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CD REVIEW: David Silva - Moorpark Oasis
By Jean-Baptiste Collinet - 11/15/2010 - 04:50 PM EST

Artist: David Silva
Album: Moorpark Oasis
Label: Moorpark Songs
Genre: Country/Folk
Technical Grade: 9/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9/10
Commercial Value: 10/10
Overall Talent Level: 9/10
Songwriting Skills: 9/10
Performance Skill: 9/10
CD Review: A few ago, I was reading an excellent book, and I was struck by a simple yet compelling sentence:

"There are no artists on the assembly line."
The same day, I received David's CD, Moorpark Oasis.

Was it a coincidence?

David is definitely different. He was not made by following rules. The beauty of this is that he is absolutely in a class of his own, and I really appreciate it.

I'm reviewing the album of an artist who started in the 70's...We're in 2010. That's a lot of time. That's a lot of life.

It's all about, using David's very own words: "love, surrender, and garlic". Nothing can be more true.

I want to give you an overview (for the first time since I'm reviewer), song by song, of the characteristic sound I had the privilege to hear.

The tracklist goes as follows.

1.Guitars and shady ladies:
Country song. A rhythmic "pump", reminding me Django Reinhardt, gives the pace. Pretty driving and happy sounding. Many short changes and shifts. Great instrumentation and use of additional effects.

Very bluesy with bits of country. Mid-paced. Very nice guitar licks, reminding me Mark Knopfler. Tasty solo playing. Short but full song.

3.Hal's train song:
A nostalgic, softer atmosphere than the previous songs.Solid drum backbeat.Bluesy guitar licks with what I now call the "Silva's trademark": his fast tremolo picking. A delicate voice, always on pitch, as fluent as a spoken voice.

Well named song! The brushes on the snare drum give an impression of movement. Nice bass lines, underlining David's unmistakable guitar licks.

5.Coffee shop:
Again, the drive of the previous song is quieted by a mellow intro. Perfect guitar playing with a pure tone.Well crafted, flawless scale runs, always where and when they are expected(the listener will be delighted!)Climaxes built with very few raw material.Very good job.

6.September bride:
Slow-pace country, ballad.Really mellow, soothing. Some "doo-dooh's" instead of lyrics, momentarily.

Country-folk song.The orchestration reaches deep inside. There's a real artist-listener communication. Light yet tasty and bluesy guitar licks. Very personal phrasing, very enjoyable as it breaks the rules of the genre. Flawless low and high-range vocals.

8.It will all be perfect:
Light "pump" rhythm guitar, quite a lullaby. Somehow melancholic, but never dull.

9.Seafood at the Holiday Inn:
Energetic bass and drums, driving the song. Bursts of punchy vocals, always between sung and spoken (I call that "sprechgesang".) Again, tasty guitar licks!

10.Life is good (since you said goodbye):
Country-folk song. Joyful, full of hand claps. Excellent use of additional effects. Guitar burnt up and down! Even more enjoyable if listened louder than all of the other songs on the album.

I hope that you realize how rich and diverse this album is. It blew me away.

I confess that I am still singing some of David's songs under my shower two weeks after the first listen...

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