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CD REVIEW: Rockenfield/Speer - Hells Canyon
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Rockenfield/Speer
Genre: Ambient
CD Review:
When ‘Seven Devils’ begins, I have to stand back and thank God I’m a reviewer. I might have missed getting this instrumental delight otherwise. But now: I get to tell everyone within the type of my e-voice to GO GET THIS ALBUM. If. If you really dig listening to horror movie soundtracks just for the fun and spirit their dead, rotting corpses bring to the cd player. Yes, I am heavily reminded of an updated Goblin (that’s a group from the 70s), and I have to say, Mr. George Romero, if you’re seeking composers for whenever you get your new zombie movie up, just listen to ‘Chant of the Fathers’ and see if it doesn’t write the scene in the script For you. And of course if ‘Carved In Stone’ ain’t end credit music, I’ve never seen Firestarter. Right now for the 5th time I’m deeply engrossed in ‘Coyote’, howling along with the wind in front of the not-too-loud rock guitar, drums and keys, giving the listener a clear picture as to what’s going on. What’s going on? That depends on you, dear listener. To me, they are getting closer....

This 11 track, 46 minute present comes from an important duo, you know. Scott Rockenfield is part of the legendary Queensryche, and Paul Speer got himself a couple of Emmy awards for music videos; he’s also produced or engineered about 90 albums. With that sort of professional savvy, it’s no wonder the cd sounds as gleaming as it does. Smooth, kick-ass, full of wonder (especially things like ‘River of No Return’), electronic, surreal craft, busy beauty: in mostly 4+ minute songs, allowing you to get your head right around the entire musical landscape, as it’s painted for you. Sweet, sweet music, well suited to your adventure game, or some great blue sky day when you only have the time to listen.

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