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CD REVIEW: Falling You - Blush
By Cyrus Rhodes - 12/02/2013 - 06:00 PM EST

Artist: Band: Falling You
Album: Blush
Label: Independent Artist
Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronic Rock and Dance Rock
Sounds Like: Cocteau Twins. Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Sarah McLaughlin, Celine Dion
Technical Grade: 7/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 7/10
Commercial Value: 5/10
Overall Talent Level: 7/10
Songwriting Skills: 5/10
Performance Skill: 8/10
Best Songs: I Dream Ascending, Dodi Li, Man Up Ladies, Auora
Weakness: Winded Songs and catalogue, repetitive catalogue, more vocal risktaking and emotional power
CD Review: Blush", the 6th record from Falling You. This is a fascinating musical project featuring Ambient Composer John Zorko with several female vocalists backing him up. This approach is a bit unorthodox but brilliant nonetheless. Zorko is the singular composer but he brings to the table 10 female vocalists (Erica Mulkey, Colleen Segale, Dru Allen, Summer Bowman, Artemis Robinson, Rabbitt Quinn, Noga Vilozny, Danielle Colbeck, Amelia Higan, RaVen Lakins) The atmosphere remains ethereal, the perspective remains optimistic. There are innumerable events, large and small, which happen all over the world which can induce a smile on our face and a gentle tug at our heart, if we only let them. This album is about celebrating those unexpected, yet beautiful moments.

The CD gently takes flight with “And When We Meet” a smooth intro groove that serves up an inviting vocal presence against impressive earthy fretwork, smooth as silk rhythm section and mesmerizing ambiance from Colleen Segale. Track 2 “Destiny’s Reins” presents a striking, steady moving piece that serves up a methodical musical build with a passionate melodic delivery with heartfelt vocals from Erica Mulkey that flows and ebbs its way through to emotional fruition. Track 3 “I Dream Ascending” delivers another hypnotic melody with impressive sonic ambiance, thought provoking lyrical content and mesmerizing vocals from Dru Allen. The production quality is impressive and the singing is above the bar. Along the way you will notice an array of instrumentation with things like Sonic Sound Effects, Electroni Beat and percussive layering Guitar, Bass, ambient accents, lush harmonies all built upon a electro-pop rhythmic foundation. Song for song the combination of Celtic-Alternative Pop meshed with Zorko’s musical presence is impressive. Now turning our attention over to all vocalists - as for their vocal abilities each singer fills the sonic space peacefully and unobtrusively. Vocal style from all 10 is cut from the cloth of Cocteau Twins (Elizabeth Frazier) Sarah McLaughlin, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, and Celine Dion. It definitely works well within the confines of this contemporary Sonic-Pop catalog. I can hear impressive vibrato, falsetto and overall vocal passion clearly showcases a strong and confident vocal ability. I especially like how all voices just sort of flows and ebbs melodically with the music. No doubt she has solid musical instincts behind the microphone. Equally as impressive is the production instincts of Zorko. This CD from Falling You delivers 11 compelling tracks all providing an interesting snapshot of an amazing artist with thought provoking subject matter and lyrical wisdom. All pieces are striking, captivating, positive, passionate and extremely compelling. From hypnotic “Unfurling”, to invigorating “Aurora” to melodic “Blush” to  striking  “Dodi Li” to rocking “Man Up Ladies” this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with track 11 “A Very Powerful Idea” the perfect wrap for a catalog like this.

All songs over 3.5 minutes tend to drag you to the finish line. Catalog tends to be very winded. Zorko could trim off 20% easily by cutting to the chase on some sequences. Drums sound a bit thin lacking think low end punch. Catalog tends to be a bit repetitive overall. Some of the vocalist featured on Blush could use more in the way of melodic layering and well placed vocal harmonies. I also wish I heard more vocal risk taking and emotional power throughout. Mixing though adequate lacks a modern dynamic.

I like everything about Falling You. This musical approach by Zorko (picking many female vocalist against his music) is brilliant. H is the only constant to Falling You. All vocalist with Zorko backing them present an infectious backdrop. The music is compelling, sonic, impassioned, uplifting and melodic. The pin drop moments are to die for and the songwriting craft is an interesting snapshot of music delivered from many clairvoyant artists.

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