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Former Music Reviewers

PREVIOUS REVIEWERS (no longer reviewing)

Ben Ohmart

Read Ben's Reviews

Ben Ohmart has been reviewing music for many years and currently runs a small publishing company called BearManor Media ( which specializes in books on old radio and old movies.

Genres Reviewed:

Instrumental, Theatre, Electronic & Comedy.

How To Submit a CD:
Send to: Ben Ohmart, 86-2 Kanokusa Yagi, Yagi-cho, Kyoto, Nantan-shi 629-0141 Japan.
Or email: benohmart at yahoo dot com
Please indicate clearly that your submission is for The Muse's Muse Music Reviews.

Jane Eamon

Read Jane's Reviews

Sometimes you get a second chance. After a self-imposed exile of 22 years, Jane Eamon is back at the craft of songwriting with a vengeance. In four short years, Jane has released two critically acclaimed CD's, received honorable mention from the BillBoard Song Contest, the Great American Song Contest and American Songwriter Magazine. She has won awards for her writing including a Songwriter of the Year Award and continues to write with a single-minded passion. She is currently the author of several articles about songwriting and writes CD reviews for several online e-zines. "My mission in life, is to help others realize their power as writers" says Jane. Check out her website at

Genres Reviewed: folk and anything acoustic-based (please - no MP3's!)

Jarrod Brogdon, Associate Music Reviewer

Read Jarrod's Reviews

Jarrod Brogdon is an Atlanta, Georgia based singer/songwriter.  He has been listening to music since he was very young, and performing and writing for a little more than a decade.  He currently performs around Georgia and is recording his first full-length CD with Atlanta producer Tim Anderson and several local musicians helping out with instrumentation and backing.  You can find out more about Jarrod’s music and influences at  

When he is not performing and writing, Jarrod is listening to CD’s, catching a show by the many artists and bands in or passing through Atlanta, or reading books by or about his favorite songwriters.  Jarrod’s “Day Job” is in Higher Education, where he has worked the past 5+ years in colleges as a Network Administrator, Registrar, Financial Aid Director, and Systems Analyst.  He is currently pursuing his Master’s of Education in Enrollment Management from CapellaUniversity.

Genres Reviewed:
Americana, Alt-country, Folk, Acoustic, Blues, Rock and Irish/Celtic.  

Reid Murray

Read Reid's Reviews

Reid has a true love for music and tries to be surrounded by it as much as possible. When he gets the goosebumps from a song, he knows there's a unique groove passing through his ears. Among the variety of music he listens to, which genre's are expanding, Jazz, Jazz/Fusion, Rock, and Funk, grab his attention, satisfying his soul. Reid finds it exciting to discover underground Rock music of say, the 70s, that wasn't popular in its day, but was more excellent than what was mainstream; to Reid it's like finding gold. Besides listening to music, he attends San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning, studying the music/recording industry. Playing music is also very important to him. The drums are  Reid's instrument of choice, he digs laying down a groove behind the ideas of other musicians.

Genres Reviewed: Rock, Jazz, Jazz/Fusion, Funk, Blues, Folk, Reggae and Rap

Bhasker Gupta, Associate Music Reviewer

Read Bhasker's Reviews

Bhasker has been writing on music across various genres for more than 4 years now and is based out of Bangalore, India. He has written for music publications like Rock Street Journal (, Circle ( and webzines like All About Jazz ( and The Plastic Ashtray ( His critical reviews of the underground indie musicians on Plastic Ashtray have been very well received.

Bhasker is an engineer by profession and got his undergraduate degree from Banaras Hindu University. Presently, he works as a financial analyst for a leading European bank in India. Besides writing on music, Bhasker also handles the production for various bands and musicians in India.

Genres Reviewed: Anything non-commercial.

Bhasker will be traveling for some time and so unavailable to review CDs.  But there's a chance he may return in the future.  Thank you for your generous donation of time, Bhasker.  We wish you all the best in your travels.

Alex Jasperse, Associate Music Reviewer

Read Alex's Reviews

At the tender age of 21, Alex Jasperse has dedicated most of his life to his love affair
with music. After playing trombone in a number of award winning jazz and concert bands in
Ottawa, he picked up guitar in early 2002, and by 2005 was teaching at his high school.
While currently a full-time student at Carleton University, Alex has become involved in a
number of local experimental rock, ambient and synth pop projects, as well as the
creation of Bigger Wave Records.

Genres Reviewed: Electronic, Ambient, Progressive Rock and Metal.

Rick Marchetti, Associate Music Reviewer

Read Rick's Reviews

His name is Rick Marchetti and he's a songwriter. If that sounds like an admission of guilt, it probably should. He doesn't know what it is that makes someone write songs, but he doesn't t think it’s a conscious decision for most of us, more like a happy affliction. Well, mostly happy. It’s something that is either in you or it isn’t. He's made too many trips to Nashville to count (he's also a regional workshop coordinator for the NSAI), had publishing deals and cuts, but is still searching for that “one big break”. He has a CD –“Matters of the Heart”, get yours soon, quantities are limited!!-with another on the way before the end of the year. Through it all, the one thing that remains constant is his desire to write the best song he possibly can. What else is there?

Genres Reviewed: Country, Pop and Rock

Jon Stewart

Read Jon's Reviews

Jon Stewart's first act of rock & roll defiance stands out for its clarity. He traded in a gift from his parents (a typewriter for college) for a beat-up Martin guitar. He has been playing that guitar and writing songs for over 30 years. He is General Manager of Admire Management, a personal management company, currently representing a rock band in Dallas, TX. Mr. Stewart has viewed the performances of over 300 original music bands in the last year.

Genres Reviewed: Rock, R & B, Dance, Hip-hop, Country, Reggaeton

Lennon Bone

Read Lennon's Reviews

After having toured with the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps in '01 & '02, being a music instructor for a number of marching bands in PA, and moving and playing all over the midwest and east coast, Lennon has finally settled in as the drummer for the alternative rock act Amsterband. ( They've toured from Springfield, MO to Minneapolis, Chicago, Austin, New York City, and everywhere in between racking up more than 100 shows this year alone. "Being on the road gives me plenty of time to do two of my favorite things - listening to music, and playing music. What more could you ask for?! Okay, a bit more cash might be nice...". You can read more about his other projects, as well as give your feedback at

Genres Reviewed: Indie Rock, Alt. Country, Electronic, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Christian Rock/Pop

Kevin Zarnett

Read Kevin's Reviews

Toronto area singer-songwriter Kevin has recently been gaining attention as part of the duo The Complements, who weave songs of delicious harmonies and bittersweet lyrics, with a roots vibe and pop twist. About their CD "Something Like Happiness", Now Magazine writes, "...strong writing avoids the sappy cliches that bogs down lesser breakup discs." Adds Soul Shine Magazine, "the songwriting also maintains center stage with catchy choruses and thoughtful insight." Kevin has also spent the last decade lending his guitar, keyboard, vocal and production skills to numerous artists for live shows and session work. Check out his music at .

Genres Reviewed: Americana, Alt-Country, Folk-Rock, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, AAA/Adult Alternative, Roots Rock

Brett Thompson

Read Brett's Reviews

Brett is a self confessed social observer, liking to watch and loving to listen. Currently living in London where he works as a copywriter in the advertising game, Brett studied popular music at University as part of a Media degree, is an avid music listener and budding songwriter. Most recently Brett has worked as a contributing features editor for musicbubble magazine, a new UK music mag which focuses its attention on unearthing new talent through CD and gig reviews.

Genres Reviewed: dance/house, funk, pop, rock, folk (rock/pop)

Brian Rutherford

Read Brian's Reviews

Brian Rutherford is a freelance journalist with 6 years of review writing experience. Having written for both national and locally distributed publications, his music taste is something of a mosaic. He is also a firm believer in the elimination of the record label. If you are considering sending this man your CD, please consider he has worked in every branch of the record industry in multiple regions of the United States over the last decade, from CD store ownership, all the way down to street team marketing. He has collected the CD's of many artists from Indie to Billboard 200. But does he have your CD?

Genres Reviewed: Metal, Ska, Hip Hop (Not RAP), Singer/Songwriter, Neo, Electro, Reggae, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Hardcore, Contemporary, Soul, Acoustic, Blue Grass, Industrial, Techno, Dance, Glam, Grunge & Emo

Steve Allat

Read Steve's Reviews

The two passions in Steve's working life are music and writing, and here he combines them for your benefit. A life-long music lover, Steve is a self-taught drummer, singer and songwriter. A young 36, he is just now beginning to fulfill his goal of becoming a performing musician and published songwriter - working on his own and with collaborators in the Vancouver area. Regarding writing, Steve is a professinal copywriter, who also tries to find time to write articles, novels and poetry for himself and for publication. Learn more about Steve as the Wordologist at:

Genres Reviewed: Rock, Progressive Rock, Alternative, World Fusion and Middle Eastern

Stacey Board

Read Stacey's Reviews

With three CDs under her belt, Stacey Board has been critically acclaimed by reviewers and adored by fans coast-to-coast. Stacey was raised in the South, taught herself guitar and began writing music at 13. Working with bands in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina she eventually moved to Los Angeles. Her 1998 solo debut CD, simple thing coincided with a move to Utah, now home base for her full time music career. Since its release in December 2001, her third CD Drive has been given rave reviews and is getting airplay across the US and beyond. Stacey's CD's, show calendar and all sorts of information can be found at

Genres Reviewed:
Pop, R&B, Country and Pop/Folk

Ann Klein

Read Ann's Reviews

Ann Klein is a NYC musician. Credits include: Toshi Reagon, Kate Pierson (of the B-52s), Natalie Imbruglia, Joan Osborne, PM Dawn and Stephen King. She has independently recorded 3 cds, and has been featured in Billboard and Relix, among other publications. Ann has toured Europe consistently and has received support from college radio, WXPN’s “World Cafe”, and WDST’s (Woodstock) “Sessions”. In addition, Ann wrote music/sound for 2 documentaries for French television. Ani DiFranco invited Ann to sit in and take a few solos during her set for four consecutive shows. She also received a grant to attend the MacDowell Colony for the Summer 2000 session.

Genres Reviewed:
alternative, americana, blues, country, rock, poprock, (not bubble gum pop), singer/songerwriter, electronica, progrock (ala radiohead and coldplay)

Kathy Brackley

Read Kathy's Reviews

Kathy is a freelance writer/editor and makeup artist. Over the years she has also been involved in a variety of design and PR projects as well as penning reviews, interviews, and features. In addition to the Muse's Muse, she also writes for several other publications.

Kathy started playing various instruments at age eleven and at the same time discovered her passion for writing, receiving her first by-line at age eighteen. Kathy currently divides her time writing and working as a makeup artist. Kathy reviews both commercial and independent releases.

You can find out more by visiting her website at

Genres Reviewed: Pop, R & B, Latin, Hip-Hop and Soul

James Grimes

Read James's Reviews

After graduating university and working in various fields James decided that he "had to make music a career". He attended the Harris Institute of the Arts in Toronto entering into the Recording Arts Management Program. During school he was fortunate to work part time with the now defunct RPM magazine, the longest running music weekly trade magazine in Canada. He managed to obtain full time work as the Creative Service Manager at True North Records, Canada's oldest and most prestigious independent record label, working with experienced industry professionals and artists such as Bruce Cockburn and Stephen Fearing. After leaving True North he headed west to Vancouver and worked with the Vancouver Folk Festival. He has now returned to Toronto to pursue his love of making music. He's currently working on his first CD with help from award winning guitarist Shawn Kellerman. The CD is due out in the new year.

Genres Reviewed:
folk/pop, roots, rock, alt/country

Ashley Petkovski

Read Ashley's Reviews

A proud Canadian grrrl with too much drive and too many opinions for her own personal good, Ashley is the creator of Kiss Me Deadly, a zine (a la 1991) focused on the interests and issues revolving around young femme revolutionaries, and a regular writer for a community newspaper. While not reading old J.D. Salinger novels and listening to local college/alternative radio, she volunteers at one of the stations, spends too much time with a friend endlessly dissecting retro music, goes on mindless, day-long hunts around the city and beyond for the newest record to catch her ear (until she gives up and orders from the distributor), and trudges through countless hours of education, in which she writes constantly, and focuses far too much on essays about Third Wave Feminism and The Strokes. She"…would have been just the coolest person 20 years ago" according to many, and is a self professed Tori-Morrissey fanatic who lives by Oscar Wilde's words: "Popularity is the crown of laurel which the world puts on bad art. Whatever is popular is wrong."

Fan Favourites/Proof of Genre Indecisiveness:
anything… absolutely anything …except for shallow hip hop and rap and rusty-cookie-cutter-top-40 pop.

Eliot Popkin

Read Eliot's Reviews

Eliot is a Boston born singer/songwriter who saw his debut album "Down Along This Road" have 3 songs find their way into movies, radio airplay on more than 100 stations across the country as well as countless wonderful reviews and feature stories. He currently is writing songs for various major label and film projects, and is in the studio working on his follow up album. He lives in Los Angeles, enjoying a nice view of the Hollywood sign. To hear his music, drop by his web site.

Genres Reviewed:
Pop, R&B, Country and Pop/Folk

David Lockeretz

Read David's Reviews

A Boston native, David has been living in the Los Angeles area since 1999. He has toured internationally with Persian diva Leila Forouhar and has appeared throughout California with the modern jazz group Guavajazz and the blues/rock band Voodoo Highway, whose first CD, "Love's Addiction", he co-produced.

Genres Reviewed:
Rock, blues, jazz, classical, country, folk, world, electronic, techno, acoustic

Francesco Emmanuel

Read Francesco's Reviews

Francesco Emmanuel was born on the lovely isle of Trinidad. He has been playing guitar for over eighteen years. He's classically trained, but listens to most genres of music including Alternative, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Funk, Reggae and Calypso (his own cultural heritage). He started playing in bands when he was just 16, and has been onstage ever since. To date he's had three successful bands in Trinidad. In 2003, he migrated to Toronto. He's played out at various venues across the GTA. He also rocks heavy with his band BOUND. Check out his music at and

Genres Reviewed: Rock, World Beat, Jazz, Calypso and Reggae.

Gian F, Senior Music Reviewer

Read Gian's Reviews

Gian is the Senior Music Reviewer of The Muse’s Muse and the creator and producer of his annual Muse's Muse Awards which honor excellence in commercial recording projects and songs.

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