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CD REVIEW: The Flyin' Ryan Brothers - Totality
By Jarrod Brogdon - 09/15/2008 - 09:44 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Flyin' Ryan Brothers
Album: Totality
Genre: Guitar Instrumental
CD Review:

An instrumental CD requires careful consideration.  The technical qualities of the CD have to be perfect to compensate for the absence of vocals.  As more attention is focused on each instrument, so is extra attention given to production and sound quality.  This recording steps up to the plate and delivers a genre-crossing instrumental extravaganza.  Engineering and production captures every beat, bass pluck, bent note, and lead lick. 

The Flyin' Ryan Brothers are an incredible multi-instrumentalist duo. Jimmy and Johnny Ryan performed all double guitar leads on the disc in real-time.  Jimmy plays Electric Guitars, Lap Steel, Flutar, Glockenspiel, Sitar, and Theremin.  Johnny is credited for Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Accordian, Sitar, and Keyboards.

The rhythm section is William Kopecky on Bass and Johnny Mrozek on Percussion and Drums.  Kudos to these guys for keeping such a tight, tight pocket for the Ryan brothers to unleash their talents over.   

Bluesy, anthemic, Irish-Celtic, and sometimes other-worldly, this release is an amazing display of guitar mastery.  The musicianship between these two brothers is incredibly thicker than blood. 

Standout Tracks are “Heritage”, "The Crosses of Annagh", “Free to Fly”, and “The Choir of Eden”.

Verdict:  The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers soar to “Totality” with the release of this tremendous CD.

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