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Planet Muse - Uncharted Talents - Songwriters from the Muse's Muse Message BoardsABOUT THE SONGWRITERS:

Planet Muse is a unique project put together by the community of the Muse's Muse Message Boards. Here you'll find small bios from each of the artists included on this special, 17 track CD, along with links to the lyrics of the various songs. I hope you'll take a moment to learn more about the contributors. If you're interested in hearing song samples, you can find them at CDBaby at the link above.

As with the Radio Muse, I hope you'll take a moment to explore their web sites (if they have them) and learn more about these very talented songwriters. We don't have anything if we don't support each other. If you like what you hear, let the songwriter know! Words of encouragement are always welcome.

Bios are in the order in which the songwriters' work(s) appear on the CD.


Producers: Ulli Eisermann (Muse Member ID: OrdinaryGirl)
Denise Vrana (Muse Member ID: BubblingSoul)
Jodi Krangle (Music Member ID: Jodi Krangle)
Mastered By: Cool E Productions (Muse Member ID: Cool_E)
Design By: Mark Wooldrage (Muse Member ID: [carbon])
Printed By: Pride Printers (Muse Member ID: Joro)

Brian Hazelbower is a Nanaimo, B.C. based singer/songwriter, when he's not doing the 9 to 5 or playing with his band "The Workin' Stiffs", he’ll be hosting a songwriter’s night or he can be heard on local radio CHLY FM on his program “Songwriters Circle” every Sunday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Listen from anywhere in the world at ( ). In February of 2004 Hazelbower released his debut CD “One in a Million”, a solid collection of mainly up tempo all original country flavored tunes, all which can be heard at Contact Brian at
Muse Member ID: Nanaimob

Lyrics to Where I Belong (The La La Song) - by Brian Hazelbower & Ron Keck
Russell Stafford is one of the Northwest's up and coming singer/songwriting talents. His unique vocal and musical style has been described as a "melting pot of sound" and is garnering his first release, Freshwater, both local and national press. Recorded in his home studio, Russell produced, engineered and performed on all instruments to make a full-featured album that truly represents Russell's artistry. The featured track, "The best days", was written in mid 2004 while on a trip to Canada. "I love this song because it almost feels like a rock waltz. It's not introverted and self absorbed at all, but speaks of embracing what we already have... I think that's important".
Muse Member ID: A.N.T.I.

Lyrics to The Best Days - by Russel Stafford

Nigel Quin is a singer/guitarist based in the UK. He has been writing for about ten years and likes to experiment with different musical styles. He performs live, both as part of a band and as a solo project. He has collaborated with people in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Genovia. He feels that he learns something new with every song he writes and every performance he gives. He enjoys collaborating with lyricists so let him know if you have anything you would like him to consider. Please check out his website at A splendid time is guaranteed for all.
Muse Member ID: NigeQ

Lyrics to Silent Battles - by Michael Taub & Nigel Quin
Lynn 'Julian' is Cookie 'Cutter' Girl, a superhero for *our* times who packs her Power POP with a PUNCH! 'Cutter' is freeing women everywhere from the "mold" in which society holds them captive, asking " Are *you* a 'cookie cutter' girl... or did you break the mold?" A one-of-a-kind force to be reckoned with, "Cutter" is breaking the mold of the female pop star too, layering FUN LYRICS over POWER POP MELODIES that will be STUCK IN YOUR HEAD for hours. Look out boys ... this is Guitar Rock with GIRL POWER!
Meet her: at Purchase her CD:
Muse Member ID: Girlintheband

Lyrics to Get The Picture? - by Lynn Julian
Simon Williams has been a fairly low-key player in the New Zealand music scene for some thirty-odd (and we mean "odd") years. He plays a bit of guitar, the occasional bass line, can pick out a few chords on keyboards and has been known to sing the occasional note, but Simon has never focussed on any one particular instrument or area of music (or life, for that matter). He tends to describe himself as a "jack of some trades - master of none". These days Simon is content to write and record the occasional song and try to help and encourage younger talent to make the best of themselves.
Muse Member ID: Simple Simon / Website:
Lyrics to Too Much Crying - by Simon Williams
Joe Rogier is songwriter from Boston Massachusetts. He has been playing guitar for over thirty years and has just recently begun to write and record original material. He is a member of the Boston Band "City Point" which was formed in 2004. City Point has begun to gig locally on the Boston scene at various venues. City Point is also in the process of recording their first album of original material.
Muse Member ID: Joro / Website:

Dan Thompson is a long time songwriter from South Boston Virginia. Dan has roots in Folk and Bluegrass music going back to his childhood. Dan plays weekly with elements form the Spencer Hill Band. Tha Spencer Hill Band is the group which Dan and his wife Nancy joined in the early 1970's while in college. Dan is also an accomplished player of many instruments including guitar, banjo and mandolin. Dan has a unique voice which many have called his "signature."

Lyrics to Momma Cry - by Joe Rogier & Dan Thompson

Capers Simmons is a songwriter from South Carolina. He plays piano, guitar, bass, and mandolin. He writes in several styles, mainly Adult Contemporary, Modern Rock, and Alternative Folk. His influences include Billy Joel, Jim Croce, The Eagles, Coldplay, and Rafael Perez-Botija. After teaching himself the rudiments of piano at thirteen, Capers discovered a passion and an aptitude for music composition. Capers, now nineteen years of age, is currently Moderator of the Music and Lyric Critique Forum of the Muse’s Muse Message Boards, and continues to work towards that elusive first cut.
Website: . Muse Member ID: skido85

Lyrics to Bring The Jubilee - by Capers Simmons

Michael Novick is a New York City singer/songwriter and aspiring radiologist. Long before he auscultated his first friction rub, he began writing songs and recording them on cassette tapes for his friends at age 11. In 2001, after more than 35 album-length recordings and 15 years, he released his first homemade CD, Plain and Simple. Three years later, he unveiled Songs Without Hooks, which featured impressionistic lyrics and unique, melodic guitar work. Michael is a regular live performer and frequents the Lower East Side's Sidewalk Cafe and Kenny's Castaways in the West Village. His third CD, Charaders, is due out this summer.
Website: / Muse Member ID: Mileseman1971

Lyrics to Light Me Up - by Michael Novick

John Paragreen's Muse's Muse message board screen name is Bobfan. He used Bobfan when he joined the Muse's Muse because he's a fan of Bob Dylan. He lives on the east coast of Scotland and is an electrician by trade. He started writing song lyrics roughly four years ago. Since joining the Muse's Muse, he has been fortunate to have had a dozen lyrics put to music by fellow Musers. He writes in various styles and keep a universal approach. He now has a large catalogue of unsung lyrics. While he doesn't have a website, anyone wishing to contact him can do so through the Muse's Muse Message Boards.
Muse Member ID: Bobfan

Simon Kay started his musical career playing keyboards with 'Ultramarine' (Warner Bros). They recorded and toured through the early nineties, working with artists such as Bjork, Orbital, Depeche Mode and The Orb. Having realised most of his ambitions regarding live playing, he then went back to his first love of songwriting. It was not long after that Simon took up audio editing, working first with his father on 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and then with the composer Deborah Mollison on 'East is East'. Simon is currently recording songs for his second co-produced feature film 'Full Circle', filmed earlier this year in Miami and Rome. Website:
Muse Member ID: Topcat

Lyrics to Body Languge - by John Paragreen & Simon Kay
Corinne Curcio credits The Beatles with launching her musical career: "From the moment I saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show, I was hooked. My mother bought me a $25 guitar when I was 10, and I set about learning all their songs" This gifted musician/arranger/songwriter has an eclectic style drawing on Rock, Pop, Folk, Celtic and World Music. Her two solo CD's, and her album with the band Estrogen (all available on CDBaby) showcase her versatility on guitar, keyboard and bass. Corinne weaves a rich musical tapestry with her sultry voice and well crafted lyrics.
Muse Member ID: Corinne

Lyrics to Trick Or Treat - by Corinne Curcio & Zonna
Lullaby for the innocent is a co-write between two old friends from the UK. Although regarded by both songwriters as one of their least favourite works, the song seems to hold popular with those that hear it. Martin Gillman and Matthew Tyler started writing together over 10 years ago and both have a full book of their own solo projects as well as many co-written songs. Both are also persuing individual projects right now and both are trying to put together a band to take their songs to the audience.
You can hear individual and joint works at the following websites: &
Muse Member ID: MartyG / MadDog

Lyrics to Lullaby for the Innocent - by Martin Gillman & Matthew Tyler
Neal Klassen makes his home in Kelowna, British Columbia where he owns an Environmental Consulting business. He grew up in a musical family and has been involved in music all his life – from singing in choirs to playing in bands and writing songs. These days music is simply a hobby (no professional aspirations for this middle-aged guy), and the song on this CD is one of his first efforts at home recording. A multi-instrumentalist, Neal takes inspiration from the great vocal groups like The Beatles, ABBA, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac.
You can hear more of his music at
Muse Member ID: NealK

Lyrics to Night & Day - by Neal Klassen
Five years ago, Stephen Terakami decided to be more productive on his daily 3 hour round trip back and forth from work. So, he bought himself a portable tape recorder and turned off the car radio. Whenever he had an inspiration, he would write it down. He would put the pieces together after he got home and began to write lyrics to the music he composed. At 53 years old, he finally started doing something he's been wanting to do for 35 years. He likes all types of music but has taken a particular liking to Country music. Muse Member ID: Checkerboardkid

Lyrics to Never Wanna Kiss You Goodbye - by Stephen Terakami & Jane Nishimoto
SongBird Cooper is a UK Songwriter/Journalist/Social Justice Campaigner with heart and mind set on having herself a Major International Hit Song or two. Recording Biz folks with ample budgets and antennae twitching for the genuine article look here:

Chris Bluemel is a multi-talented activist/musician. He teaches 'A' Level Music/Music Technology at a Sixth Form College in the UK...Chris has recorded several protest songs, and expects a CD to be available by the end of the year.

Muse Member ID: Landofsong

Lyrics to Love Undercover - by SongBird Cooper & Chris Bluemel
From Liverpool to Montreal and many points in between Raymond Paul O'Hanlon has been taking it all in and laying it on the line with the sweetest and most meaningful lyrics this side of heaven. With such seminal bands as Insex, Live Clap and The Ponies and from the rock of his early songs like All I've Got to El Macombo's signature pop song penned in 2004, Lily of the Nile, Raymond Paul O'Hanlon and great music have been inseparable. Aside from being a gifted lyricist RPO is also an accomplished drummer and guitar player. This guy will not let you down.
Muse Member ID: Ramachandra

Lyrics to Let You Down - by Raymond Paul O'Hanlon
Stone Marmot consists of four cartoon characters: Cindy on guitars, Sid on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Sammy on bass and vocals and Bruce on percussion and vocals. Our music, written, produced, and engineered by “the man behind the curtain," has a somewhat retro, experimental feel, which has been described as sounding somewhere between The B-52s and They Might Be Giants. The result is a more quirky but still accessible form of pop-rock. Our debut CD, "Babes of an Alien Persuasion," is available through CD Baby.
Website: “Thinking Of You” features guests Kathryn Stafford on lead vocals and Dan Copeland on lead guitar.
Muse Member ID: Sammy

Lyrics to Thinking of You - by Andrew Karpinski
Michael Taub resides in the Philadelphia PA area. He is a husband, a father to four children, and an information specialist by trade. He started writing lyrics when he penned a lullaby (“It’s Okay”) for his son back in 1997 which received online recognition. From that moment forward, he was hooked on finding the perfect words to express the world around him. Joining The Muse's Muse message baords in 2003 gave him the opportunity to collaborate internationally with others that share the same passion for music. Muse Member ID: Mystery Mike

Muse Member ID: Simple Simon

Lyrics to My Princess - by Michael Taub & Simon Williams

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