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CD REVIEW: Beldock & Watson - Just Like You And Me
By Don Sechelski - 07/21/2008 - 11:56 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Beldock and Watson
Album: Just Like You And Me
Genre: Acoustic folk/blues/jazz
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10.0
CD Review:

I’m lucky, I guess. I have a big county style front porch with a nice, lazy swing. That’s the perfect place to listen to Just Like You And Me, the new CD release from Beldock and Watson.  David Beldock and Peggy Watson are San Diego area troubadours who have joined forces to create a charming, relaxed, down-home CD of songs that range in style from folk to jazz.

Beldock carries most of the instrumental burden. He plays guitar, banjo, electric bass, and keyboards as well as contributing throaty baritone vocals. Peggy Watson plays guitar and brings a sweetly beautiful voice to the mix. Jeff Berkley and Pete Harrison provide some occasional percussion and acoustic bass respectively, but Beldock and Watson are best presented simply. The first song, Feel The Wind, is a good example. Beldock’s crisp fingerpicking and the harmonies by Beldock and Watson are sublime.

The duo shares the songwriting and vocal chores, sometimes trading off. For example, Watson sings lead on Beldock’s composition, Jesus On The Radio and makes it her own. Beldock’s tunes tend to be jazzier while Watson pens the more folky melodies but they both excel as songwriters. Catchy, well constructed melodies compliment intelligent, witty lyrics.

Leave Her Behind is a bluesy piece from Beldock that features some very tasty guitar. His baritone is perfect for this song as he sings, “you try to act tough but you feel scared.” Second Chance is a choice little tidbit. It’s a short swing/jazz song that features Beldock on guitar and keyboard. Watson joins in for some sweet harmony and the result is magical.

Beldock’s guitar work shines again and again on this CD. Downtown By The River features him playing electric blues while the duo harmonizes.

Peggy Watson takes center stage with her song, The One I Love. Her guitar leads the way through this sweet melody while David Beldock provides a soft baritone harmony to her soprano lead. She shines again on Tom’s Song, a look back at first love. Her voice and guitar are reminiscent of Joan Baez while Beldock contributes some unobtrusive background harmony and guitar.

With simple, but tasty, arrangements and down-home harmonies, this CD has a very intimate feel. The production values are excellent; the song writing is crisp and impeccable. Just Like You And Me is perfect for relaxed listening on the front porch or anywhere else for that matter. Beldock and Watson ably demonstrate why they are among San Diego’s most respected song writers and performers.

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