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2008 Muse's Muse Awards - Miscellaneous
By Gian F - 12/29/2008 - 01:45 PM EST

This category has been condensed and is now an all encompassing. The awards for best song and performance are also included. Keeping in step with what the Muse’s Muse is all about (songwriting) it’s only appropriate to start this section off with the Best Song In Any Category Award which goes to…


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                                            Ryan Neilson                    
Hello Houston                              
*Best Song of the year*



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Six O’Clock News
Best Rock Song

Best Rock Single:Angry Place” – Six O’Clock News

Best Pop Single: “Sweetest Girl” – Justin Stein

Best Alternative R&B Single Female: "Stepping Stone” - Duffy

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Tracy Cruz
Best R&B Single Female

Best R&B Single Male: “My Baby” – Jesse McCartney

Best R&B Single Female:Nothing In This World” - Tracy Cruz                      

Best Inspirational Single Male: “You Are Not Alone” - Taylor Thompson             

Best Inspirational Single Female: “The Greatest” - Coko

Best Reggae Single: "Vices" - Tomorrow's Bad Seeds

Best Alternative Pop Single Female:The Big Lie - Sara Haze

Best Instrumental Single: “Fixed Stars” - Gooding

Best Adult Contemporary Single Male: “If Only” - Byron Zanos

Best Adult Contemporary Single Female: "Long Way Down" - Courtney Jones

Best Adult Alternative Single Male: "Back Where I Started” - Curtis Peoples

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Sarah Haze
Best Alternative Pop Single Female

Best Adult Alternative Single Female: “Photographs” - Cyndi Harvell

Best Alternative R&B Single Female:
"Stepping Stone” - Duffy

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Best Alternative R&B Female Single

Best Rap Single:Roll With Me” - Saint                                    

Best Club Single: Movin” - Tre Houston  

Best Country Single: "Spread A Little Love Around" - Tracy Milllar

Best Jazz Single: “Relations” - Times 4

Image Hosting by 2008 Muse’sMuse Awards Miscellaneous Performance

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Jesse McCartney
Best Overall Performance On A CD Project By A Male

Best Overall Performance On A CD Project By A Male: Jesse McCartney

Best Overall Performance On A CD By A Female:
Sara Haze

Best Overall Performance On A CD By A Duo, Group Or Band:
Six O’Clock News

Best Overall Musicianship On A CD Project:
Six O’Clock News

Best Performance In a Rock Song:
Six O’Clock News 

Best Performance Male Vocals In Any Category: Craig David

Best Performance Female Vocals In Any Category:
Rozzi Crane

Best Overall Performance Male:
Ryan Neilson

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Craig David
Best Performance Male Vocals In Any Category

Best Overall Performance Female: Sara Haze

Best Lyrics Male:
Ryan Neilson

Best Production:
Tim Feswick for Ryan Neilson’s Four Walls

Best Engineering:
Tim Feswick/Ryan Neilson’s Four Walls

Best Lyrics Female:
Tracy Cruz

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com2008 Muse’sMuse Awards Miscellaneous Commercial & The “Most Likely” Categories

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Ryan Leslie
Most Commercial Track In Any Category

Most Commercial Track In Any Category: “Diamond Girl” Ryan Leslie

Most Commercial Viability Male: Ryan Leslie

Most Commercial Viability Female: Sara Haze

Most Likely To “Blow Up” With Sufficient Airplay: Diamond Girl/Ryan Leslie

Most Likely To Be An MTV Favorite: Jesse McCartney

Most Likely To Win A Grammy:
Sara Haze & Ryan Neilson

Most Commercial Viability As A Band: Six O’Clock News

Image Hosting by Picoodle.comTo experience the music and videos of the previous Muse's Muse Award Winners, click here

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