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There is now a Message Board where there is an entire forum devoted to folks looking for collaborators. Why not drop by and make your own posting? The size of your post won't be limited as it is here. :-)

Before you post - there are a few rules here:
I apologize folks. Due to the huge number of postings placed on this classifieds that are really *not* appropriate, I feel I need to spell out some things.

  • This is IMPORTANT: This Classified listing is NOT for beginning performers to locate a manager, producer, or someone who will make them a "star". There are no easy rides! Please do the research required to locate someone you feel can help your career. Do not expect that person to suddenly e-mail you out of the blue after you make a posting here. It doesn't work like that. If your posting has anything to do with this sort of request, please DO NOT POST IT. I will erase them if I find them as they do not belong here.
  • Please try to keep your entries short and to the point.
  • Please do not write in all caps. Warning: I will be erasing messages that are entirely in capital letters.
  • It's a good idea to proofread your entry before you post it. I will make changes if you find something wrong with your entry and e-mail me about it, but it may take me a little while to get to it.
  • One ad per person ONLY. Let's make sure there's room for everyone, ok?
  • And remember - you only need to press the "Submit" button ONCE. Thanks!

That said, here's what this Classifieds IS for:
It's a place for you to connect with other musicians. Want to put a band together? Looking for other musicians in your area? Looking for used instruments? Have a service you want to offer to other musicians and songwriters? Then feel free to post your request here.

In order to see your entry, it will be necessary to reload this page. A listing will remain here for approximately 10 days. is great for collaborating!    Hi, everyone! I'm interning for a collaborating website, a for musicians, known as! I really think some of you will find it useful, it finds people that are interested in songwriting and share your goals for you to work with from all over the world. It's in the beta stages right now, so please email the creator, if you have questions!

Thanks so much!

date: Feb 22, 2015
by Songwriter Link | 

songwriter looking for band/singer
I have written over 50 songs and am in the process of recording 10 to send out to interested bands. Must be a member of Socan. Please email with a description of the genre of music the band plays and and other related information. Serious inquiries only.
date: Feb 20, 2015
by Linda | 

Lyricist seeking Composers in some or many genres of Music
I am a very prolific lyricist seeking same as a collaborator in some or many genres of music. Please play piano, able to write music in a fair amount of time. No pay as is standard until we sell something then we share 50% each of whatever and wherever. Thanks for the interest.
date: Feb 17, 2015
by Ross | 

Christian Duo Looking For Songs    We are Stephen and Lee Preston, a husband and wife marriage and music ministry duo. We both sing, but have no songwriting ability. We know that we can only go so far recording covers, so we are looking for Christian songwriters who we can collaborate with and add some original material to our repertoire.

Our style is varied; from CCM (Casting Crowns, MercyMe, JJ Heller, etc) to anything that speaks to us….yes, even southern gospel.

We live in Cleveland, TN, but would be willing to travel. We would like to work with someone/people that are open to our own creativity. While we can't write music, we do have some sense of lyric writing and melody.

Contact us via e-mail or phone. We look forward to what possibilities God has waiting for us out there.


Stephen & Lee Preston
date: Feb 17, 2015
by Two No More | 

Im looking for someone to help me come up with words to my music
date: Feb 14, 2015
by Saden | 

You will be provided with fully masters instrumental , complete sheet of music and lyrics and a demo recording of the song.
you will also receive a contract agreement giving you exclusive rights to each song.
we have limited songs so please email us now for more information.

date: Feb 12, 2015
by Prodigos music  | 

Original Songs for Singers    I have original Songs and I'm looking to give them to Singers to Sing live or record free of charge....
I also make songs out of others lyrics and a demo for only $100.

Check my work out below.

Barry David Butler
Sebring, Florida
date: Feb 11, 2015
by Barry David Butler | 

Musician/Producer/Composer will Produce your Song    My name is Marcus i am a Bassist/Synthesizer Player/Programmer/Guitarist/Composer/Arranger/Engineer/Producer.My strengths are all in the creative process since i have to have a studio facility around me at all times i'm always laying down stuff and coming up with musical ideas.Hence my own studio Vibe Productions.I mainly compose instrumental music,and I also write music for other musicians and vocalists with their lyrics.My past experiences include Live Playing,Gigging,Touring,Recording Studio Session work,Composing for other vocalists,Composing music for radio Jingles,Short Film,I can compose music for TV and Film also.Why would somebody choose me over someone else with a similar skill set? Have a very strong work ethic for starters,plus i do my best to give the client/customer what he or she is looking for ,if they want something catchy and i can give them that but if they want something thats different and original i can give them that also.
This is my pitch
Composer/Musician/Producer/Engineer Available for Studio Projects

Producer/Musician/Composer/Engineer will Record and Produce your song(s).Send me your ideas ,Chord Progressions,Lyrics, by e-mail also on Mp3 or Wave file format ,or you can even phone your ideas in,and i'll send back to you a finished product fully mixed and mastered to Mp3,or Wave file formats or onto an audio CD master.CD Duplication is also available, I do song and album projects, Ep projects .I also do music for short film ,documentaries,and for TV.Visit my website at .
date: Feb 10, 2015
by marcus davis | 

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