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CD REVIEW: Sintetico Ministerio - Sintetico Ministerio
By Cyrus Rhodes - 10/10/2009 - 12:41 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Sintetico Ministerio
Album: Sintetico Ministerio
Label: Independent
Genre: Electronica, drum'n'bass, trip-hop and trance
Sounds Like: Wolfsheim, Beborn Betton
Technical Grade: 7/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 6/10
Commercial Value: 8/10
Overall Talent Level: 6/10
Songwriting Skills: 7/10
Performance Skill: 6/10
Best Songs: Perfect Together
Weakness: Unorthodox vocal delivery, Extended play song format
CD Review: Synth Techno group Sintetico Ministerio hails from Brazil. The band is comprised of 3 core members; female vocalist Snow Lacamia, male vocalist Gutisk, and programmer Jhonny Darko. Internet pressence for this band is above average.

Sintetico Ministerio in English means Synth Ministry, hence Sintetico is like saying Synthpop in European. As the CD unfolds you will notice many interesting electronic soundscapes, driving rhythms, and pulsating bass groves layered throughout the CD. Enter the sinister vocal tandems of Snow and Gutisk the music gets even more dark and foreboding. Both vocalist work well together harmoniously with Snow in the forefront and Gutisk providing the low-end harmony support. This music itself is impressive blend of modern trancelike dance groves with industrial-esque type vibes, with a goth-like aftertaste. Some songs give off a creepy NIN vibe, while others make a more cheerful impression reminiscent of classic 80’s techno. All the pieces are extremely diverse, and extremely easy to dance to, all possessing solid bottom end rhythms and beats. The overall mix goes down clean, and is effective within the context of this genre. The strongest pieces on this CD are clearly “Perfect Together” and “Never Leave”. On these 2 pieces the real SM signature sound shines through brilliantly, providing both driving rhythms, coupled with Snows appealing melodic vocals. On “Perfect Together” Snow really delivers dominatrix-type vocal parts reminiscent of Lady Gaga that takes no prisoners. Well done!   

Despite all of the above, this CD is not without a few negatives. Male vocalist Gutisk takes pride in being a vampire-goth type singer which his image clearly dictates. Unfortunately his vocal style lacks serious melodic structure. Over time his sinister baritone will take a major toll on you, and at times it can be extremely hard to swallow. On pieces like “Clasura” and “Alien”, and “Labyrinth of Torments” his vocals are served overly-growled, and will have you starving for a melody. Though I give him high marks for his originality and visual image, his vocal style is extremely unorthodox. If you can get past the reverb overdosing, Snow’s vocal style however does possess strong sex appeal, and is pleasing to the ear . On some songs she clearly plays it safe, avoiding any serious risks that would showcase an elite vocal talent. But what the hell her voice and image are above the bar, and work well within the context of this genre. A few of the pieces are a bit winded, and as a result will drag you to the finish line.

Overall this CD has some very impressive moments. It’s strong suit of Sintetico Ministerio is it’s rich diversity, strong musical textures, and impressive originality. No doubt they are a grand slam live, which is reserved entirely for another time and another review. Sintetico Ministerio works best when served loud to riled-up trancelike crowds pushing the envelope hard well into the night. Like most new bands Sintetico Ministerio should let their best material pave the way as their sound continues to grow and evolve. Like many popular bands just starting out this usually means their best material, best show, best years in the music business are yet to come.     

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