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CD REVIEW: The Cry Ugly - Book of Dreams
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: The Cry Ugly
Genre: Pop
CD Review:
52 minute cd. When I first started it spinning, I thought I was playing a cdrom game. Minimal mood music and sound effects. And the cd booklet reminds me of Meat Loaf's last album, Welcome to the Neighborhood, a nifty book-like feel.

They have an interesting sound, a different way of recording almost. Listen to 'Falling In Love' and see if you're not taken back to Lennon's early-70s kind of soft-voice, non-filter croon from the heart stuff. Even the lyrics are simple enough for John's style - 'girl, I don't know what i'd reply / if you asked me straight off / if our thing's based on love / cause I am afraid I might cry'.

I'll admit I wouldn't write titles like 'You and I' and 'End of Time' because I'd be afraid they'd be confused with lots of other titles. But 'Tomorrow Morning' is fun pop pump that, again, feels like early Beatles, but with more instruments thrown in. And in stereo of course. 'she don't know what each one knows / she makes me go wrong / she made me get up and write this song / it won't take long / the feeling is strong'.

They are a Dutch band and prolific Andrew Vroomans wrote all the songs. He's also the lead vocals. He also sent me the cd. With this sort of talent and dedication, this could be a world-conquering band someday. Not like Hitler, but you know.

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