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CD REVIEW: Moodafaruka - La Luna Lounge
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Moodafaruka
Genre: World
CD Review:
A very fine cd filled with jazz mystique and otherworld promise. Suppose world music and jazz had a kid, this might be that child at age 44 minutes long. Nicely recorded as well, at a good volume. When 'Baghdad Radio' booms to life with bass and note twirling acoustic guitar, you feel good.

'Hispaniola Moss' is equally intriguing as an instrumental guitar piece with a soft voice and a strong whisper. While the title song 'La Luna Lounge' keeps perfect clock time in your head throughout with its melodic rhythm going from ear to ear in your headphones.

'Sun, Moon, Sun' reminds of something Steve Howe might attempt on his acoustic album. Except that the percussions here are wild and worth a repeat play. You can thank Terrence Karn for all the interesting beats this cd carries. While Rom Ryan handles the pluck of the guitar that makes the Moodafaruka into something very special. Of course lovely sounds like 'Sleepy Shiva' don't hurt either. A nice flute solo begins this, in the echo of the mountain. Jon Anderson, you can't compete.

Instrumentals and a few non-English vocal tracks make this a cd to buy. It's soft and at times biting, especially when Karn starts thumping.

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