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RuthRuth is a passionately imaginative soul who early on demonstrated keen artistic ability. By five she began formal music training; further enhancing her skills. By nine she began documenting her compositions. She continues self-directed studies in voice, piano, writing, performance and interpretive work. Ruth is always seeking positive ways to convey her personal creative vision. Constantly making music and art has resulted in a large catalogue of original work. In summer 2003, Ruth began an ambitious, long-term project which will commercially release selected works from her catalogue. Ruth is delighted to produce this broadcast for Radio Muse. Contact information: .

Here is a bit of information on each of the songwriters included in this Radio Muse Webcast. I hope you'll take a moment to explore their own web sites (linked to from their names) or purchase their CDs if they have them. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

Bruce Demarest Band: I'm In Trouble Again(4:14)
From their CD "It's Moving Day" ~ © 2001, Bruce Demarest & Square One Records. All rights reserved.

Bruce Demarest Band was created by Bruce as a vehicle for his return to songwriting after not having written for more than twelve years. In 1992 he opened up a small studio on his property outside of Austin Texas and was content to engineer and produce other artists until about 1999 when all of a sudden several songs forced themselves upon him and demanded to be written. They were the beginning and the catalyst for the rest of the songs on this album. The songs are Adult Contemporary Pop, and the album is totally independent and self produced.

Stacey Board: What I Wanted (5:08)
From her CD "Drive" ~ © 2001 Stacey Board (BMI). All rights reserved.

With three CDs under her belt, Stacey Board has been critically acclaimed by reviewers and adored by fans coast-to-coast. Stacey was raised in the South, taught herself guitar and began writing music at 13. Working with bands in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina she eventually moved to Los Angeles. Her 1998 solo debut CD, simple thing coincided with a move to Utah, now home base for her full time music career. Since its release in December 2001, her third CD Drive has been given rave reviews and is getting airplay across the US and beyond.

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Rhythm Project: Storm Clouds (5:12)
From their CD "Steve Goldberger & the Fringe Locals" ~ © 2002, E. Mahar (SOCAN). All rights reserved.

Since the early 70's, Steve Goldberger has been a band leader and a freelance bass player/vocalist. Today, he keeps very busy with his own band, The Fringe Locals, as well as with a diverse list of folk, jazz, blues, country and roots artists, splitting his time between Toronto and Niagara-on-the-Lake. After surviving open heart surgery, Steve released his first indie CD, "Come From The Heart" which was recorded live over three nights at the Olde Angel Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Feathers Pub in Toronto, where they appear on a regular basis. In 2002, Steve has released "The Niagara-on-the-Lake Rhythm Project", a collection of original instrumental tunes. This is a project that began in 2000. What started out as an "all acoustic world music type of thing" evolved over time into this showcase featuring the composing talents and musicianship of Steve and his pals in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Ed Hale and the Transcendence: Love Is You (3:36)
From their CD "Rise And Shine" ~ © 2001, Ed Hale, TMG Records. All rights reserved.

Ed Hale and the Transcendence is a 5-member alternative/modern rock band based out of Miami, Florida. They have an original sound they call planet music that comes from their fusion of various musical styles and an eclectic songwriting. Ed Hale sings with a unique vocal style reminiscent of David Bowie, Lou Reed or Bono, but in several different languages. Some call it "Trascendent Rock." The stunning charm of Rise and Shine, their newest release on TMG Records/DALIN, is its ability to sound hauntingly familiar and yet futuristic all at the same time.

Mike Lane: Castro In The Sand (3:57)
From his CD "The Starshine EP" ~ © 1999 Mike Lane Music (BMI). All rights reserved.

Mike Lane's music is steeped in classic British pop, coupled with an intriguing songwriting style and a fondness for sometimes exotic instrumentation. Since relocating to Minneapolis from Baltimore in 1992, Lane has release three CD's to widespread critical acclaim and radio airplay in a dozen countries. The Chicago Reader called 1998's "Good Luck with Electricity" the "note-perfect college rock album". Power of Pop heralded 2000's "Starshine EP" as an "album for pop purists who like their pop stirred with the finest artistic ingredients". A song from his forthcoming CD will be heard over the opening credits in the upcoming indie feature film "Cold Harbor".

Angelwing: Radical Seed(4:07)
From their CD "The Nymphaeum" ~ © 2001 Reenie Varga, Exzel Music Publishing. All rights reserved.

Reenie Varga is an aspiring singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles as well as an accomplished painter and actress and is the main vocal force behind Angelwing. She frequently performs in the LA area with the Reenie Varga Trio. "The Nymphaeum" is female empowerment put to music. Inspired by the classic painting of William A. Bougeureau, this dark and mystical masterpiece is similar in style to Enya with melodic and moody songs sung by two angels here on earth. The vocal tracks, "Radical Seed" and "Tears of Joy" express the inner emotions and turmoil of love relationships, comparing them to the changing of seasons and the hope for rebirth. Placed as bookends on the album, they compliment and reinforce the gentle beauty of the instrumental tracks.

Lisa Lauren: Yours and Mine (3:28)
From her CD "my own twist" ~ © 2001 Lisa Lauren, Planet Jazz Records. All rights reserved.

Lisa Lauren is a recording artist residing in Chicago. A pianist, singer, and songwriter, Lisa released her first CD, "what comes around" independently, generating airplay on hundreds of jazz and pop stations across the U.S., Europe and Australia. Last year, her CD earned a spot on the "Most Increased Plays" list of Radio & Records' NAC/Smooth Jazz Albums and also landed on Gavin's Smooth Jazz & Vocals "Chartbound" list. Miramar Records in Seattle took notice and picked up the record for re-release. Most recently, Lisa released her follow-up CD, "my own twist" on the independent Planet Jazz label. Both recordings boast the appearance of Grammy Award-winning saxaphonist, David Sanborn.

Ché Zuro and Tisa Adamson: Every Little Raindrop (3:23)
From their CD "Soak" ~ © 1997 Ché Zuro. All rights reserved.

Ché Zuro and Tisa Adamson met when their mutual friend Brie Howard (Boxing Gandhis, Jimmy Buffett) organized an all-girl band to tour Tahiti. After the adventure was over, Ché and Tisa put the Los Angeles band Trinity Street together and the two of them began the work of perfecting their Beatlesque harmonies and honing their songwriting skills. They have received honors in both the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and The Billboard Songwriting Contest for the tunes "Daddy Had To Go To Heaven" and "Blue Skies," both of which appear on Ché's 1st and 2nd solo cds. Although Ché is pursuing her music career as a solo artist, Tisa refuses to let her do it alone, continuously tagging along! Ché's latest release, "SOAK," a live send up with pal Tisa, was specially requested by fans who wanted to walk away from the gals shows with a cd of the experience.

Dennis Livingston: Every Time I Look At You, I Fall In Love Again (3:51)
From his demo CD ~ © 1999, Dennis Livingston, Hallmark Music Co. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

The cabaret songs of Dennis Livingston reach back to the story-driven, tuneful standards of the classic American songbook, while drawing at the same time on contemporary musical styles and themes. Dennis' songs have been performed in clubs and theaters around the country, including presentations at three ASCAP-Cabaret Songwriter Showcases and the recent New York revue, SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: THE MUSICAL RESPONSE. Dennis drew on his family history for a revue titled FROM TIN PAN ALLEY TO SILICON VALLEY, featuring numbers by himself and by his father, Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Livingston, and has written two children's musicals. Full audio versions of Dennis' cabaret songs, along with lyrics, printable sheet music and performance information, are available at his website. The vocalist on "Every Time" is Boston performer Dane Vannatter.

Jessie Rae: Canyon Blues (3:47)
From their demo CD "The Originals" ~ © 2001, Joan M. Meyer. All rights reserved.

This demo features Jessie Rae's latest original music since the 2000 release of their CD "A Tribute To Jill." Their newest member, percussionist Mike Crabbe, adds his soulful grooves to each track. Jessie Rae also recorded an additional demo CD of their cover material featuring such hits as "Midnite Hour" (Wilson Pickett), "Steppin' Out" (Buddy Guy), "Mr. Wind" (Ken Boothe) and more. These CDs show off Jessie Rae's diverse talents, which display their flair for R&B, Motown, blues and reggae. Jessie Rae is also good at playing a mellow, acoustic sound as heard on "Buckets of Rain" (Bob Dylan), "Broken Arrow" (Robbie Robertson) and "Sugar Mountain" (Neil Young). Jessie Rae is available to play short sets or long shows and has the flexibility to perform as an acoustic guitar duo or as a 4-member dance group.

Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff: Manhattan Sleeps (6:07)
From their CD, "Manhattan Sleeps" ~ © 1998, Jeff Bohnhoff, Mystic Fig Records. All rights reserved.

Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff are Northern California songwriter/performers who have been working together since 1979, when Jeff joined Maya's band. In 1981 they got married, and eventually decided to perform as a duo. In addition to her musical talent, Maya is an often published science fiction and fantasy writer. Because of this, Jeff and Maya often perform at science fiction conventions all over the country. Their latest CD is "Manhattan Sleeps" - a collection of twelve original songs. Their previous CD "Retro Rocket Science", consists of song parodies.

The Circadians: Saturday (2:58)
From their CD "the Avocado Igloo e.p." ~ © 2001, Rob Dehlinger and Gordon Root, Papa Cosmo Music. All rights reserved.

The Circadians were founded in 1999 by singer/songwriters Rob Dehlinger and Gordon Root. After meeting at the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, they formed the eclectic rock band and moved to California. The Circadians released their debut CD, Avocado Igloo, in 2001. They recently completed a 14-song CD "Tiny Seeds". If you like singer-songwriter types, or rock music of any kind, you owe it to yourself to check out The Circadians on or at their own site, Their harmonies alone are worth a listen.

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