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CD REVIEW: Chewing On Tinfoil - Get Rich Or Try Dyin'
By Don Sechelski - 07/26/2009 - 06:28 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Chewing On Tinfoil
Album: Get Rich Or Try Dyin'
Genre: ska-punk
Best Songs: Under The Lampost, Exchequer Religion, Dancefloor
CD Review:

Call it high energy ska, ska-punk, or ska-billy, Chewing On Tinfoil is doing it. Their infectious pop-ska songs are showcased nicely on their debut release, Get Rich Or Try Dyin’. Their “in-your-face-who-gives-a-shit” attitude shines through every song with these lines from Breso, the opening cut: “You’ll be dead longer than you’re alive” and “Where did the time go, who left the light on?”

Chewing On Tinfoil is a Dublin based quintet consisting of Stu on bass, double bass, and mouth organ. Anto plays guitar, SOS is also on guitar, Ben is on drums, and Westy on keys. Stu, Anto, and Westy take vocal duties and the band is listed as writer on all songs but one. The band claims that the album was recorded in a remote cottage in the Irish mountains that sits on the gravesite of an excommunicated, fornicating monk. It must be his spirit that comes through in their irreverent , witty songs.

Exchequer Religion is one of my favorite cuts on the CD. The boys sing, “Save me? You should save yourself. Do you question your conscience when you’re wrestling with wealth?” The next cut on the CD is the high energy cut, Dancefloor. Piece Together is another good cut with the opening lines, “Well if you feel the need to take your life, Then I say give it back. ‘Cause I’m sure I could find someone else that needs one more than you.”

Get Rich Or Try Dyin’ doesn’t break any new ground but it’s a solid effort from a tight band. The CD does a great job of delivering their witty, high energy songs. It brought a smile to my face.

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