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National Press Coverage
(When to ask for it)

by Kenny Love

While you will immediately send your press kits to the "trade" publications, the way to guarantee "consumer" press reviews is to only send your package for review to areas where you are already getting radio airplay.  You see, if you just send out blindly to every publication in areas where you don't have airplay, you are taking a big risk that they will not review it.

And, realistically, why should they?  They have never heard of you, plus you have no track record with them.  Plus, if they don't review it, you have just wasted a package and mailing costs.  That could get really expensive on a national level, not to mention international level.

But!  Let's turn this whole thing around!  Now, what do you think will happen if you send it to, for example, "The Houston Chronicle" (a major daily newspaper with a high circulation), AFTER you have begun to get airplay on one of the Houston radio stations?  Well, you can bet that 9.- times out of 10, you're going to get a review for your recording and, because it is already playing in their local area, quite possibly in- depth radio and press interviews instead of just record reviews. 

This is because you are now considered to be in the "big league" and are on a station with major label artists.  You can also add an extra measure of insurance by enclosing a copy of the local radio response card in your press package, just to prove to them that you are, indeed, already getting the airplay on their home station.

This will also eliminate the need for them to contact the station for proof.  Beat 'em to the punch!  Besides your cover letter requesting an interview or review and your copy of the station response card, you will also need to enclose a news release, your product, a press response card with a postage stamp on it, your bio, and an artist photo (5X7or 8X10).

You can also get a list of both national daily newspapers as well as national weekly newspapers online at Gebbie's Press (, your local library, or bookstores in the reference section.

Since releasing his initial recording, Kenny Love, a former Music Education Major, has had the rare opportunity to work in many varied aspects of the music industry; recording artist, producer, author, journalist, promoter, booking agent, & public relations specialist.  He has also appeared in television, radio, & print interviews as a music business consultant.  His new report is titled, "Alternative Routes to Recording Success." 

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