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CD REVIEW: The Tonewelders - Five Sticks
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: The Tonewelders
Genre: Alternative Pop
CD Review:
An alt-pop band with some clever lyrics and fun tunes. But I think what I like best about the band already is their choice of different song subjects. Even if they aren't Not love songs, at least you don't Think they're love songs. Confused? Okay, let's quote from the 1st song 'I'll Take A Little' - 'but i'll take a little / a little of the way it used to be / when I had you and you put up with me / now all I need is hope and sympathy / and something I can't have / I must say / I do play / a mean second fiddle / I may need a lot / but i'll take a little.'

I wish more bands would do different things like what The Tonewelders are doing. 'if I could take my own advice / I would be on a plane to memphis / if I could only do what's right / I would be gone / I would be gone and that would be fine'. The tune is, incredibly, called 'If I Could Take My Own Advice', which reminds me of a cross between REM and country.

The Latin feel of 'What The I Ching Says''s beginning threw me for a minute, but then the vocals and guitars start and I know we're back into pop. 'when should I plant my seeds / should I finish my degree / should I set my mind on higher things / will I get a raise or a rare disease / will instant karma break both my knees.' Yeah, let's see what the I Ching says.

You know, this guy's voice reminds me of the lead singer of Men At Work. A little. It's a good band. Personally I'd favor more up-uptempo songs, but what you've got here is good stuff, esp. in terms of alt-messages and twisty lyrics. G-good job.

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