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CD REVIEW: Kate Bennett - Over the Moon
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Kate Bennett
Genre: Folk
CD Review:
45 minutes after Kate's cd finally spun itself to a stop, I was a fan. Her folk-styled, gentle-spirit approach to songwriting and the production therein make this an exceptional indie cd for the acoustic genre. Her voice shines like sun on honey sometimes. Almost seems a shame to keep her locked up in a studio. Yeah, she makes Really Good quality songs in there, but she sounds like the type who needs to be playing all the arts festivals: strapped on guitar, leaning into the fresh-air mic. 'there's a rainbow over the riviera / and blue sky everywhere / this storm has finally passed / I am over you, I was over the moon / head and heals over the moon'. This is the first (and title) song 'Over the Moon', a tropical plant growing naturally out of love and fat-free ingredients.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, because it's more than folk. In fact, it might be a disorganized crime to call it that. True, the guitar is acoustic, and there's a smooth vocaled woman launching songs about 'Dangerous Wind' and 'The Gift', but the music has a richer texture than an old guy with a harmonica in his mouth ranting. Luckily we are treated to 'and if it's time, spirit be my guide / and help me to be wise / indigo blue in luminescent hues / ocean and sky are one' pictures, from 'Indigo Blue' and beyond.

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