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Promotional Hints for Musicians

Jodi Krangle By Jodi Krangle

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I really didn't think I'd be doing this, to be honest. I thought, "I'm no expert. Sure, I put this web site together, but I don't write the articles. I just talk to a lot of talented people and edit things." Well... I'm still no expert. ;-) However, I have to admit that I seem to have learned a few things over the years this site has been online. The Muse's Muse has been around since 1995! I can hardly believe it myself. When others started offering their articles for me to put online, I was surprised - and extremely grateful. I'm still extremely grateful to all those who have contributed both articles and columns throughout the years. The Muse's Muse only continues to grow - thanks to the kind contributions and suggestions from you - the people who participate in the site.

That said, I'm sure you're wondering what it is I think I've learned over the course of these many years? I've learned that music is all about relationships - whether you're writing it or promoting it. If you're writing it, chances are, you're writing about how people relate to the things in their environment. You're touching on things that are common experiences for us all and you're hoping to strike a chord that will resonate. Relationships. Promoting is the same way. It's all in who you know. Human beings are social animals. We tend to trust those we know far more than those we don't know. So the trick is to get to know as many people as you can so that you have that relationship when you need it - quite apart from the simple pleasure being friendly with someone brings all on its own. I've learned that the Web is like that too. It's a linking of ideas brought together for a purpose (when done properly). It's all about... relationships. Some relationships you'll deal with as a musician will have to do with your fellow band mates (if you're in a band), your manager (if you have one) or your audience - whether that's a live audience or an A&R rep or Producer or Publisher reviewing your songs for a project. Other relationships will be on the Web - through e-mail, making sure your web site appears in search engines, and linking yourself with and to, other sites with similar ideas to your own.

So when it comes right down to it, promoting yourself has to do with relationships.
That's where these articles come in. I hope you'll find them useful.

A short bio


  • Commonly Made Mistakes When Building an Artist Website - I've seen a lot of website promotion techniques come and go (having been promoting websites of all kinds since 1995), but there are still common themes that remain throughout the years. When it comes to artist websites, these techniques can get a little bit trickier due to the unique goal those websites are hoping to accomplish. This listing of commonly made mistakes is meant to help you understand what to avoid when you're creating your own professional musical resume on the web. It might also help you decide what could use some changing on your current site, if you've already created one.
  • Taking Yourself Seriously - What songwriters and bands should should know about their Internet presence.
  • Hints On How To Submit Music For Review - Ever wondered what a music reviewer would think of your promotional package?  Here are some suggestions about what should be in that package if you do decide to send it out - and what doesn't need to be in it.
  • Doing Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You - Or - Linking as a Networking Strategy
  • Promoting on the Web: The Value of Directories -

A short bio:
Jodi Krangle created The Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource in 1995 and the site has since gone on to win numerous awards along with garnering attention from major media sources such as Billboard Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. She has an extensive background in website promotions - both as it pertains to musicians and as it relates to business in general. Putting that background to good use, she has been working in the field of internet marketing, search engine placement strategies, online media buying, community creating and linking strategies for many years.

Jodi is also an active musician and voice over professional. 
She offers very reasonably priced voice overs and vocal services to clients all over the world.  If you have a podcast, book teaser or trailer, telephone system message, commercial, narration or anything else that requires a smooth, warm and classy alto voice, visit Jodi's website for more details.  She can also sing your songwriting demo, provide backup vocals on your songs (harmonies are a specialty), or sing jingles.  There are demos on her site of both her voice over work and her vocals. 

In her spare time, she can often be writing songs (though not as often as she'd like), performing with her folk group, Urban Tapestry, and working on her web site until the wee hours of the morning.

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