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Icon   R-N-R Jim I don't have all the answers. But I do have plenty of questions.

About Me

Thoughts on songwriting:

I complete maybe 2-8 songs a year. Im probably working on maybe 10 songs that are in different stages of completion. The key is to let a song finish itself rather than putting a time table to complete the song. If you got something going with a song but are stuck, just come back to it later rather than finishing a song out of haste. Take a song to a local songwriters meeting and you'll find out what I
Just remember, there is no deadline to writing a song. Unless your a pro-songwriter and your publisher says so. lol

Days of my youth were spent casually on church pianos and buying records. Later teens is where I would actually take up guitar as well as join a garage band playing bit keyboard parts and backing vocals(the band did some originals). From there the songwriting bug was now in full bloom. I bought a used Roland tr808 drum machine and a Washburn bass guitar which led to getting a 244 Tascam 4-track recorder.
I now had the basics for writing and recording songs. I dabbled in trying to write commercial songs for publishing, but the sound I was coming up with was far from the synth pop that was dominating the charts back in the 80s. So as the 80s closed out, I migrated to the idea of just writing for myself as my ability to write and arrange had improved more artistically.

Early 90s I would get a couple nibbles. One such publisher/indie label was James Haber of Wonderwax music. A small label guy who published one of my songs and had an interest in me as an artist back in 1993-94(1994 Songwriters Market page 133, song "Vain").
He did take my demo to L.A. to pitch me as an artist and did get positive feedback... but again, not being a complete entity or band with a master recording, no one was into development deals for songwriters anymore and passed on me as an artist.

In 2000 I upgraded to a 16 track and was able to do better quality recordings and with it a new batch of songs would emerge along with more demo pitches.
Another indie label would take interest in me headed by Randy Layton of Alternative records. For the past decade or so we have kept in touch. Ive sent him songs from time to time, but only recently has he contacted me about exploring the idea of recording. Things are still in the talking stages at this point and there hasn't been a flurry of activity to nail down a recording schedule etc.
What I find intriguing about this guy is his loose connections with music idols of mine i.e. Mitch Easter who headed the pop indie band Let's Active as well as being the producer of many R.E.M. recording sessions. He also forwarded my cd to Ken Stringfellow of the Geffen recording artists "The Posies". Ken liked "Girl With A Frown".

For the most part my window of being a viable artist has probably closed, but I still enjoy writing and recording songs in my usual Beatles mutation mode.

Occasionally I go out of my comfort zone and write other styles. One such song was a collab with a female Muser and talent named singnpeach who also sang on the song called "Baby" uploaded at This collab placed in the honorable mention section of a national songwriting contest. Not bad for a collab.

Anyways...I come here to the muse from time to time to be entertained as well as look for other talented like minded writers. I have collabed a few times with Musers, one being the song "All That I Dont Got" on my soundclick site with lyric writer Missy and the song "Wrong" with lyric writer Yamaki which I havent posted yet. Cheers
"Its all about taking the easy way out for you, I suppose" -elliot smith

To listen to songs I have written and recorded, go to these links:

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A Muse's Muse
53 years old
March 18, 1962
Fox Valley,Wisconsin
Songwriting, arranging and recording and on occasion performing.

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    Friedemann Icon

    Yesterday, 01:15 PM
    Thanks for the kind words Jim - glad to be here and let me know if I can help :)
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    Madison Icon

    17 Apr 2012 - 11:06
    Thank you Jim :)
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    smile Icon

    21 Jan 2011 - 04:58
    Heya Jim :)
    Back? sorta I guess lol, been writing a bit here and there, no big projects at the moment unless my vocalist comes up with something :) how about you? writing anything? projects?
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