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The Album:

Karen Linsley’s CD, "Road To Roswell", is a musical journey through a science fiction/fantasy landscape of original stories told in song. The title track – the Pegasus Award winner for the best SF/Fantasy song of 1997 – is the emotional tale of an alien abduction that changes the lives of two women from different worlds. This epic tale sets the tone for the varied themes explored on the album. Karen and partner Lloyd Landa’s musical odyssey takes you from horror to comedic satire, longing for love, to legends about mythical horses and avenging saviours. Musically, the album blends folk, country and pop influences in a way that enhances the stories told.

The Road To Roswell Album CoverThe 30 minute CD also includes "Nobody Knows that I’m Really an Alien", "Spirit of the Wind", "Manual Labour", "I Walk the Night", "Rider of the Night", and "By the River". The album, engineered to radio air play standards by Adam Faux at Umbrella Sound, Toronto, features performances by John P. Allan of Prairie Oyster on violin, Ben Grossman, one of Canada’s leading bodhran players, Jeff MacPherson (Charlie Major) on drums, Debbie Ridpath Ohi (Urban Tapestry), flute, Noah Zacharin, Guitar and Downtown Freddy Brown, bass. All vocals and several tracks of acoustic guitar were done by Linsley, while Landa played all keyboard and piano tracks.

Karen and Lloyd continue to be acclaimed for their work. Their composition "Pioneers of Mars" was awarded first prize in the Mars Society's Rouget de Lisle songwriting competition, the purpose of which was to find an official anthem for Mars exploration. Tragically, Lloyd did live to experience this honour. He passed away of a heart attack only 10 days before the song's public debut at the Third International Mars Society Convention, where Karen performed with tears in her eyes to a standing ovation. Exhorting the audience of Mars enthusiasts Linsley exclaimed, "Get to Mars. And when the notes of this song are heard on Marian soil, he will live again. In the words of Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zuberin, "I have never been so moved."

Today, both the song and Lloyd's dreams for it, have found new life in the release of To Touch The Stars, a CD of music that celebrates the history and future of human space exploration. Pioneers of Mars and the Linsley/Landa penned The Challenge are featured prominently in the CD, which has received an enthusiastic endorsement from the legendary Apollo 11 Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin. As he stated so eloquently, "As someone who has actually set foot on the threshold of space and experienced firsthand its majesty and the incredible potential it holds for the human race, I am thrilled by this new collection of original songs celebrating the beginnings of our great endeavor to reach for the stars."

Song Samples:

* Excerpt from "Nobody Knows that I'm Really an Alien": CLICK HERE
* Excerpt from "Spirit of the Wind": CLICK HERE
* Excerpt from "The Road To Roswell": CLICK HERE

* Excerpt from "Rider Of The Night": CLICK HERE

* Excerpt from "The Challenge": CLICK HERE
* Excerpt from "Pioneers of Mars": CLICK HERE

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Ordering Information:

To order The Road To Roswell online, visit Karen's CD Baby page,

or call 1-800-448-6369 to place an order with CD Baby over the phone.

To order To Touch the Stars, visit www.totouchthestars.com

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Upcoming Engagements:

* November 19 - 21, 2010- SFContario (www.sfcontario.ca), Filk Guest of Honour
- Karen will be performing at opening ceremonies on Friday, and a full concert on Saturday.

* April 1 - 3, 2011 - FilKONtario (www.filkontario.ca) Filk waif (toastmistress) and performer

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About Karen:

Karen Linsley’s other credits include an Aurora award for her filk music, a nomination for outstanding new country artist (RPM Big Country Awards) for the Linsley/Landa hit single "Somebody Else’s Heart" and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Toronto.

Landa was a successful composer for many years; several songs were nominated for audio/visual and video awards. This year, his filk song “I am Stardust” was nominated for a Pegasus award in the category of Best Classic Filk Song.

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