. Her latest is "Sycamore Tryst," produced by Rich DePaolo, on I-Town Records.
Kate SchuttKate Schutt: Wrecking Ball (2:44)
From her CD "The Paper Crown Project" ~ © 2004 All rights reserved.Kate Schutt's music has a stripped-down intensity so rarely seen it's startling. This Berklee and Harvard alum, plays a Novax 8-string guitar / bass hybrid, sings like a daredevil, and makes music that unabashedly blurs genre lines. Kate is packing the punches of her latest release, The Paper Crown Project. It was made in Guelph, Ontario — Kate’s new home – with a cast of the city’s finest musicians. Kate has released five albums on her own Wild Whip Records. Look for her song “Jane Doe” in the July 2005 Women In Jazz issue of JazzIz magazine and featured on the companion compilation CD.
Struff & TerryStruff & Terry: Postcards from Lost in Blue (3:37)
From their CD "Postcards from ... Lost In Blue" ~ © 2004 All rights reserved.In 1968 Robert Terry asked Lothar Struff to join his band, ASIAN FLU, a local band in Toledo, Ohio. That was the start of a journey which has spanned more than three decades. Playing the local venues around Detroit and Toledo, they shared the stage with artists like Bob Seger, Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes, and Joe Walsh and the James Gang. ASIAN FLU soon disbanded but the desire to write and sing together remained. As two members of an acoustic trio named Zaftig they toured the college coffeehouse circuit and opened a stadium concert for Richie Havens shortly after his Woodstock glory. Vocals and songwriting have always been the focal point of Struff & Terry and over the years they've collaborated with some wonderful artists; Amy Holland, Michael McDonald, Paul Williams, and Joel Sonnier to name a few. Now the journey has come full circle and they're back to doing what they like best. Writing and singing together.
Raven BlueRaven Blue: If You Wanna Dance(4:10)
From their debut CD "Raven Blue" ~ © 2005 All rights reserved.

Seattle-based Raven Blue is a collaboration between two talented singer-songwriters, Robbi Lungu and Anne Bostwick. Their roots lie in blues, jazz and rock, giving their original, vocally driven music its own unique sound. All six band members are seasoned "refugees from Northwest cover bands." Rounding out the group is Mike Marriott on guitar, Eddy Fey on bass, Sarah Sleight on back-up vocals and keys, and Mike Laughlin on drums. One unique aspect of the band is that Anne Bostwick is a paraplegic who performs from her wheelchair. you'll find them on stages at Pacific Northwest fairs and festivals this summer.
Lynn JulianLynn Julian: Get The Picture (3:05)
From her CD "Cookie Cutter Girl" ~ © 2005 All rights reserved.
Lynn Julian is "Cookie Cutter Girl", a superhero for our times who packs her Power POP with a PUNCH! One day, Julian unknowingly had enough of living in a male dominated society. "Cutter" took over, POPPIN', PUNCHIN' and freeing women everywhere from the "mold" in which society has held them captive. Are you a cookie cutter girl... or did you "break the mold?" Look out boys... This is Guitar Rock with GIRL POWER!

"Get The Picture" is also featured on "Planet Muse - Uncharted Talents" - a compilation put together by the Muse's Muse Message Board community. Want more information on the compilation CD, how to pick up a copy, and how to participate in the next CD? Click here!
The Paul Winn BandThe Paul Winn Band: Atlas (3:32)
From their CD "Paul Winn" ~ © 2004 All rights reserved.

The Paul Winn Band's debut album is the culmination of many influences. They have an acoustic guitar driven rock sound with jazz and folk colorings, generating a style somewhere between Sting and The ave Matthews Band. Since its release, the album has had regular radio airplay on FBI FM, 2SER FM, 2BAY FM (Byron Bay), 2VOX/VOX FM (Wollongong), as well as over 20 other radio stations around Australia. Track 2 of Paul's album, "Fortunate Man" has been included on the recently released 5th Sounds Like Café compilation CD, alongside artists such as Tina Arena, Kate Ceberano, Endorphin, Sarah Blasko, Pre Shrunk and Iota. The new Café album is currently playing in around 1,000 restaurants and cafes throughout Australia.
CescoCesco: Speak My Mind (2:40)
From his CD "One Man" ~ © 2003 All rights reserved.

One Man by singer/guitarist Francesco Emmanuel, features six tracks with styles ranging from folk to classical. Born and raised on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Francesco began playing at age 13. At 16 he started Warhead (playing heavy metal covers). By 18, he formed the alternative band Brothers Grimm, and discovered his love of song writing. Big Eyed Grieve formed in late 1996. Playing progressive music, the band lasted for six years. In 2003, Emmanuel embarked on a solo career. In September, he immigrated to Canada. To date he has played at several venues including Clintons and Healey's.
Johnnie MazzerJohnnie Mazzer: Easier(3:09)
From his CD "Before The Storm" ~ © 2004 All rights reserved.

Johnnie Mazzer moved to Los Angeles from New Jersey at the age of twenty one, created Mazzerrific Music Publishing, and independent lable, Melanie Records. He recorded and released eight of the seventy (and growing) songs within his catalog on it. The CD sampler contains the tribute song "Rock Me Britney", dedicated to Britney Spears. As soon as the pop superstar heard the song, she called him personally to express how much she loved it, calling worldwide press to Johnnie Mazzer and his tribute song. All songs on "Before the Storm" are written, performed and produced by Mazzer.
Lisa PattersonLisa Patterson: Say Goodbye (3:22)
From her CD "Roam" ~ © 2004 All rights reserved.

Lisa Patterson's wanderlust and curiosity drive her latest album Roam which according to Canadian press is "bold" and "fascinating". Roam is distributed in Canada by Festival Distribution and has just been picked up for release in Europe by Rough Trade / BMG. Lisa plays piano and alto sax and has sung her borderless, roots/pop songs across Canada, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her first CD this is what it sounds like reached #1 on the HMV Top Ten, her two videos were Top Ten on Bravo! Television and her songs have appeared in 2 features, 2 shorts and 2 documentaries.

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