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There is now a Message Board where there is an entire forum devoted to folks looking for collaborators. Why not drop by and make your own posting? The size of your post won't be limited as it is here. :-)

Before you post - there are a few rules here:
I apologize folks. Due to the huge number of postings placed on this classifieds that are really *not* appropriate, I feel I need to spell out some things.

  • This is IMPORTANT: This Classified listing is NOT for beginning performers to locate a manager, producer, or someone who will make them a "star". There are no easy rides! Please do the research required to locate someone you feel can help your career. Do not expect that person to suddenly e-mail you out of the blue after you make a posting here. It doesn't work like that. If your posting has anything to do with this sort of request, please DO NOT POST IT. I will erase them if I find them as they do not belong here.
  • Please try to keep your entries short and to the point.
  • Please do not write in all caps. Warning: I will be erasing messages that are entirely in capital letters.
  • It's a good idea to proofread your entry before you post it. I will make changes if you find something wrong with your entry and e-mail me about it, but it may take me a little while to get to it.
  • One ad per person ONLY. Let's make sure there's room for everyone, ok?
  • And remember - you only need to press the "Submit" button ONCE. Thanks!

That said, here's what this Classifieds IS for:
It's a place for you to connect with other musicians. Want to put a band together? Looking for other musicians in your area? Looking for used instruments? Have a service you want to offer to other musicians and songwriters? Then feel free to post your request here.

In order to see your entry, it will be necessary to reload this page. A listing will remain here for approximately 10 days.

Original songs for your album or Single but exclusive rights
Are you an upcoming singer looking to record an album of single but can't seem to find that hit song?
well we are here to help. we provide you with complete songs for your album or single,
you will be provided with instrumental , lyrics and a demo recording of the song.
you will also be given exclusive rights to each song you buy. each song cost $500
songs are going quickly so hurry and get your. genres are r&b , pop , dance , gospel , reggae.

thank you for getting back at us.
date: Dec 18, 2014
by SongwriterJmusic | 

Hello I'm a singer and musician and I would like to start trying to collaborate with any songwriters, preferably country, to get my work out there. I can send covers as demos of me if interested. Thanks.
date: Dec 16, 2014
by Orlando Zepeda | 

Country music writer looking for lyricist for collaboration
Hi, I am a Country music writer looking for serious lyricist/s for collaboration. Not interested in a 'fee for service' type arrangement - just straight collaboration. Based in Australia, and happy to work online. You can check out my work at

date: Dec 11, 2014
by Steve Barnes | 

Hey everyone my name is Mike flynn from capitol records
and we have contacted our songwriters and ask them to provide
songs for 7 great singer from around the world and these lucky
singers will be getting a recording contract with us for 2015 recruiting
and signing. so i am inviting you to submit your 30 second demo of your voice and i will put you on the one of the songwriters for the right song to fit you. all songs must be in by the 23rd of this month and we are only looking for singers at this time not rappers.

date: Dec 11, 2014
by Mike | 

Singers who need a great songwriter
All singers who need a great songwriter
Look no further youve found heavens accapella
Inspired by god.youll be blessed churches be blessed everybody will be blessed I also sing accapella also write great lyrics and tesfmonial stories.
date: Dec 10, 2014
by Celina | 

A Songwriters for you    Am a professional songwriter that have been in the system for the past five years. I have compose lyrics for some popular and upcoming artistes which they really found as one of the best lyrics. I compose any genres of music and that have given the opportunity to be the best among the best. so if you are intrested in getting a Songwriter contact me on +2348061363690 or email Thanks.
date: Dec 09, 2014
by Sam | 

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