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About the Muse's Muse
Want to know a little bit more about who runs this place? You can see my "Online Recording Resume" and listen to some of my tunes if you like. Information on how you can advertise your service, product or web site on The Muse's Muse - and why you might want to, can be found here. The "Kind Words" section is purely for my own fragile ego. ;-)

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Information on the latest newsworthy happenings here at The Muse's Muse.

Kind Words
Some of the nice things people have said about this site in the past and a listing of some of the awards The Muse's Muse has been lucky enough to receive.

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The media kit and rate card can be found here.  Prices are negotiable but this is a starting point.

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Are you interested in linking to this site from your own? Here you'll find a selection of buttons and banners you can use for just such a purpose, along with suggestions for straight text links, if that's what you'd prefer. All the coding is there. Though I'd really REALLY appreciate it if you actually scooped the images and uploaded them to your own site rather than referring to them here. Thanks for your support!

Voice Overs & Vocals by Jodi

Urban Tapestry
Yes, I'm in a band myself (also mentioned in my Recording Resume) - a folk band with a quirky twist. Here's our web page if you'd like to have a look. Our CDs and tapes can be ordered through this link too. You can also listen to song clips from our albums.

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Help for Newcomers
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Helpful Resources
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About the  Muse's Muse
About Muse's Muse
Kind Words
Voice Overs & Vocals
Urban Tapestry
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