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CD REVIEW: Dashdown - Rock & Roll Vacation
By Dan Cohen - 11/04/2010 - 12:32 PM EDT

Artist: Dashdown
Album: Rock & Roll Vacation
Genre: Rock
Sounds Like: replacements, fugazi, soundgarden
Best Songs: Rock & Roll Vacation, Alternative Days, Time Out. Love U,
CD Review:

DIY pervades this down and dirty entry from Dashdown, aka Dave Ashdown, stalwart of Chicago’s music scene who moved to the Bronx in 2008. First tune ‘Don’t Know What I Want’ is a little thin, but with a great guitar solo. Album gets cooking with ‘We Gotta Fix It’, a funky rock groove with shouting kids in intro and an overdriven, edgy sound. ‘Time Out’ is a pretty standard rocker, but with a good groove. Calling All Cars premised on the shocking proposition that ‘we live in our cars’, but again has a fine rough-edged vocals &  rock sound. Title track is a nice change of pace, uptempo but with mostly acoustic guitars, Replacements channelled thru Peter Paul and Mary. Nice groove but missed comic opportunity on ‘Chick from Outer Space’. NSB has overtones of Iggy’s Rich Bitch off his classic live album Metallic KO.  Self-produced with slapdash immediacy (I get the feeling all tracks were waxed the same weekend, if not the same session-- not a bad thing, mind you...) the disc is saved from terminal murk by mastering of Andrew Garver, whose previous work includes Soundgarden, Sheryl Crow and Madonna.

Subtle it ain't. But if you’re looking for a loud, loose, rough and tumble rock record, take this Rock and Roll Vacation.

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