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CD REVIEW: Slow Burning Car - The Scattering - (VOL. II)
By Cyrus Rhodes - 05/03/2010 - 05:04 PM EDT

Artist: Slow Burning Car
Album: The Scattering - (VOL. II)
Label: Trifonic Records
Genre: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal and Art Rock
Sounds Like: Ozzy Osborne,
Technical Grade: 10/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8/10
Commercial Value: 6/10
Overall Talent Level: 8/10
Songwriting Skills: 7/10
Performance Skill: 8/10
Best Songs: Adama, Fabians Stroll, In the Trees
Weakness: Suffers from Musical Identity Criris, Hard to classify
CD Review:

LA based Slow Buring Car releases their second CD “The Scattering Volume 2”  on June 18, 2009. Based on what I’ve read on their My Space Page this 5 piece should offer a huge amount of musical variety. Their tag line reads - “The True Diversity of Rock.”

Logging in at just over 46 minutes the CD kicks “Adama” a interesting intro piece that serves up a barrage of progressive rock soundscapes, catchy vocal accents, & rich melodic layering from lead singer Troy Spiropoulos. Track 2 :”Ghola” shifts gears a bit with driving rhythms, more distorted guitar attack, & sinister vocal accents from Spiropoulos reminiscent of Ozzy Osborne. Track 3 “Zeus” serves up interesting guitar ambience, & more progressive rock persona reminiscent of classic Black Sabbath. As the CD slowly burns, SBC is one of those bands band that is to say the very challenging to pigeonhole, or classify right away. There tag line –“The True Diversity of Rock.” is 100% accurate. Look at their list of musical influences you will notice bands ranging from Roxy Music, to The Rolling Stones, from Slayerto Queens of the Stone Age. This musical diversity definitely transcends into Spiropoulos’ vocal style. Along the way you will hear vocal influences ranging from Anthony Keidis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Mike Patton (Faith No More) & Ozzy Osborne (Black Sabbath).SBC crosses so many musical boundaries offering flashes of hi- Adrenalin Punk, R&B, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, & even Heavy Metal. Many songs on this CD will take you in a million different directions. SBC also brings to the table a wide range of instrumentation. You will notice rich musical textures overflowing everywhere from sizzling guitar pyrotechnics, driving drums, piano, to exotic synthesizer & keyboard accents. The overdubbing is packed to the hilt, & is chopped full of exotic soundscapes that lunge at you from every direction. From hard hitting “Blowback” & “In the Trees” to hooky “Marry Me” to passionate “Siren” there's not a dull moment on the entire production. “Call My Bluff” & “First Class” cross the line into R&B territory while “Harcum Scarum” will remind you of classic & carefree Cheap Trick. The CD ends with “Fabians Stroll” a tripped out finale statement painted against a canvass of psychedelic rock, & blues. I believe this last song personifies what Spiropoulos & Co. are really all about. A whacked out, rock driven musical statement, that is in itself is interesting as hell, & refuses to be pinned down quickly or easily.    

This production is a bit all over the place for me. Though it offers a huge amount of musical diversity, & variety – it crosses to many musical boundaries. At the end of the day it spreads itself way too thin. Due to this Musical Identity Crisis many of the songs don’t even sound like the same band. Like the aforementioned, this transcends into the vocals, as Spiropoulos doesn't even sound like the same singer song to song.

From start to finish “The Scattering” VOL 2” is one of the most tripped out musical experience I’ve ever encountered. It’s strength - is is its amazing originality & musical diversity, & unique musical personality. Overall it's extremely consistent, original, & very melodic. The musicianship is clearly above the bar, & it’s obvious Spiropoulos is the brain child behind this entire operation. Spiropoulos deserves a lot of credit here, for sharing with us his brilliant musical vision, & passionate vocal feel.. As a songwriter he has my respect, & I admire any artist out there that who can be themselves musically. letting the chips fall where they may. I would as far as to say Troy Spiropoulos is a modern day Frank Zappa. Make no bones about it SBC is one of those bands that’s extremely hard to pin down, But is you long for a more tripped out musical experience, astray from the mainstream standard - then you should definitely dedicate 46 minutes to Slow Buring Car’s "The Scattering” When the fire is finally out you will be dazzled by it’s originality, overwhelmed by it’s mystery, & mesmerized by it’s sheer unpredictability. 

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