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Helpful Resources
Here's where you'll find information galore, including your nearest organization, tons of articles, previous issues of The Muse's News, chat listings across the web, logs of previous chats, career tips and industry news, contest listings and market information, and lots more!

Reference Guide For Beginning Songwriters
Looking for all the most useful resources on The Muse's Muse to help while you're just getting started? Here is a handy reference that will be your guide to the articles, tips and tools that are most helpful to you here as you learn the craft.

Reference Guide For Professional Songwriters
For those of you a little further along in your songwriting aspirations, here's a guide to the most useful resources here that will help you get your songs noticed.

The Muse's News
The website's monthly e-zine and newsletter had its first issue released in March 1998. 13,000+ subscribers later (and growing!) the newsletter is one of the most popular features of The Muse's Muse.  Why not check it out for yourself?

Songwriting Organizations
A huge listing of various songwriting organizations around the world.   If you feel your organization should be listed here too, please do contact me!  I'll be happy to add it.

The Music Organizations MegaList
Jerry Flattum has done an excellent job compiling this extremely comprehensive listing of music organizations around the web - their mandate, their areas of expertise, their contact information & more.

The Entertainment Cyberscope 
Compiled by Jerry Flattum, this is an extensive guide to entertainment on the Internet for the songwriter, musician and entertainment industry professional. It is an exploration in the creative, technical, social/cultural, media and business realms of the entertainment industry as a whole, but with a focus on music.

Articles on Songwriting
Just what it says. Tons of original articles on songwriting written by industry professionals and amateurs alike.  If you're interested in submitting an article to be included in this list or for inclusion in the newsletter, I'd love to hear from you.

Logs of Previous Chats
Here's where you'll find the logs of all the wonderful guest speakers that have been by the Songwriting Lounge. Hopefully, they'll intrigue you enough to show up for our regular chat gatherings at 9pm Eastern on Mondays.

Music Publications
Another wonderful listing supplied by Jerry Flattum.  Looking for a music publication?  You're very likely to find what you're looking for here.

Songwriting Contests & Market Information
Just what they say and handy indeed.  If you're looking for a songwriting contest to enter or information on how you can improve your craft, record your demo or attend a seminar, this is definitely the place to look.  If you are representing any of the above, contact me and I'll be happy to list you too!

Suggested Reading:
A list of songwriting books that are a worthy addition to any songwriter's library and including the books that I review in the newsletter. These books are a great source of inspiration and definitely recommended.

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Help for Newcomers
Helpful Resources
Helpful Resources
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