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CD REVIEW: Jimmy Robinson - Vibrating Strings
By Don Sechelski - 04/28/2009 - 09:32 PM EDT

Artist: Jimmy Robinson
Album: Vibrating Strings
Genre: Acoustic folk/blues/jazz
Technical Grade: 10/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10/10
Commercial Value: 10/10
Overall Talent Level: 10/10
Songwriting Skills: 10/10
Performance Skill: 10/10
Best Songs: Long Slow Fall, Drinking Buddies, Big Blue
CD Review:

Vibrating Strings, the new debut solo CD from legendary New Orleans guitarist, Jimmy Robinson arrived in my mailbox today and blew my mind. This is, quite simply, the best new album Iíve heard this year. This stunning tour de force features the virtuoso Robinson on guitars and vocals and heís joined by Theresa Anderson on violin and vocal, the Bonerama Horn Section, and Susan Cowsill on vocals.

But itís Robinsonís stunning guitar work that is the star here. Coupled with his soulful vocal and some well written songs, the result is spellbinding.  Robinsonís influences range from blues to classical to flamenco to country to rock as he mixes a percussive style with sparkling runs to create a truly unique sound. Many of the songs on the CD are breathtaking instrumentals in which Robinson seems to almost attack the guitar with the ferocity of his playing. When he sings, his whisky smooth voice has to vie for center stage with a dazzling accompaniment. Big Blue, the opening cut is an instrumental that perfectly illustrates Robinsonís mesmerizing guitar style. Jaw dropping runs cascade with a relentless percussive attack on the strings.

Long Slow Fall, the second song, features a soulful vocal by Robinson and Theresa Andersonís soothing violin and should be a hit on the radio. Brian OíNeal is simply amazing. Robinsonís tribute to another New Orleans musician is poignant and moving as he moves through a series of bell harmonics to a beautiful melancholy melody. Every song on Vibrating Strings is a revelation. He covers The Wind Cries Mary with help from the Bonerama Horns that almost sounds like a slow New Orleans funeral march.

I cannot say enough about this album. Its fresh unique sound and virtuoso guitar from Robinson stand out like jewels amongst glass. You will hear from Jimmy Robinson again. Someone this strikingly talented cannot go unnoticed. Go find a copy of Vibrating Strings. If you love incredible guitar work and well crafted songs, youíll be spreading the word too. This is my album of the year.

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